The Liver squirrel

It has, in fairness, been a brilliant squirrel.

A few days before a league title decider at Celtic Park the high-Level machinations of the Sevco High Command have stolen the headlines.

As with most things it is the promise of success that enthuses the People.

That is because what happens on the field is real and the reality was the recent cup semi-final.

Sevco’s dignfied clientele are freezing in Celtic’s shadow.

It was self-evident the chaps in the Blue Room had to offer hope to those among their customer base who were swithering about season ticket renewals.

The fallout between young Master Murts and two of his most experienced players sent some of The People into an anguished downward spiral.

Clearly, a major overhead diversion was required.

Mr Gerrard and his advisers might look under the hood at the basket of assets and come to the same conclusion as Derek McInnes and his people earlier this year.

Then again the Englishman might not carry out sufficient due diligence.

If he does take the job on the basis of verbal assurances from Chairman King then the hero of the Kop has not been paying attention to what Judge Southwood stated in court.

I find it ironic that the most famous part of Anfield is named after a Quintessentially British clusterfuck in South Africa

Local journalist Ernest Edwards, who was the sports editor of newspapers the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, named that part of the stadium the Spion Kop.

He named it after a famous hill in South Africa where a local regiment had suffered heavy losses during the Boer War in 1900.

Like most military disasters, faulty intelligence about the opposition and disregard for the facts on the ground were to blame.

I think that’s a very apposite metaphor for what has happened at Ibrox over the years.

Of course, time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted.

A stealthy patrol through the published accounts should start with enemy forces.


Aberdeen 30/6/2017:

Turnover £15.3m Operating profit £0.5m Staff costs £7.8m Net value of player registrations £0.6m.


Celtic 30/6/201: Turnover £90.6m, Operating profit £7.5m, Staff costs £52.2m, Net value of player registrations £13.9m.


Now, what could the next Sevco commander have on the Fitba battlefield next season?


*Rangers 30/6/2017:

 Turnover £29.2m, Operating loss £6.3m, Staff costs £17.6m (Player costs £10.4m), Net value of player registrations £9.3m.

Essentially, RIFC/TRFC need to reduce staff costs by about £7-£8m to breakeven.

For someone who has been in the upper reaches of the EPL, this is a far-off country of which he knows little.

Some might say it is more likely that a Liver bird will be spotted over Edmiston Drive than Gerrard being presented at a Sevco presser to salivating stenographers.

However, it is the sort of empty box office flourish that has King written all over it.

If Mr Gerrard is eventually appointed the comparison will be made with Barnes and Souness.

The latter had a substantial financial advantage over his rivals when he was in the Ibrox dugout in the second half of the 1980s.

I’m afraid that the reality wall is waiting for The People this Sunday at Noon.

I do hope for his sake that Mr Gerrard is watching because his old boss from Anfield will show him how this management thing is done.


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