Follow following the money on Alfredo

I noticed today that some impressive figures are being paraded in the Radar Press apropos Alfie’s transfer fee.

It might be worth noting that these are the same titles who trumpeted in May that General Ashley had been vanquished.

Indeed, the stenographers gushed that the  Castore deal represented a “new era”.

I got back in touch with a longstanding and trusted source on matters Ibrox.

Here is what he sent me:

“The figures I gave you yesterday are the correct ones. Rangers were arguing over the sell-on clause; they want a 20% sell on, Lille will only go to 15%. The other issue was that Rangers wanted the money paid upfront in full, but Lille wants the traditional 40%/30%/30%.”

I then spoke with an agent who advised me that it was almost certain that HJK Helsinki would have a sell-on clause themselves.

He said he couldn’t be sure, but he told me that they have a reputation as a well-run club.

Such clauses are pretty much industry standard.

If this transfer goes through, it will be out with the accounting year (30th June).

However, it should be mentioned as a post balance sheet event.

Regular readers will know that Rugger Guy has often pointed out that what is presented to the RIFC AGM sometimes falls short of best practice in the accounting world.

Of course, the Sevco High Command know fine well that they can get with pretty much anything on that front as they know they are free of any serious journalistic scrutiny.

In one regard, it makes no sense to spin a higher transfer fee through selected stenographers.

That is because if Sevco tries to source a replacement, then the selling club will know that there is more cash available.

Consequently, the fee for the player will go up.

However, the Sevco High Command are in the business of soothing their emotionally fragile klanbase.

There can be unforeseen consequences of such a PR campaign.

For example, when Alfredo was being mentioned as having a market value of tens of millions of pounds, his agent was quick to pounce.

Quite simply if the club would not sell him for, say, £50m then he was due a higher salary.


The bottom line is that the player clearly wants to depart from the basket of assets and the eight-year-old club needs to get some money in.

Will he play at Pittodrie this weekend?

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  1. Just had a look on Wikipedia to see who 32 year old Leon Balagun was and was surprised to see that Rangers are his 9th team in an 11 year professional career.
    He’s constantly been on the move over that period.
    That either means that he was a man in demand or that clubs were quick to move him on when his limitations were exposed.
    Not difficult to understand Gerrard’s cry to the board for more support if adding jobbing players to the squad is part of the plan to topple the Champions.

    1. Joseph

      Check out the arc of Leon’d value at TransferMarkt –

      Currently 800,000 euros

      At a time when many more goals and many more points are essential to maintain the club’s very ethos – the logic of selling a 50mil, early 20s striker to replace him with a 1mil, early 30s striker escapes me.

      Oh hang on – follow the money – accelerating towards the black hole in the accounts.

  2. Why do Rangers fans think that they are qualified to comment on today’s ruling re Hearts , Thistle and Stranraer’s relegation.
    After making a mountain out of a mole hill their own club shit the nest and backed off from leading or joining with the 3 other clubs to fight the SPFL end of season decisions.
    If their club didn’t have the balls for a fight with the football authorities then, in my book, that disqualifies their fans from lining up to have a go at Doncaster and Co.
    And when is Robertson going to be held to account for disclosing confidential SPFL business to the media and others?

  3. I see Gabriel McKay, the new kid on the block at the Daily Radar, has put his name to an article today crucifying Craig Whyte for the demise of Rangers but not a word of criticism for SDM, the real culprit in the liquidation of the football club.
    Poor Craigie, portrayed as the original wide boy yet allowed himself to be duped by a knight of the realm, who would have thought it, eh?

  4. Exciting times. Celtic on the cusp of spending big on a new Number One whilst the scorer and provider of most of Rangers goals is ready for the off and if he doesn’t get his way then the man/child will react as kids do and spit the dummy out, not for the first time.
    Good to see that the null and void campaign was finally shot down as the independent panel voted unanimously to stand behind the SPFL’s end of season rulings leaving no further impediment to the season kicking off this weekend. Bad news for Neil McCann and his sympathisers.
    With the 1st August launch day for the new Castore merchandising fast approaching will we see some further court action to prevent it going ahead or will Ashley reckon that letting the show go ahead might be a bigger earner for him in the medium to long term?
    Gerrard has got his excuses in early with his plea to the Ibrox board to further support him as he needs to add quality to his squad.
    Is he really unaware that those who have propped up the board to date have already burnt tens of millions to keep the show on the road with no prospect of ever seeing their hard earned cash again?
    Look at Park’s situation. His sites forecourts are packed with cars which will only sell if heavily discounted. A 90% drop off in car sales volumes compared to the same period last year yet Stevie is asking for more!
    The deferred wages alone will eat up a big chunk of what’s left of the season ticket monies, what’s the plan then?

  5. “Your guy” says €6m was offered , some redtop propagandists are quoting €11m and the BBC says there has been NO offer. Out of the 3 you do have a higher hit rate but on this isuue I hope the BBC are spot on. My own belief is he has a release clause that his agent hinted at a few months ago and the price wasn’t that high . I believe that €6m would trigger that release and that Sevco would bite the hand off anyone offering it as Morelos is clearly a disruptive force that is off form and has undermined Gerrard not to mention their desperation for cash . The Close loan, Kings loan, transfer instalments owed, Hummel , Elite, deferred wages ,Memorial Walls and Ashleys damages haven’t gone away . Things that have gone away are the NOMAD, the massive January investment, the share issue ………

  6. Even if he does play what odds he finishes the match on the pitch with his track record and fondness for all things red

  7. Like many/most companies, The RIFC Accounts to 30th June 2020 are going to be poor.
    However, the Ibrox club has covid to provide cover for further, eye-watering losses.

    Any good news / additional income, they would have wanted to slip into the following financial year, if possible.

    Of course, the Ibrox club is not in a strong negotiating position at all – and everyone and their dug is fully aware.

    The big risk for TRFC is that they try to play hardball, fail to sell on Morelos – and Gerrard is then left with a sulking player who will continue to unsettle the rest of the squad!
    That would be the most amusing outcome. 🙂

  8. “Such clauses are pretty much industry standard”

    Again showing the Ibrox fustercluck, didn’t they famously not do this for Waghorn thus missing out on a sizable cut of his subsequent £7m transfer from Ipswich to Derby?

  9. I noticed three things today:
    1) The Whatsitallabout Alfie? saga entered yet another grimly boring phase.
    2) Phil began his post with, ‘I noticed today…’
    3) I noticed today that Wikipedia, seems to be toiling a bit but nevertheless dumped this gem on me.
    On this day in 1689, Scottish and Irish Jacobites defeated Williamite forces at Killecrankie Scotland.
    It’s July, it’s pishing with rain. It must be the marching season!!?? Is it too late to take to the streets and celebrate?

  10. HJK Helsinki are indeed a well run club. CEO, Aki Riihilati (a player at Crystal Palace back in the day) is deeply involved in the European Clubs Association, and leads the ECA’s 4th Division club lobby (essentially the European qualified clubs across the smaller Leagues). It is highly unlikely that Aki Rihiilati will have left unattended any sell-on fee should the Lille bid be accepted.

  11. Phil I had a glance at the game v Coventry the other day and looking at the adverts around the stadium, uncle Mikes company never featured once.

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