Exclusive. Scottish Football Association enforces rules on club based at Ibrox

I understand that the Serious Professional has some important work to do in the next few days.

Last week he submitted some paperwork to the Scottish Football Association.

This was to enable the Engine Room Subsidiary to play in UEFA competition next season.

However, it was quickly pointed to him that what he had presented was incomplete and unsatisfactory.

My information is that he has until the end of this week to get it in order so that it can be sent onwards to UEFA.

As it stands at the moment it is imperfectly complete.

Dear reader, the Scottish Football Association are doing their job.

I just wish I could call Turnbull Hutton to tell him about this exciting new development.

Of course, I can hear his rich Fife brogue telling me that he was detecting the unmistakable aroma of shite.

However, I’m standing behind this story and I really miss the Raith Rovers man.

Especially, on like days this.



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