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The anger games

I’m told that Mr Gerrard was less than happy with the travel arrangements to Macedonia. He wanted better than the budget arm of KLM. Bless… However, his ire was nothing…read more →

Wishing for the little guy

Soon we will know. Will it be Croatia or France? I’m hoping that it will be the former and no harm to the latter. The Croatian story is uplifting, especially…read more →

Blue Room manoeuvres soon?

I just received a terse communiqué from an impeccable source. He expects resignations from the Sevco High Command rather shortly. Consequently, we shouldn’t be surprised if it is Statement O’clock…read more →

Pride not prejudice

Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council has said that the public mood has reached “tipping point” with regard to the anti-Catholic “hate crime” associated with Orange marches. I hope…read more →

A different type of Black Friday

I understand that there was a rather “lively” call between Sevco’s prospective new retail partner and the Serious Professional. Let’s just say that all is not well with that particular…read more →

Big Mike and Bruno

You may recall that certain well-rounded young chap in the Stenography Corps did not believe that General Ashley could position his tanks at will around Ibrox. Last June the new…read more →

We have something to Disqus

As my site becomes more popular the amount of comments has grown. The old system was getting extremely difficult to manage, so I have switched over to Disqus to power…read more →