Selling Alfie

I do hope that the Sevco High Command and the folks at Lille Olympique Sporting Club can come to some kind of rapprochement regarding Alfredo.

Despite what is being offered by the Copy n Paste Commandoes on the subject the reality is more prosaic.

Follow follow the money.

My understanding is that when the negotiations were “ongoing” there were several issues to be resolved.

  • The transfer fee.
  • A loyalty bonus that the Sevco owed to Alfredo.
  • The size of the sell-on clause.

Regarding (1) a fee of around €5.8m was arrived at and the French club was also willing to pay the loyalty bonus  (2).

However, it all broke down over several issues and main on was how (1) would arrive in Sevco’s bank account.

The chaps in the Blue Room wanted all of it upfront there and then.

They couldn’t agree on (3).

Sevco wanted as much as 25%, and Lille said “Non”!

They were prepared to go as high as 15%.

However, it was the structure of the transfer fee payment that was the main stumbling block.

The French side anted to pay it in the usual way of 40%, 30%, 30%.

That was not satisfactory for the Blue Room brethren given their current financial state.

As I have already reported, it was to cover the deferred wages balloon payment, which is due this week.

If the €6m (approx.) Morelos transfer fee had been paid in one lump sum; then I’m told that part of it would have headed straight out of the Big House en route to Johannesburg.

Remember that loan?

Yeah, that one.

So, with the deferred wages and a tranche of the loan to the ex-chairman, it was clear to Mr Let’s Go that he would receive very little if any of the Morelos dinero.

He is also aware that no reasonable offer would be refused for his captain.

The good news on that front for Stevie G is that apparently no one wants him!

So his players are being sold from under him to make payroll and pay back a secured loan to the ex-chairman.

With that in mind, Gerrard’s very public tantrum about strengthening the squad is rather understandable.

Meanwhile, Alfredo remains a Sevco player although he would rather be somewhere else.



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  1. Phil – in light of recent developments can you clarify if the Scottish govt is about to introduce a furlough scheme for Glasgow Private Investigators ?

  2. So that was the special deal King arranged for himself with his loan; a security over a player transfer fee?

    My only question about it is whether he gets a slice off the top in the deal OR if his loan gets paid off first by any monies from sale of Meore or Less? That second part being correct would set off some fireworks among the smarter bears!!!

  3. Isn’t there loans needing repaid to a London finance house? As well as Dave (liquidate RFC) King?

  4. No way!
    King secured his loan against transfer income?
    That’s creative, but don’t think the bears will be happy about that arrangement. 🙂

    And in the absence of Directors chipping in this week to cover the inflated payroll…
    TRFC has to accept a deal – and mibbees try to sell the Morelos Transfer Payments externally – to Close Asset Management…?

    It is ironic / sweet, that the future of the reprehensible club could be impacted by an inability to sell their most reprehensible player.

    1. Doesn’t that break UEFA player ownership regulations? It means SEVCO effectively sold a % of Morelos to King.

      If there’s a rule to break, SEVCO will do it.
      Why? Because if it’s a rule, breaking it must give you an advantage.

  5. The best outcome would be for Lille to tell them to poke it. That would be hilarious.

    They would then be totally skint and also left with an even more disgruntled striker than the one who (dis) appeared after the last transfer window.

    Poor Alfredo, I do hope his Lamborghini is at least giving him some comfort in these trying times.

  6. I have it on very good authority that sevco are preparing to offload their entire squad with an eye on buying the linfield first team as a replacement.This is a worrying development for all Celts as the new squad have the experience of playing in empty stadiums

  7. I do wonder what the ‘state of mind’ of those 11 Sevco players who take to the Pittodrie turf on Saturday will be? Not just Alfie … but the full team might be in a mental quandary if their expected salary ‘make-up’ hasn’t arrived by then.

    As Phil lives to point out…

    The going is ALWAYS great for Sevco when there isn’t any REAL football to play.

    On Saturday however …. it gets REAL.

    I sense an ‘interesting’ few weeks ahead.

  8. I really wish to be wrong with this comment. I would pay no more than £8m. But I have a feeling Lille will pay £15m. They are cash rich it drives certain behaviours. Let’s see – the final figure will appear in the footnote of the accounts. I believe the £5-6m you are quoting is possibly the first 40%. Please hope I am wrong. If by some miracle they get the quotes 18 to 20 it makes Dembele look like a bargain. He was twice the player.

  9. It looks as if Gabriel McKay, the new Daily Radar wonderkid, is flying solo with no one at Anderston Quay checking his articles before they go to print.
    First of all we had his inability to get the correct number of points gap at the top of the SPFL right which given the Hoo Ha when Celtic were called Champions is quite a biggy.
    And today when discussing Morelos he tags him with the nickname El Bufalo!
    Nice try Gabriel, close but not quite right.
    Is the DR so short of cash that sub editors are no longer employed to correct the faults of reporters?
    Even on a good day the DR output has to be taken with a pinch of salt but when they can’t even get the basics right then anything that goes to print has to be questioned.

  10. Next task for the stenographers – copy and paste a series of gushing statements to fit in with this headline: “How the Huns will be better off without El gordito” (little fat one).

  11. Surely your information can’t be right Phil.

    Cheerleader in Chief Alex Rae(EBT) was telling Radio Clyde listeners that a bid of around £13 had been rejected by Sevco and he expects Morelos’s to go for in the region of £20 million.

    He expects Gerrard to bring in 2 quality frontmen and another midfielder. These players have all been identified by Ross Wilson and they’ll be ready to press the button on these transfers as soon as Moreloss has been sold.

    Wee Alex seems to be in the dark about,

    1. Deferred wages having to be paid at the
    end of the month.
    2.Any monies owed to Dave King.
    3 The the transfer payments that are due for
    their purchase of Kent, Helander, Hagi etc.
    4. The Close Brothers loan.
    5. Compensation to Big Mike Ashley.
    6. The Memorial Wall guys compensation.
    Etc, etc, etc.

    I know wee Alex is not the sharpest tool in the box but even he has taken his roll as the Ibrox cheerleader to a whole new level and as usual there were no shortage of gullibillys phoning up to agree with him!!!!

  12. Good work Phil, putting the smsm to shame again . I know they are raging that you are a nuj member showing them up

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