New fans group set up to buy RIFC shares

The news that there is a new kid on the Sevco block should not come as a surprise to regular readers.

Here is what they say about themselves in their newly setup Twitter account.

Here is their website.

Only ten days ago I reported that such a group was in embryonic form.

You can read it here.

I’m told that I broke news to the Sevco High Command with that piece and that they were concerned about this new development.

It is undeniable that Club 1872 has been key to the Dave King strategy.

Early on in the Off Licence Putsch in 2015 he said all the right things to schmooze his “co-investors”.

He knew that he needed to have all of the supporters groups under one roof and with his people in control.

He achieved that with the help of several influential fans.

One of them even made it to the boardroom, but not for long.

Peace be upon him.

Even at this late stage many of The People believe that King has been bankrolling the loss-making operation with his own money!

Now a there is another organisation out there to rival Club 1872.

A hat tip to the Sevco scriptwriters.

Moreover, it was jolly decent of them to tell me that this was going to happen before anyone else had an inkling.

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