Sevco’s extensive austerity list

At his presser yesterday, dear Philippe dropped some unsubtle hints about the extensive injury list.

There is no doubt that he is currently without the services of quite a few of his Gumtree Galacticos.

Perhaps I can provide some context.

As regular readers might recall, I reported that, after Mr Gerrard left the building, the sports science department was the object of a dignified austerity drive.

I revealed then that the new manager, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, had expressed his concerns about the wisdom of these cutbacks.

The likeable Dutchman was of the opinion that this was a false economy and that, in time, soft tissue injuries would build up, and players would take longer to rehabilitate to full fitness.

Gio complained about this but, as ever, follow follow the money.

Well, it seems like he might have been onto something.

Now for some personal news.

It would appear that I seriously underestimated my capacity to consume the veritable smorgasbord of dignified autopsies that the YouTube algorithm has been offering me!

For some, at least, the Penny Arcade seems to be finally dropping.

They’re simply the second best.

The only thing they can look forward to on a regular basis is their annual victory in the Close Season Cup.

Of course, they win that every year, and the usual suspects in the local media hand out that coveted prize.

The featured image is a polite reminder to dismiss any hubristic opinions from Sevco’s customer base about winning the league.

6 thoughts on “Sevco’s extensive austerity list”

  1. This is what we see at the end of every season. The Sevconians post doom and gloom, saying how they are now second best and cannot see a way forward. Then the close season comes, their new free transfers are heralded as world beaters, they bank undisclosed millions for their departing fringe players (and returning loanees). The Sevconians forget the doom and gloom and convince themselves that this is the year we will see “the real Rangers”. Last close season they even invited Celtic fans to confess they were genuinely worried by the quality of Michael Beale’s new squad.

  2. Cuts, austerity and even more cuts must be the reality over there. The injury list is incredible, not that I am complaining. A good win at Kilmarnock tonight would allow a little bit of wiggle room to prepare for the cup final.

    A season of ups and downs now has the potential of finishing up on a very positive note. HH to you and all the Irish throughout the world. ✊️☘️

  3. In fairness to the Podcast General, it was a pivotal moment in their season as it prolonged their season longer than normal. They may have a prophet on their hands (not to be confused by profit) for the first time. A hint for the Blue Room would be to stop starting and start finishing as it’s the hope and lack of paper with their Kings head on it that’s killing them (again). Keep it up Mr Clementine .


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