Stay off the park!

Perhaps it is EBTs, perhaps PMTs or just a mild case of the DTs, but the word of the week around the ‘Big Hoose’ is:


Yes, very tetchy…

You could even say, very, very tetchy.

With season ticket sales going faster than, than…  well faster than last week, this bad atmosphere is a tad puzzling.

Could it be that Ranger’s rabble-rouser in chief is not happy with the prospect of tainted titles and corrupt cups disappearing?

Or perhaps the Cheeky Chappie is not happy with personal contract talks?

Mr Green indicated publically he desired a publicity coup by tying-up the rabble rouser with a new long term contract; he mentioned 25 years.  However, the Sevco manager is reluctant to sign-up for the long haul; the Green Mile could be several faltering steps too far for Mr McCoist

Interesting that we haven’t seen any recent TV or media images of Sevco’s only ever manager and Mr Green.

Tetchy indeed. But let’s get back to the drama at the Park!

Sitting in the Sevco’s director’s box at Brechin last Sunday, back row, far left, was Mr Green’s new bestest best friend, one Jim Park, a former management executive at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd, he left the publishing house several years ago under a rather dark, foreboding cloud.

His business interests since then have been a shade uninspiring.

Perhaps Mr Green is unhappy that it is common currency in newspaper circles that Mr Park has been a close confidante of another fellow who attracts dark menacing clouds wherever he goes.

Yes, you guessed it, the one and only Craig Whyte.

Has Craig Whyte left the park, or is Jim Park Craig Whyte’s man at Ibrox Park?

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