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Ethical PR and Ibrox

I was pleased to see that my union backed the Helsinki Declaration for ethical PR. Here are the key points on the NUJ site on the Helsinki Declaration. These ten…read more →

Storm clouds and false prophets

Here in Ireland, we’re getting ready to hunker down as Hurricane Ophelia is about to make landfall tomorrow. The folk at Met Éireann are playing a blinder in keeping the…read more →

Impecuniosity and credulity

When Mr King’s impecuniosity was admitted at the Court of Session yesterday it immediately presented several problems for the Sevco High Command. Firstly they all believed, at one time or another,…read more →

A day of impecuniosity

I’m hearing that the Serious Professional and Senhor Pedro Miguel da Silva Mendes had a rather heated exchange this morning. Apparently, the point of contention was the story in the…read more →

World Mental Health Day 2017

Today is World Mental Health Day. So please mind yourself. In the end, you are responsible for your own wellbeing. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need help…read more →

Your inflexible friend

Today I learned that a member of the Sevco High Command was saved from himself last year by his bank. He approached the financial institution and asked for an extension…read more →

Brand on the run

Over the past few days, Planet Fitba has had a wee chuckle at the omnishambles of the attempt to have a *cough* glamour friendly in Canada. I feel for the…read more →

Return to lender

I’m told that more than a few EBT recipients had an uncomfortable experience yesterday when they opened their mail. There were two missives from hector in the post to them.…read more →