Boring Celtic rakes in the cash

There is a cynical law of priorities in journalism.

“If it bleeds it leads.”

Consequently the utter carnage at Ibrox, both financial and football, makes the news on this site.

Of course, the mainstream should also be all over the chaos at Sevco, but they’re not allowed to do that sort of thing.

They have high-Level orders to avoid anything that might upset The People.

Across the city, the story is that of a club being so well run that it purrs like a lovingly cared for high-performance engine.

I recently had a sit down with someone who is very close to the corporate action at Celtic.

The first thing he had for me was that the plans to expand the South Stand were being looked at anew.

Back when Fergus was rebuilding Celtic Park in the 1990s it was considered then to make a complete ‘bowl’ of the stadium.

However, the Bunnet erred on the side of caution and only built the three sides.

Now there is a belief that a re-built South Stand would be value added.

Firstly it would have a drive in section for team coaches.

This would tick a major box for UEFA when it comes to deciding whether or not a stadium can host a European final.

Secondly, the dressing rooms would be enlarged and indoor warm up facilities would be put in place.

As well as that the capacity of the stadium could be increased by 10,000/15,000.

That sounds impressive and with an engaged Dermot Desmond I wouldn’t rule any of this out.

It certainly fits the profile since the plans were announced to build a hotel on the Celtic Park site.

My guy said to me “we could sell the corporate boxes several times over”.

So business is good.

Very good.

This is clearly the Brendan effect.

As regular readers will recall I had flagged up the possibility of such an infusion of investment from the Middle East.

Apparently, when I broke this story there was something close to panic among several members of the Sevco High Command.


Now I’m told that talks are at an “advanced” stage.

As I stated back then stadium naming rights would almost certainly be involved,

A ten-year contract would do nicely thank you very much!

شكرا جزيلا

As a guide to these sort of things, the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) did a deal with AVIVA for the new Lansdowne Road stadium in 2009.

That brought in €44 million over ten years.

You can read about that deal here.

Given that was almost a decade ago and the potential investors are from the Middle East then I think that figure can be enlarged if the deal goes through.

The fact that this potential Persian Gulf windfall arrived on the back of the Palestinian Flag display in the Champions League indicates that sometimes good things come out of just doing what’s right.

The thing that clinched it for the high net worth individuals in Dubai was the fact that the UEFA fine was matched and then some, with the monies being sent to Palestinian charities.

After that, the door was opened for Celtic to pursue various possibilities if they wished.

When I finished lunch with my guy I was struck with just how difficult it must be for anyone to drive an anti-Celtic narrative in the mainstream media at the moment.

I almost felt sorry for them.


I think it is fair to say that my heart doesn’t bleed for them…

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