Managerial machinations and unpaid bills

Well, I did say that it was appropriate to Follow Follow the money.

I’m told that the meeting of the Sevco High Command last Friday was a rather tense affair.

As I had previously reported the Blue Room chaps have been concerned about the season ticket renewals.

In the immediate aftermath of the cup semi-final and the suspension of Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace, the Dunkirk Spirit was in evidence from the People.

Mr David Cunningham King was informed by one of his senior colleagues that any thoughts that they would cover the shortfall had been Parked.

Consequently, he threw it back at the South African based convicted criminal that he would have to deal with the situation.

Mr King, who was dialled into the meeting, told his Blue Room brethren that all would be well.

This was met with some scepticism by those in the room.

During this conclave, the accusation was levelled at Mr King that he was deficient in veracity.

Therefore, it was put to him that they were no longer content to accept his assurances at face value.

However, their lack of belief in the RIFC chairman was replaced by shock when they saw him on the TV at the Liverpool match this week.

My information is that Mr King had formally contacted the Anfield club about their iconic youth coach.

I’m told that most of the Sevco High Command were totally out of the loop apropos the approach to Liverpool about the club legend.

I would not be surprised if Mr Gerrard had contacted people he trusts who might know the scene in Glasgow.

Meanwhile, there is now a selective payment of invoices happening at the Holding Company vehicle.

All of this points to a distressed company.

Of course, that’s the company, the club is just fine and dandy.

That cannot be said for Mr King himself.

His time with the Takeover Panel ran out at 11.00am yesterday morning.

One thing he certainly does not lack is self-belief.

The Gerrard Squirrel is a win/win for King.

If the approach is rebuffed then it can be framed within the “we tried, we have real ambition” narrative.

The Gerrard squirrel serves two purposes this week.

Firstly, it enthused The People and may have prompted some of them to renew their season books.

Secondly, it deflected attention from the impending match at Parkhead.

Moreover, should Mr Gerrard believe the glib and shameless assurances from King then the summer will be full of feel-good content from the Stenography Corps.

I also understand that the non-King faction on the board reached out to Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke on Tuesday of this week.

It was done through an intermediary and the approach was swiftly and curtly refused.

It remains to be seen if Mr Gerrard will do the same.

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