Prophet and loss

It was a confusing day in the Sevco High Command yesterday.

Firstly, a letter arrived from the Ibrox Three.

The Serious Professional wanted them to remain schtum about this.

His reasoning was to starve the story of oxygen.

This was sound advice from a competent CEO.

Sadly Mr David Cunningham King decided to tell the stenographers about the Admirable Warburton’s sensitive skin condition.

This seriously subverted the nuanced attempts that the Serious Professional had been making to smooth relations between the Sevco High Command and the Ibrox Three.

Then there was the phantom profit.

I’m told that Mr King and a young assistant came up with the brilliant wheeze that the Holding Company Vehicle was in the black.

Actually, it was their faces that should have been red.

Apparently, in this alternative universe, a £2.9m loan is classed as “income”, and this magically became an operating profit of £294,000.

Douglas Fraser of the BBC spotted this nonsense an instant.

Rugger guy was laughing like a drain on the phone at the fact that local journalists would just regurgitate this rubbish.

The Serious Professional was seething at this PR own goal.

I’m told that the first thing he knew about this spin was when he was told by a chap in Campbell Dallas.

In other news, it has been a good week on the litigation front for General Ashley.

His case against the Holding Company Vehicle got past the first hurdle in the High Court in London.

If he wins then the tab for Sevco STARTS at £5m.

No doubt the radar press will present this as a giant windfall for Dave King…

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