More on David Bates and his departure from Sevco

As a follow on from the Bates story I spoke to a well-placed source in agentland.

He told me that the young centre-half had not made outrageous demands for a salary increase at Sevco.

His understanding of the numbers involved are as follows:

The lad is currently earning £25-£30k pa at Sevco.

That’s per annum…

He wanted to be brought into the £6k-£7.5k pwk band.

By way of comparison, this would still be considerably less than what Fabio Cardoso is currently being paid.

My guy told me that the Sevco High Command did make an improved offer to keep the ex-Raith Rovers kid at Ibrox.

However, £1500k pwk wasn’t cutting it.

Therefore, young Master Murts was telling no lies at the presser when he said that Hamburg had made an offer they couldn’t match.

My understanding is that next season young Bates will be on a basic salary of £5k pwk.

Appearance and bonuses could bring that up to £7.5k pwk.

A review of his remuneration package can happen after the first year if not before depending on his performances and overall development.

This source is excellently placed to have this type of information.

Of course, if I have erred then the basket of assets can always set the record straight.


Sadly, they won’t be asked any of those probing questions by the local media as they have high-Level instructions to abide by.

I don’t…