Flying pizza and Sterling words

I must say that Sevco’s maladroit attempt to wrest the SPFL title from Celtic is proving to be highly entertaining.

Compare and contrast the pishful thinking from Tom English with Dujon Sterling’s unvarnished analysis.

Firstly, the chap from the Beeb, published on April 6th, has aged like milk:

Under Philippe Clement, Rangers have dropped only eight points in 22 games. Expecting them to drop five or six in what would be six remaining games is a bit of a stretch.

Oh, dear…

Now for some honesty from a Sevco player, Dujon Sterling:

“We are fighting for a title and the way we are playing is as if we are not playing for anything, like the season is dead and it is a dead rubber game.


The featured image is something that should, in truth, never have made it into a match programme.

That’s because it is truthful.

It isn’t a coincidence that the only time young master Tavernier lifted the SPFL trophy was when they had played in empty stadiums.

Indeed, it would appear that Sevco’s captain finds the presence of the Ibrox klanbase somewhat offputting.

I’m with him on that one.

They’re definitely best avoided!

It is a mantra in team names that what is said in the dressing room stays there, no matter the code or the level.

Therefore, it is rather awkward when some scéal manages to slip out.

I’m told that dear Philippe’s able deputy was especially appreciative of the sage input from the Transcendental Chairman in the immediate aftermath of their moral victory at Dens Park.

For the avoidance of doubt, I cannot confirm or deny whether their dignified discussion was related to a slice of pizza being momentarily airborne in the away dressing room.

I wonder how the Dalai Lama of the Blue Room has reacted to Philippe’s extensive list of unwanted players.

My information is that the following are not in the Belgian’s plans:

Danilo, Davies, Dessers, Dowell, Goldson, Lammers, Raskin and Tavernier.

Of course, all of those players are under contract and would have to be sold or paid off.

Conversely, I’m told that he wants to keep Butland, Cantwell, McCausland, Sterling and Yilmaz.

That said, it has emerged in dignified discussions that the English keeper may have to be sold to fund a rebuild.

Some among the Ibrox klanbase thought that celebrating a late equaliser against Celtic with a lap of honour was over the top and showed a lack of judgment by the bulbous Belgian.

In one sense, it was entirely appropriate.

This was a case of Espanyol Glasgow avoiding defeat at the hands of their larger neighbour.

That itself was worthy of celebration.


After a challenging week, the good news for dear Philippe is that Sevco’s low-calorie cousins have never triumphed against either of the Ibrox clubs at Hampden.

It would appear that Tynecastle chaps observe a kind of natural order in these things.

18 thoughts on “Flying pizza and Sterling words”

  1. Phil , may I respectfully point out, Ross County had never beaten Rangers or Sevco.. Hopefully is Jambos turn to spoil a record this week 🙏

  2. English did not once bring up the outrageous decisions given to Sevco and the decisions against their opponents in the same matches, in his glowing appraisal of Clement. It seems English has a blinkered view when he speaks of the Belgian. I’m not saying he’s not a good manager, but Jesus, I thought I was reading about him managing PSG or Real Madrid and bringing them to another level.

    • They definitely beat Celtic at Hampden in the 1956 Scottish Cup Final, however the reference was to Hearts having never beaten ‘either iBrox club’ – ie Rangers and Sevco – rather than either side of the “O** F**m’.

    • I’ve said it before but Celtic’s board appear to be attached to the toxic ‘O** F***’ brand because they maybe fear a comparable effect I dubbed ‘Linfieldisation’, where the rival club is vanquished entirely and the “victors” are left in such unassailable command of the football scene in a country that within a single generation everyone loses interest in the one-horse race it has become and the competition, once among the fiercest in Europe, dwindles to a “semi-professional status” backwater with most matches played in front of 6 men and a dog a lot of the time.

      • I nearly made the same mistake as the unfortunate Garry when l read an article last week that the diets had never beaten their big brothers at Hampdump.
        However,l quickly recalled that day in 1998 as a flying column of Celtic supporters descended on the Alma Tavern in South London to watch the game,aided and abetted by the Irish landlord who dismissed all pleas of the Gooners fans that the Arsenal v Newcastle FA cup final should take precedence as it was the English cup final being held in England !
        He simply informed them that as long as his name was over the door, the pub would be seen as the Irish Embassy in Croydon and as such was not on English soil.
        Don’t remember much of the aftermath of the final whistle as it has been long lost in the mists of an alcohol fuelled celebration.
        Happy days,indeed.

    • Hi Gary that game was at Celtic Park not Hampden. The diets haven’t won at Hampden against any version of Rangers


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