A timely serving of toxic truth for The People from Sir Davie of Weir

It would appear that if one wishes to retain…ahem…”legend” status with The People then you really should avoid the truth.

There was a time when Davie Weir was a darling among the Ibrox faithful.

When he arrived back at Ibrox he was the trusted deputy of the Admirable Warburton and one young chap (peace be upon him) was ever so excited.

I had reported here what the Ex-Brentford supremo had told the Sevco High Command about the Scottish Cup semi-final victory over Celtic on penalties.

The Admirable Warburton supremo told the Blue room chaps that the win had been massively fortuitous and that everything had gone their way that day.

Consequently, they should not think it was a harbinger of a new era where a team at Ibrox could best the Parkhead side.

This was not what the chaps at the top of the Marble Staircase wanted to hear.

However, the ex-City trader was correct.

It was the immediate aftermath of the semi-final victory where the real defeat was inflicted upon The People.

The official delegation rather overdid the unsurpassed dignity and an enraged Dermot Desmond called a halt to Heated Driveway Productions.

Having a CEO as an untitled director of football wasn’t such a good idea after all.

It was also, of course, the end of the Celtic Way for the likeable Norwegian Ronny Deila.

Brendan Rodgers took the job on the understanding he was in total control of all football matters.

He also got to choose his backroom team.

What followed next was historic.

The team that produced the Invincible Treble were mainly players that the Irishman had inherited.

Truth has a toxic quality at the stadium that John Brown used to play for.

Then the Admirable Warburton turned on the television one Friday night to find out that he had resigned.

It came as quite a shock.

To me and him.

Once more, a contemporaneous account of those events was reported here and nowhere else.

At the time of the semi-final victory, Davie Weir was held in huge esteem by the People.

He had been a veteran entre half for the Blessed Cardigan during his second stint as Rangers manager.

Then, as the dignified No 2 to the Admirable Warburton, became on message board land “Sir Davie of Weir” or “SDoW”.

This week Weir spoke to the SMSM about that semi-final victory and he spoke the plain truth as he saw it from the victorious dugout.

You can read it here in the Evening Times.

Such veracity was too much for The People and SDoW is now “a snake, a liar and a prick” in the same dysfunctional online community.

In the Daily Radar he stated that the financial edge that Celtic currently enjoys makes the Ibrox job unattractive.

For the avoidance of doubt that monetary advantage will not change unless the Parkhead club behaves like old rangers.

An occasional cup success is the best that Sevco can hope for.

The resources required to topple Celtic from the top spot in the SPFL are currently not available to a loss-making business with a secured loan from Close Brothers.

The footie experts that I have canvassed have all tipped Brendan’s Bhoys to prevail at the weekend.

Even if young Master Murts gets lucky it will not alter the unipolarity of Planet Fitba.

That is the truth that Sir Davie of Weir has spoken and The People cannot face it.