Sniffing out exclusives among the shite

It is clear to me now that the word ‘exclusive’ has a different meaning among the stenography classes.

This breathless copy about Dominic Solanke was brought to my attention yesterday.


I allowed myself an ironic smile as I headed over the mountain with Rusty to see the sun settle down for the evening.

Each part of the day brings new smells for her to assess and grade.

Her ability to sniff out a turd is second to none.

If the Daily Radar had employed her back in November 2010 then she would have been able to detect the unmistakable aroma of shite from the ‘billionaire’ press release.

She’s got a nose for that sort of thing.

If regular readers had occasioned upon this award winning stuff at the Daily Radar about Dominic Solanke then it might well have seemed to be rather familiar.

That’s because the story first appeared here two months ago.

When I sat down with my source in this back in March Rusty’s nostrils scanned the air for any traces of shite.

Thankfully, there was none.

The story was good and that is why I ran with it.

Back in March, my readers new that the Chelsea kid was high on Brendan’s list.

Dear reader, you may wish to ask why a chap in the west of Ireland can be across this scéal in March, yet it takes the sports desks in Glasgow until May to catch up.

If you find out you can let me know.

Sure, you can claim it as an exclusive.

I know that Mrs Rusty will be well impressed…

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