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An unfond farewell to an unjust law

When legislators feel that they are under pressure to “do something” we shouldn’t be surprised when they legislate. However, the laws they bring into being are often ill-conceived and do…read more →

Pedro Day

Today one year ago today Senhor Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha was…ahem…unveiled at Ibrox as the new manager of Sevco. You can see the presser here. He would be gone by…read more →

Sevco on the ropes

At the end of the 1956 movie Rocky Graziano (played by Paul Newman) utters the line to his wife that gives the film its title: “Somebody up there likes me”.…read more →

Murts in the wrong movie

No one would blame young Master Murts for not wanting to indulge in any post-match corporate mingling on Sunday. His emotional pain was palpable, especially when he was interviewed on…read more →

Fascism in Fair Caledonia 2018

As previously reported it was the intention of the Union Bears chaps to have an unauthorised march on Sunday. The route would be from a Quintessentially British hostelry to the…read more →