More on David Bates and his departure from Sevco

As a follow on from the Bates story I spoke to a well-placed source in agentland.

He told me that the young centre-half had not made outrageous demands for a salary increase at Sevco.

His understanding of the numbers involved are as follows:

The lad is currently earning £25-£30k pa at Sevco.

That’s per annum…

He wanted to be brought into the £6k-£7.5k pwk band.

By way of comparison, this would still be considerably less than what Fabio Cardoso is currently being paid.

My guy told me that the Sevco High Command did make an improved offer to keep the ex-Raith Rovers kid at Ibrox.

However, £1500k pwk wasn’t cutting it.

Therefore, young Master Murts was telling no lies at the presser when he said that Hamburg had made an offer they couldn’t match.

My understanding is that next season young Bates will be on a basic salary of £5k pwk.

Appearance and bonuses could bring that up to £7.5k pwk.

A review of his remuneration package can happen after the first year if not before depending on his performances and overall development.

This source is excellently placed to have this type of information.

Of course, if I have erred then the basket of assets can always set the record straight.


Sadly, they won’t be asked any of those probing questions by the local media as they have high-Level instructions to abide by.

I don’t…

12 thoughts on “More on David Bates and his departure from Sevco”

  1. So young master Bates is leaving for better pay .That tells me there must be a lot of unrest in he dressing room regarding players earning more than others who are literally quite shite .So there could well be some more out there about to do what young Master Bates has done and basically telling them to bolt .

  2. Let’s talk football here.
    Bates is a bit of an unknown quantity. Loaned to Sevco from the mighty Raith. Then signed on a short development contract for peanuts which was a smart move for the laddie as it puts him in a bigger window.
    Hamburg a club with a long tradition of paying over the odds for players and a recent track record of buying some right duffers for stupid money come in and offer him far more than he is currently worth. Sevco would probably like to keep him and develope him, but there is no way they are paying him over 5k a week on a 4 year deal at this moment in his career . This actually sensible financial decision from Sevco for once. There is only one place on the Spl where he will get that money and he’s nowhere near proved himself good enough to earn the hoops yet.
    No brainer for the lad, he gets a chance to develope his football CV in Germany, playing in a far better league than the even if they are relegated.
    Hamburg take a punt on Bates, worst case scenario, he doesn’t make the grade so they loan him out through the lower leagues of Europe.
    Anywhere else in Europe, this is not a story.
    More power to the laddie, Oliver Burke did OK as a Fifer going through the Bundesliga.
    Sorry Phil, voted for IBWM for the blog of the year. Purely a footballing decision I might add.

  3. £1,500 a week is an insult to Bates. But it is an indication of how much Sevco need to trim their costs.

    They are saddled with the Caxhinia and Warburton failures on “Sevco” wages and need another year for that to unwind contractually because they can’t afford to buy them out.

    Even when that has been dealt with they will not be offering wages at unaffordable levels. The level of player they will attract will drop.

    All the loanees will go back, including Murphy, as there is no way the can buy them as they have already spent next seasons money. It just does not get any better.

  4. Its imperative we put the injured animal to sleep this weekend, an injured bear is a dangerous bear. Yogi was a great bear, (especially against Leeds utd.)
    I always think more than four is a humping, but I will take one more than them. Imagine the damage a right royal humping would do them, they would hunt there very own majesty even if she was in charge.

    Put them out their misery,

    As Jimmy James and the Vagabonds might say…Now is the time…

  5. £25-30k PER YEAR!!! If your contact is on the mark Phil, the shit at the crumbledome is indeed deep. Decent time served tradesmen make more than that.

  6. Quite rightly the lad looked at the wages the dreck playing alongside were trousering as indeed was his agent and made the move to a bigger club. Sevco will have to rebuild their team next season around the overpaid, talentless individuals that are the hallmark of Poundland Pedro. Good luck with that! HH

  7. I saw figures of 3,000 at present, but the 7,500 required is about right.
    Wonder what they had to renegotiate to compensate Mr Morelos not getting a megabucks Chinese deal, and we’re not talking prawn crackers here.
    I wonder if it was not so much the amount, but a guarantee required that he could do a bosman if it goes tits up again.
    The recent extensions to contracts makes me think the Company are trying to tie the players to the company/ club/entity to try and get some money for them when the next ‘event’ comes along ?

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