The importance of in your face journalism

As I have stated here recently it is my view that there are some excellent journalists in Scotland.

However, they are not usually found on a sports desk.

The news department is where they tend to congregate.

Therefore, I was not surprised to see this piece by Peter Swindon today in the Sunday Herald.

He was previous for shining a light on the unsurpassed dignity of the klan subculture that is centred on the Ibrox match day experience.

His expose of a fancy dress party at an Orange Hall was an excellent investigation that served the public interest.

As of last week Peter also now has a top class news editor and she isn’t the type to back down.

Those who think that mainstream journalism in Scotland means breathless regurgitations about billionaires with wealth off the radar are wide of the mark.

It is the absence of that journalistic ethics on the sports desks that has provided the impetus for your humble correspondent.

This site has now been going for ten years.

A decade…

I think it is value added that a named journalist has consistently called out the sports desks about their failings apropos matters Ibrox.

Moreover, I don’t feel the need to be heroically anonymous.

While the chaps on the sports desks continue to fail in their journalistic duty then I will hold THEM to account where appropriate.

For example, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sports desks chaps are currently sitting on the following story:

I’m told that there is a group of influential supporters (there are four of them in at present) who are planning to set up a rival organisation to the officially approved Club 1872.

My information is that they see their raison d’être is to buy shares on behalf of their members and hold the board to account.

This could develop into a major headache for Mr David Cunningham King.

If they finally decide to push the button on this then look out for the slogan “Are you ready?”

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