When talk isn’t cheap

The Sevco High Command might have looked on anxiously as Mr David Cunningham king held court in Nevada at the weekend.

I would not be surprised if one of the Blue Room chaps said the something like:

“What has his mouth signed us up for now?”

Just as the Serious Professional was trying to engage in productive discussions with 32 Red there was breathless speculation on social media apropos a new shirt sponsor.

This might be true, but it was certainly news to the people within the Sevco high Command who really should know.

The reality is that the new acquisitions to the playing staff have significantly increased the football budget.

I think it is fair to say that the men who are actually writing the cheques that will keep the lights on next winter are hoping that players will also leave.

For example, I am told that the package that secured the services of Bruno Alves wiped out the savings made by the departure of Hill and Senderos.

However, my information is that the figures being quoted for the new additions to the squad are fanciful.

Of course, it all adds to the feel good vibe among The People.

The takeaway for the Ibrox faithful is that money is available to bring in good players and all is well.

After that they don’t ask any questions.

Exhibit A: Craig Whyte.

Ironically, the Sevco High Command had hoped that the Admirable Warburton would take three or four of the current squad to his new club.

As I had previously reported agent land had recently been circulated with an extensive list of Sevco players who are available to a new home.

The sensible members of the Sevco High Command will be hoping that the squad can be depleted in a way that reduces the wage bill and brings in much needed cash.

If that doesn’t happen then the Blue Room chaps who actually write the cheques will be further in the hole as the dark nights creep in.

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