Buddhist bigots

I find it amusing that the adherents of a self-styled bastion of Scottish Protestantism have now apparently turned to  Buddhism.

Suddenly the Bears believe in reincarnation.

I spoke with a leading sports lawyer about the legal status of Sevco Scotland Limited.

This chap is not connected to the Glasgow fitba struggle and he was quite clear that Sevco Scotland Limited and Rangers football club are two entirely different entities.

He stated to me as an assertion that the team that took to the field of play in Brechin last week end was not Rangers.

By way of explanation he added “if I bought Brad Pitt’s house and wore Brad Pitt’s clothes I wouldn’t be Brad Pitt!”

If I can augment his excellent analogy even if Brad Pitt’s fans adored my legal chum as he left the Hollywood mansion then he still wouldn’t be Brad Pitt!

I don’t really want to get into a fight about the new club, but the rules on the sports desks seem to be clear.

The first rule about Sevco is that you do not talk about Sevco!

Given that the same hacks meekly reported that Craig Whyte was a billionaire then I don’t think that the people who run the club that dare not speak its name will have any trouble from the succulent lamb crew.

The wheel of life turns on Planet Fitba, but the Ibrox klan have not evolved.

At Glebe Park chants about “fenian bastards” were clearly audible throughout the match.

The Scottish Football League does not have match delegates to report such illegal behaviour.

I expect that the SFL will start to come under scrutiny about what they are going to do about the behaviour of Sevco fans as the season progresses.

However, I am confident that the intrepid denizens of Scottish sports journalism will not cut the new club any slack on this bigoted chanting.

The SPL’s independent commission into the use by Rangers (1872-2012) of Employee Benefit Trusts and the allegation that this led to players being improperly registered has been established.

This shouldn’t really concern Sevco Scotland Limited as they weren’t born when these crimes against sporting integrity were allegedly committed.

If Rangers are found guilty post mortem and titles are stripped from the first decade of the millennium then for the green half of the city it will be like a religious experience.

The Tims will be in raptures while the Bears are about to experience another dose of karma.

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