What plays in Vegas, pays in Vegas

There was never any chance that Mr David Cunningham King would alight in Las Vegas if there weren’t a feel-good vibe among The People.

The signing of Bruno Alves, Ryan Jack and possibly Carlos Pena (pending a work permit hearing) have convinced the fans that good times are just around the corner.

Of course, Mr. King is a Grand Master at this type of thing.

The reality is that the Take Over Panel ruling is still extant.

He has been ordered to make a 20p offer for every RIFC share out with his Concert Party.

Moreover, he has to put the funds for that offer in an escrow account.

I fully accept that this matters not a jot to The People.

Players are being signed, and someone in the Board Room is “splashing the cash”.

Actually, it is the supporters themselves who are funding these moves in the transfer market.

Push will come to shove when a substantial fee is asked for.

I note that the putative move for Graham Dorrans has hit an obstacle.

Moreover, I would question the arithmetic in this piece.

Late last night I received a text from agent land on the matter:

“Dorrans, Norwich value £1.5m max £2.25m. RFC offered £440k. £150k upfront & the rest three summer transfer windows at £97k each. I hear that copies of that offer are providing huge bouts of uncontrollable laughter in the Norfolk area!”

Now, for the avoidance of doubt, I cannot verify the information contained within this text.

However, the person who sent it to me is a licensed football agent and, ipso facto, probably in a position to know what is going on.

I have been in contact with him for several years, and I cannot envisage that he has any pecuniary interest in lying to me apropos this matter.

Perhaps some award winning stenographer can run this story down.

That said, I doubt that The People will be interested in that unpleasant substance called “the truth.”

Yes, dear reader, we’ve been here before.

In the season ticket renewal period, The People are once more buoyed up with optimism about the coming campaign.

Last year the hope constructed around what Monsieur Barton was going to inflict upon Scott Brown.

Oh dear…

Sadly, the Admirable Warburton’s ersatz squad collapsed quickly.

However, by that time the season tickets had been sold in the “Going for 55” marketing campaign.

That was classic King.

It is now very early (or very late) in Las Vegas at the moment.

No doubt there will almost certainly be some glib and shameless pitching going on in Planet Hollywood this weekend.

However, the picture painted by Mr King will be largely unrecognisable to anyone with even the faintest knowledge of what is really happening on Planet Fitba.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone believed him and he left Vegas with a jackpot.

He certainly needs to score big before he places his bets at the Court of Session casino.

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