David Bates makes the smart move

The news yesterday that Sevco’s David Bates will join German club Hamburg in the summer came as a shock to The People.

However, it did not take long for them to state that he was no loss!

Actually, in the last Glasgow Derby match, I think that one of the early turning points in the match was when he was injured and had to be substituted in the first half.

The lad was replaced by Fabio Cardoso on 13 minutes and the Sevco defence then leaked two more goals.

Celtic equalised a second time due to the Sevco central paring being unable to deal with a simple ball over the top which Moussa Dembélé capitalised upon.

It has still not been independently verified what, exactly, the goalie wiz daein…

The reality is that the youngster was probably one of the better pieces of transfer business that has been conducted at Ibrox in the last few years.

Now he will leave for nothing.

Which is probably what Colorado Rapids had to give to the Engine Room Subsidiary for Danny Wilson last January.

There are times when the well-oiled machine at Ibrox is cunningly disguised as a shambles…

Given what I know of the inner turmoil at Sevco I would say that the lad has been properly advised as it is likely to be another shambolic summer at the basket of assets.

Perhaps his agent knows that his client is currently at Debt Club Walking.

On Sunday that nice young Master Murts will do his best.

However, no matter how well he fares I think it is fair today that The People do not want him to be given the job permanently.

Frank De Boer would appear to be the favoured candidate for some of the Ibrox customer base.

Of course, it is the chaps in the Blue Room who will make the ultimate choice.

I was speaking to a football agent earlier this week.

One of his clients is a current manager in the SPFL.

He told me that one name that had recently been discussed within the Sevco High Command was Alex Neil.

I’m not sure if the Preston North End supremo, formerly of Hamilton Accies, would cause a late rush of season ticket renewals or not.

There is also the small matter of compensation to his current club should they wish to pursue him.

Given the integrity of my source, I am happy that there is indeed an Alex Neil faction within the Blue Room.

His name has come up in a discussion as a possible future Sevco manager, but for now, that decision has been Parked.

As with most things after the Off Licence Putsch, the disparity between expectation and reality is stark.

Thankfully the Sevco High Command can count on the local media to keep feeding The People hope flavoured shite.

The stark reality is that at Hampden on Sunday Espanyol Glasgow will play their larger richer neighbour.

The club with more money, much more money, is homing in on a 7th title in a row.

It is almost as if being minted confers a sporting advantage.

Of course, it is always possible that the smaller club can prevail on any given day.

However, it does not alter the overall balance of power.


23 thoughts on “David Bates makes the smart move”

  1. The scottish media are constantly making stories re Armstrong and Rogics contracts with a year remaining, no mention of bates last year, different rules

  2. Think the boy has made the right move. Getting the chance to play abroad at his age would make it a no brainer imo. Young enough to further develop his career at a bigger club too. Agree also with the gulf between Celtic and sevco just now. Yes it is possible that the new club could win on Sunday but only if they play exceptionally well and we play exceptionally bad and they get some help from the match officials. Hopefully none of that will happen and the double treble dream is still on.

  3. I’ve always thought Bates was average at best so it’s a good bit of business for him to go elsewhere for better wages…….and another bit of poor business by the new club. They’ll be down to the bare bones and some overpaid kiddy-on players by the end of the season and it won’t matter a damn who their next manager is as he won’t have the cash to play with. HH

  4. Going to Hamburg to play in the 2nd level of German football for more money than ‘the biggest club in the world’ can offer? Dear me.

    At least he’ll be allowed to wear the new green boots made by the sponsor of his current employer. There is that.

  5. Pushing your own barrow there Ted. Split will reveal managers’relative standing though playing on plastic, the tendency to put down a butcher’s windae display and call it a football pitch or to pay a bunch of duds by running up debt will also come under scrutiny. SFA will of course be all over such unfairness…surely?

  6. Would be a shame if Celtic supporting Alex Neil were to take the job, as it would, if Celtic supporting Stevie Clarke took the job.

  7. According to the Daily Ranger Bates was “demanding” 7.5k a week. Considering that the current crop of Loan Rangers will all be on more money than that at their parent clubs I don’t think Bates’ expectations for a significant raise in his salary were unreasonable considering how much money some of the dreck he’s playing alongside are receiving.

    For Bates I think getting out of Ibrox will be better for his career. Even though Hamburg are likely to be relegated they should be good enough to be looking to bounce straight back next season. If he can develop his potential over there it could also be good for his future international prospects as well.

    Meanwhile we can have yet another laugh at Sevco’s expense. The gift that keeps on giving delivers once again.

  8. They can’t afford his asking price of 7k a week my oh my
    What’s pena on? It’s the start of kings cutbacks roll on
    Next season a triple treble hail hail.

    1. Unless there is a deal done then Carlos Pena will be back for pe-season in the summer.
      Currently Cruz Azul are picking up around £10k pwk of his Sevco salary.

  9. Let’s hope we turn up and show no mercy. Put them to the sword and let everyone observe the chasm in class. Team selection and attitude for us is essential. Game of the season. Don’t think Alex Neil would touch them with a shitty stick. He probably knows the Ibrox state of affairs through his agent also.

  10. I remember a time when the mighty Glasgow Rangers were not so shy about telling the world how much they were buying this player for and selling that player for, and the lickspittle media were salivating at the prospect of headlines they could run with.

    Now it’s all about labelling the players as not good enough when they ask for the going rate.

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