KT in Yerevan

In a few hours, it will get real again for the biggest club in Scotland.

Celtic were last in competitive action on May 19th against Motherwell in the Scottish Cup.

It was the final hurdle between the Hoops and the Double Treble.

Since then it has been battery recharging time, pre-season training and friendly matches.

Now they have real live opponents again in FC Alashkert of Armenia.

It will be a difficult task in the searing heat of Yerevan.

Brendan Rodgers will have some selection dilemmas, but the left-back berth will not be one of them

Kieran Tierney is a very safe bet for that position.

Indeed, the young academy graduate is a key part of how Celtic under Brendan Rodgers goes about their business.

During the close season, the “Tierney to Everton” story was big news.

The possibility of this transfer going through was greedily grasped by the Stenography Corps.

The idea that the all-conquering Celtic squad would be weakened is very pleasing for their dignified demographic.

However, it rather missed the central point and that is that there is genuine equity in the Parkhead squad.

For example, I cannot recall a Sevco player, who only had one year of his contract remaining, being sold for £7m.

Can you?

If the young left back had decided on a move to the EPL then the Parkhead club would have received a fee that Sevco could only dream of getting for one of their players.

Moreover, the biggest club in Scotland does not have to pretend that there is interest from other clubs.

When the story broke I called a Gaoth Dobhair man of my acquaintance.

He chuckled and said he had been waiting on hearing from me and said that he had just spoken to “KT” himself.

This didn’t surprise me and it was the reason for me calling him.

“He doesn’t want to go. Full stop!” was the powerful scéal that he had for me.

After I spoke to himself I called a chap in Agentland and he put things to me from his perspective.

He calmly pointed out that Celtic has the equivalent of three UCL Group Stages revenue in Boyata, Dembélé, Šimunović and Tierney.

I said that was not how a fan would view those four players, especially “KT”.

He countered by saying that supporters don’t have to take those hard business decisions.

Of course, Celtic are in the fortunate position of not having to sell any player.

When those dire circumstances are extant then the selling price can be depressed if the news gets out that the club is in a cash crisis.

No matter how much the Stenography Corps would wish it to be otherwise the Parkhead club is the richest in Scotland by some distance.

For example, Celtic can spend more on one player than Mr Gerrard will have to re-build the Sevco squad.

Moreover, that isn’t a self-destructive hubristic splurge.

Rather, it is part of a sustainable business plan.

In three hours it gets real for the Hoops and flying up the wing in Yerevan will be a young homegrown star who the stenographers had hoped would not be there.