Hart to Hearts

Good grief!

The storyline around Joe Hart today was too contrived for a novel.

A penalty shootout is a cruel drama, and today’s episode elicited more relief than a triumphant cheer from your humble correspondent.

The Dons can travel back to Granite City knowing that they were more than mere spectators in the dénouement.

One dignified chap apparently couldn’t resist making an ethnic observation about Killian Phillips, the Aberdeen lad who took their last penalty.

It’s almost as if they have an issue with Irish people.

Everyone, anyone, and all that….

I suspect that the offering tomorrow will be more within the natural order of these things.

The Tynecastle club has NEVER prevailed over any iteration of Rainzurzz at the national stadium.

Undoubtedly, dear Philippe will be aware of how compliant their low-calorie cousins are on these occasions.

After the Dens debacle, I’m told that Belgian had his misfiring charges in for an extra tactical session on what had been scheduled as a recovery day.

It is heartening to know that several of the “leadership group” expressed appreciation for young Dujon’s rather Sterling efforts to explain the malaise at the post-match presser.

I’m told that at one point, the camaraderie was close to becoming kinetic, heartwarming stuff.

As always, the Transcendental Chairman was on hand to proffer sage advice to his manager after the draw at Dundee.

I’m sure that it was taken on board by the management team.

As for tomorrow, it will take something quite aberrant for house-trained Hearts to prevent TavPen and his teammates from returning to Hampden to face Celtic on May 25th.

Sevco expects…

19 thoughts on “Hart to Hearts”

  1. to think Brendan Rodgers got shot of Mikey Johnstone to keep Yang, he cost us the 3 points at Ibrox, was anonymous for 45mis against St Mirren and was even worse in the semi final. Hoe he kept a jersey for 60 mins,

  2. Aberdeen played with four defenders and three sitting midfielders. And during extra time they changed to six along the back with the three sitting midfielders. They only changed when they went behind and then they resorted to hoof ball. It worked to a degree.

    For the other semi it’s difficult to imagine that a team of professional players would try less against one team than another. Then again it’s difficult to imagine how their centre forward cold contrive to have his worst game of the season while playing against potential future employers. How can a team play with such passivity against one team and like rabid dogs against another.

    Having said that, it didn’t matter how well Hearts played, I couldn’t see any way they’d be allowed to win that game. Fortunately for the Referee and VAR Hearts ineptitude meant that they didn’t need to get involved.

  3. Scales was rank rotten, and has been the last few games. Greg Taylor not very far behind. Two exact same goals from the exact same positions. Where were they? CCV and AJ put in a good shift. Like other posts our defence is pure Mingin. We’re in the final and top of the League, but nevertheless our defence doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    • I thought the whole defence were rank rotten, Scales was suspect the whole game, CCV probably had his worst game ever in a Celtic jersey, Taylor was shaky defensively and contributed nothing going forward, AJ was fine going forward but allowed the Aberdeen players far too much room to deliver the crosses for the Dons 2nd and 3rd goals, whilst Joe Hart stood on his line helplessly for both equalising goals.
      Yang was a waste of a jersey and should have been subbed at half time.
      Aberdeen were up for the game big time, but if I was a Dons fan I would be asking where on earth have they been all season.
      Let’s hope we’ve learned a lesson and make sure we’re ready for the run in, 6 wins and we get the double.

    • CCV might have ‘put in a good shift ‘, but was average at best, culpable at worst. As for AJ, it was he who stood off and allowed the cross for the first goal, and incase we missed it, did it again for the second.

  4. The writing was on the wall for a nervy ending after Scales missed the header Rodgers got away with one as he didn,t react to the change of approach of Aberdeen after they made their subs ( going long and missing out the midfield). We are lucky to be in the final and an overall improvement is needed for the run in and just as well Sevco are pish as we aren’t much better in spells although we have better players and the individual quality we have should see us ok.

  5. I’m sorry to appear less than positive, but if Yang downed tools deliberately, it’d be an improvement. Long time since I’ve seen such a poor, poor talent get regular game-time in our Jersey. Makes Simunovic seem like Messi.

    • NO ONE, will persuade me, that Yang has more talent than young Rocco Vata. He produced more in the way of effective crosses into the box, in the few glimpses we got of him last season, than Yang has in the entirety of this season.

      Defensively, we were an absolute joke!! CCV and Scales have generally looked solid when they’ve played together. Yesterday they couldn’t have kept weans out of a close. It got worse when the third CB came on. Three CB’s simply don’t work!!

  6. C’mon peeps, get a grip. One off day does not make a season. It was a Cup Semi Final, totally different from a league match. Joe Hart wanted to take a pen & had been practising all week; elder player, took the responsibility but missed. So what, two Aberdeen players missed. He hit the post….baw hair away from legend but he sorted it & you knew he would. We are in the final on the 25th May.

    • We,re in the Final job done although a hard watch no case for the defence Scales especially he was mince…highlight for me was Jamesy Forrest coming on and scoring great wee player and great servant to Celtic F. C. over the years Hoops Ladies won 5-0 today same as Bhoys top of the League..

  7. 22 weans with jackets down as goalposts,it happens in cup games,but we really need to get our shit together for remaining league games.Only Forrest and Kuhn to start wide,with Palma to step in if required and if he can be arsed.Yang ,sorry son not tonight.

  8. A team never having prevailed against a particular opponent at a particular venue is one thing.
    It’s illogical surely to imply that that implies there’s an inherent inability – or perhaps unwillingness – of that team to defeat said opponent, however.

    • Of course Hearts want to beat Rangers but it seems that they really want to beat Celtic – especially at Tynecastle.

  9. We are far from over the line I think!!! Still way off. Still winning but jezz a worry. However I’d and indeed have taken Hearts tomorrow. Rotten rangers form against hearts only thing they could actually win maybe 1 in 11 against the cousins could happen??? Or I’m a fiver down but at least we’d have the easier final 🤣

  10. That was a pantomime today. Celtic for the most part were very ordinary, Aberdeen offered nothing until they went 2-1 down but you just knew that Celtic defence would let them back in the game. Yang is an empty jersey, Iwata would have been as well staying in the stand alongside the man he replaced, Scales and Carter Vickers were like strangers to each other today and don’t get me started on Joe Hart’s penalty shenanigans. All in, relieved to be in the final but much better is required over the next few weeks.

    • Delighted to be in the final but that was a warning for the remaining league games.
      Makes me even more nervous about them.

      Poor defending for the Aberdeen 2nd and 3rd goals.

      Keep that up and it’s going to be an even more nerve-wracking end to the season than I was already anticipating 🙈🙈🙈


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