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Invoice financing for Sevco

Last week the Serious Professional was given an important task. He was told to approach a company who operate in the distressed finance sector. I learned a new term yesterday…read more →

Surrounded by concomitants

The entire McInnes debacle has provided further evidence of the amateurish nature of the Sevco High Command.  Indeed, the Off Licence Putsch and all that has followed it could be…read more →

The Sevco Panto

Yes, dear reader, we are now in the Pantomime season. This year a new seasonal production offering fun for the whole family. it is a tall tale about the hilarious…read more →

Impertinence and impecuniosity

In the last five years, I have read some strange statements emanating from Sevco. However, I think this one must be the winner. It was the penultimate paragraph that took…read more →