Dave King had lots of help in March 2015

Those who are paid to control the Sevco narrative in the SMSM are not having a good time at the moment.

One gets the feeling that the events are spiralling out of control.

Before the Off Licence Putsch of March 2015, it is undeniable that the sports desks were in the tank for Mr King and his concert party colleagues.

I wrote at the time that this would not end well.

It won’t.

Of course, it could all have been different.

When Derek Llambias and Barry Leach were unceremoniously shown the door three years ago they had already made financial progress at Sevco.

Indeed, I now know that the Ibrox business was within touching distance of reaching the break-even point.

At the outside, it would have taken another six months.

However, it could have been reached within three months.

Either way, Sevco was travelling in the correct direction.

In season 2015-2016 Llambias also had permission from Ashley to grant the manager access to the Next generation squad at Newcastle United.

I know that the people in the Celtic boardroom were very concerned at this development.

Suddenly across the Clyde, there was a genuine billionaire at Ibrox and not the type that inhabits the imagination of Keith Jackson.

Moreover, one that owned an EPL club in the Northeast of England.

Consequently, there were real opportunities for synergies that would cut costs at Sevco and benefit the Ibrox club on the pitch.

Instead, The People helped to bring in Dave and his 41 convictions.

Ironically if the Takeover Panel action results in Mr King being the majority shareholder then you might well see real austerity at Sevco of the type that Llambias and Leach were starting to implement.

King’s proposal to make an offer issued at the 11th hour of the deadline stated that a “strategic review” would be carried out if he ended up owning the entire shambles.

One of the plaintive cries from the home crowd at Ibrox is that they are blameless in all of the hilarious calamities that have befallen them.

Well, that’s not true in this instance.

The klan was instrumental in putting Mr King and his colleagues into power.

Indeed, I doubt he could have achieved what he did in March 2015 without their help.

Since then, as predicted here, it has been an amateurish shambles.

The two permanent managers appointed by the King regime were both selected, at least in part, for non-footballing reasons.

It was hoped that the Admirable Warburton would open doors in the City.

Pedro, bless him, was supposed to be able to introduce the Sevco High Command to potential investors in Qatar.

The thread running through all of this was a lack of working capital.

For Dave the overarching strategy was OPM.

However, there just wasn’t enough of that for his Grand Plan.

So if The People are feeling sorry for themselves today they should consider the role that they played in creating this clusterfuck.

Of course, that would take critical self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

However, I don’t see that being extant within their dignified skillset.

If you doubt me then look at these images.

Apparently, they were taken at Murray Park last night.

Imagine having to spin this away.

Definitely a job for someone with a high-Level of ability.

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