Craig Whyte and the right to a fair trial

Last April I put this post up here.

For the avoidance of doubt, I firmly believe that everyone has the right to a fair trial.

If you equivocate on that because you happen to dislike the person who is the defendant then you don’t believe in justice.

Either everyone has the right to a fair trial or no one does.

Editorialising on the veracity of evidence while due process is ongoing is clearly in contempt, i.e. it is contemptible.

Consequently, I have not allowed any comments here on the Craig Whyte trial as it was “live proceedings”.

Quite a few  contributions that arrived into the back of this site which sought to editorialise on the veracity of witnesses etc.

They were banned.

There has now been a disposal to the case of Her Majesty’s Advocate versus Craig Whyte.

Until that moment the Contempt of Court act was in force.

During the trial, Mr Whyte, like all other defendants, had the presumption of innocence.

Reporting restrictions on court proceedings, especially those in front of a jury, are there for a reason.

Those tasked with communicating what happened in the Whyte trial were bound by those rules.

I think a hat tip is due to James Doleman for his diligence and precision during this trial.

He reported what was said in evidence in open court and he abided by the legal restrictions imposed on him and the other journalists.

Like your humble correspondent, James is a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

I found the trial itself to be a somewhat vindicating experience.

For example, it was stated in sworn evidence that before Mr Whyte bought Rangers in May 2011 that the vendors were desperate to have the deal done.

If you care to dear reader, you can persuse the archive of my work during that period.

I think you will see that my contemporaneous reportage six years ago on matters Ibrox was rather on the money.

I would respectfully contend that, in due course, my ongoing coverage of the Sevco shambles will also be similarly vindicated.

Those that seek to rubbish my journalism are the same shills who trumpeted Craigy boy as a billionaire seven years ago when he first appeared on the radar.

Today Lady Stacey told Mr Whyte that he was free to leave the court.

He is innocent of the charges brought against him and Rangers are still dead.

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