Sevco’s finest own goal

In the short history of the club created by Charles Green, it was the most Pyrrhic victory of them all.

Two years ago today the Admirable Warburton’s chaps triumphed on penalties against Heated Driveway Productions.

Finally, it seemed to the People that they were “back” and it fed steroids to the lie that there was still an “Old Firm”.

Of course, we know what happened in the immediate aftermath of Tom Rogic sending his penalty over the bar.

The official Sevco party rather overdid the unsurpassed dignity.

The poor dears just couldn’t contain their Quintessential Britishness within earshot of the Celtic leadership.

Consequently, an enraged Dermot Desmond decided that allowing his CEO to play at being the club’s Director of Football probably wasn’t on anymore.

Therefore, major changes had to be made.

It is worth re-stating that it wasn’t Ronny Deila’s fault.

He had been recruited into a dysfunctional organisation.

However, he had to go.

A quality manager was then brought in.

Moreover, the new guy would be in total control of all footballing matters.

You know the rest.

Since that day the basket of assets has managed has managed two league draws against Celtic.

You saw on Sunday the gulf in class and there is no indication that the Parkhead club will stand still and wait for Sevco.

Two years ago today the people in leadership positions at Celtic decided that a root and branch upgrade was needed at the club.

It would be churlish not acknowledge the part played by the Sevco chaps in this green and white revolution.

Therefore, like so much of what distresses The People they did it to themselves.

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