Celtic on easy street not EasyJet

Some footage of the interior of the plane that took Celtic back from Armenia appeared on social media tonight.

You can view it here.

It is the sort of high-end executive flying machine that you would expect a top football club to use.

Certainly, that is the opinion of Mr Gerrard.

He knows what Celtic travel in and he wants the same for his guys.

I’m told that he had a fractious sit-down with the Serious Professional recently.

He wanted to know of the “logistics” of the away leg in Macedonia.

Although the Sevco High command wants to help their rookie manager there just isn’t the money to deliver for him.

Although they have pushed the boat out on new signings a private plane just won’t get off the ground.

I think it is fair to say that the Liverpool icon is already feeling a tad resentful at the resource limitations of Poundland FC.

If you think this rookie experiment at Sevco will end well then you haven’t been paying attention dear reader.

Meanwhile Celtic travel back to Glasgow with a three-goal lead.

Immediately after the match, I spoke to a chap who works in the sports analysis business.

He free-lances to various top end outfits in both rugby union and soccer.

He’s great at explaining this stuff as if he were speaking to a six year old-i.e. this sixty year old!

It was he who told me that Brendan Rodgers was a big fan of DartFish and had used it to spear a Scottish referee after a match.

Tonight I told him that I was puzzled when Odsonne Édouard was taken off and Lewis Morgan took his place on 77 minutes.

Moussa Dembélé had been hooked on 68 minutes so that left Celtic without a centre-forward.

I made that observation to my guy and  he immediately responded with:

“Ah, that’s because he went to a False Nine”.

If I had been in the same room as him at that point I might have nodded in acknowledgement.

However, inside I would have been saying to myself:

“I really don’t know what all of this means”.

He preceded to tell me that he’s heard that Brendan Rodgers now requires his first team and the squads below them to be fully fluent in FIVE formations.

Moreover, they must be able to switch from one set up to another within a match all rather seamlessly.

I’m fascinated by all of this because it is terra incognita for my visuospatial neural circuitry.

His professional opinion was that the Irishman was a shrewd tactician and highly regarded in the professional footie world.

Celtic started for real tonight.

Soon the pretending will be over for the basket of assets.