Hello Mr Park Ranger, sir!

It’s a bad day when the bears turn on the Park Ranger.

This sorry state of affairs has happened as senior management fight amongst themselves in an outbreak of bear baiting.

The reason: Jim Park at Ibrox Park.

Mr Park as I told you two days ago has a colourful business past, so colourful he makes Craig Whyte look like a veritable paragon of business excellence. At the last count the twice bankrupt Park had been a director of around seventy companies many dissolved, in administration and others in liquidation. When he was last declared personally bankrupt he had debt of over £11m.

Those who have worked with Ibrox Park, sorry Jim Park, say he is one of the most unpleasant, bullying, devious people it has been their misfortune meet. Wherever he has appeared and then disappeared he has left behind a trail of pestilence, rage and despair.

You may ask, with a CV like that, he seems ideal for the new Sevco team?

A legitimate question.

Had it not been for my revelation on Friday about Mr Park, Charles Green had great plans for the diminutive Ibrox loving reprobate. Some say Mr Park would have been co-opted onto the board the day after Sevco had been given the rubber stamp for Division Three.

Even the SFA’s limp rules regarding who is a fit and proper person to be involved in a football club would have seen through Park, so the delay was crucial.

Amongst those who had more that a passing worry about the Park Ranger was the greatest ever manager of Sevco, who knew of Park’s CV from his days as a senior executive on the Herald and later as a director of the Daily Record & Sunday Mail Ltd. and a shared interest in horseracing.

Both Park and McCoist like the fillies.

Some say the Park Ranger and racing trainer David Pipe parted in exceptionally fraught circumstances over the whereabouts of sum not far away from £100,000. Mrs Violet Zoe Park has an interest in a horse at the stables of Nigel Twiston Davis, an old mucker of Ally McCoist.

Even the former Cheeky Chappie turned chief rabble-rouser is not too happy at the thought of sharing the same stable as the Park Ranger.

So with a background like this and now the mainstream press have caught up with me can we expect Mr James Clement Park, to give him his full business title, to be shown the door of the Big Hoose?

I wonder?

Could it be that Mr Park has already helped Charles Green to raise some of the money that is just, and that’s is a big four-letter word…that is just keeping Sevco afloat.

Could it be that when Park and Green travelled to Brechin the other Sunday, the twice bankrupt Park Ranger was whispering into Green’s ear about the millions he could raise for Sevco in a matter of weeks?

One thing is for sure the financial authorities will be asking a few questions about the Park Ranger before they ever sanction any flotation of Sevco.

However, I would say that Mr Park is smarter than the average bear…


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