Down Brexico Way

I recall back when I was in the An Phoblacht office in Dublin coming across a  sneering comment by a Unionist MP in the Six Counties.

I know that doesn’t narrow it down much.

However, remember that he referred to the 26 County area as “Mexico”.

The implication was clear enough.

Norn Iron was the developed country with a poor, backward neighbour south of the border.

Of course, there is so much wrong with that mindset.

Firstly, the Six County statelet is and never was a country-mar a deirtear, is é sin scéal eile.

I was reminded of this when I read this piece form the Financial Times on the Pound Sterling.

You can read the full piece here.

A Bank of America analyst Kamal Sharma stated that the UK currency was “a better match with the Mexican peso than the US dollar…”

He continued:

“We believe sterling is evolving into a currency that resembles the underlying reality of the British economy: small and shrinking with a growing dual deficit problem…”

The Brexit fantasy is that in there 21st-century Britain is a major player on the world stage just as it was back when Belfast was the biggest city on this island.

“Brits in space” might be the title of a future comedy series.

The British efforts to go it alone post-Brexit are already producing headlines that would not be out of place if Malcolm Tucker snarled them.

Meanwhile, on this side of the British imposed border in Ireland, we work with our gallant allies in Europe.

For the day that’s in it, we are not without our own homegrown problems.

Here’s a clue

Despite the musical chairs in Dáil Éireann, there is a lot that we, as a society, have got right recently.

The response to the Covid19 crisis in this jurisdiction has been markedly more competent that the approach in the Six Counties.

The latter has, in part, been taking their lead from London.

I think you can see a problem right there, dear reader.

Of course, the ramshackle state of the two-tier health provision in the 26 Counties had long been a fallback position to anyone of the Unionist persuasion.

If they were asked about a future 32 county state, they would simply state that they would not want to lose the NHS.

For the avoidance of doubt, there was a genuine point to be made there.

However, the  Covid19 pandemic has imposed a de facto Irish NHS here in the Republic.

In the law of unintended consequences, it isn’t easy to see the old dispensation being reinstated.

The mass of ordinary people will not tolerate health provision based on the ability to pay rather than clinical need.

It is cruelly ironic that moves are already in play in the back channels to usher in US-based insurance companies to the health provision in the UK.

The intelligent proposition on this island going forward is to “Think 32”.

As for the that Unionist MP all he needs to do today is to go to the 1911 census and compare and contrast Béal Feirste with Baile Átha Cliath.

It was clear that in the Edwardian Period the Ulster city was the most important conurbation on this island.

The 2011 census would point to a very different state of affairs.

Quite simply, Partition has been an economic disaster for the northern city over the last century.

If anyone stated today that Belfast was still the preeminent conurbation on the island, then they would be a close personal friend of nonsense.

Indeed, they even know that Norn Iron MP.














18 thoughts on “Down Brexico Way”

  1. As Rangers continue to encourage Hearts and Thistle from the safety of the sidelines without having to put their hands in their own pockets, they may not have thought things through.
    If the court action is successful and delays the proposed 1st of August start then as sure as hell Sky and BT won’t be filling the coffers of SPFL clubs for games that don’t take place and even then with games behind closed doors there will be no walk up income.

  2. I remember some DUP scumbag refer to ‘the potato republic’ on the evening news when I was a kid. Possibly Sammy Wilson but can’t be sure. DUP xenophobia has been rewarded by the crown. William Super-injunction McCrea is now lord something or other. Maybe it’s lord Portadown in recognition of his services to king Rat and loyalist murder gangs or maybe it’s in relation to all that stuff the press isn’t allowed to mention on account of the super-injunction.

  3. Phil what’s going on with Irish politics? They have just formed a government with the greens to keep sinn Fein out of government. The new guy is going to be in place for 2 years before the role goes back to leo varadkar.
    I know you like to go on about the UK and brexit but is what had just happened in Ireland not a total sham. Tinpot politics

  4. As we watch over the comeing years the complete collapse of the European union (the United states of europe) no more a common market, but a entity with a president, goverment ministers,a flag,a national anthem, also in the throes of putting together a army, there are those like Phil and other one world government idealists who will bleat loudest about nationalism etc, etc while ignoring the danger of freedom of speech and the right to think for ones self being totally eroded.

  5. Meanwhile in Europe the EU has just received just short of €1Trillion in Loans from Central Bank with a GDP already in a worse state than it was prior to the 2008 Global Meltdown.
    At some point you are going to have to wake up to the reality that Neoliberal Economics just don’t stack up.
    The next crash is fast approaching.
    Holland is already kicking off about having to bail out European Countries who cannot or will not run their Economy within reason.
    I give it 15 years max before it collapses completely.
    The Austerity measures meanwhile will kick in and none of it will affect the Gravy Train Merchants in Brussels of whom 10,000 enjoy a salary bigger than the U.K. Prime Minister.
    It’s Thatcherism with fringe benefits that’s all.
    Wake up.

    1. Oh Cyan I somehow knew you would be first to comment.
      Where do you get your ‘facts’ from – the same source as your Serena Williams story🤣
      Your hatred of the EU for such a good ‘socialist’🤪 puts you in such good company as Farage, the Brexit party The EDL, the DUP and all these other socialist parties.

      1. Well I got my facts about Neoliberal Economics from Professor Steve Keen who predicted the 2008 Crash long before it happened.
        I always suspected that it was set up to make money for those that control it.
        Central Bank certainly has it by the haw maws now and if you think that €1 Trillion is on the never ,never then think again.
        The information on the recent Central Bank bailout Loans is widely available as is the information on Dublin being one of the most expensive places to live in Europe,Holland’s rejection of the idea they should be bailing out EU Countries who can’t or who run a sensible deficit.
        The Unions have been stripped of their Power and now we have a situation where the Multi Nationals can move cheap Labour around the market and the local workforce have been stripped of the rights we used to take for granted.
        Austerity,Zero Hour Contracts are now the norm across most of Europe and the EU has done little or nothing to stop that.
        If that’s not enough for you to question what is going on ask yourself this:
        Why is it you cannot Insure your vehicle in the U.K. with an InsurancePolicy from say Bulgaria?
        Yet a Bulgarian can come and work for a minimum wage in a job in your town?
        I’ll tell you why.
        The Corporate Entity that Controls Car Insurance wants you paying as much as possible in your own Country.
        Same as the Corporate Entity that Controls the Companies the length of the land want the cheapest Labour possible within the Law.
        I’m not a Unionist nor do I believe in the same things as Farage,Johnston or all the other Centre Right flag waving numpties you care to mention.
        No I reject the EU on the basis that it is wrong to present one thing whilst simultaneously delivering something else.
        To fix the U.K. we first needed to Address that fundamental problem.
        The next issue is ridding ourselves of the non democratic system we currently have in place.
        WITHOUT the interference of the EU.
        To rid ourselves of these parasites we first have to have a viable opposition.
        I believe Democratic Socialism to be the antidote to Neoliberal Capitalism that has sucked so many in (including Phil) and yet is delivering so little to the average family.
        The whole shebang is built on Debt.
        The very same debt that caused the numerous crashes periodically in History.
        It is unsustainable.
        The next crash is fast approaching.
        Austerity will be the answer in Europe.
        Same as it was the last time.
        Nothing has changed and nothing has been learned.
        The €1Trillion already in the hole.
        Tick Tock.

        Btw there is no hatred here.
        Just awareness.

        1. Jumping from the EU frying pan into the Westminster fire isn’t the answer, in a years time we will realise that.

          1. We’ve been in the Westminster Kitchen for Centuries time we ripped it out and put in a new one.
            Preferably one where the EU don’t control who fitted it,who supplies the fuel and at what temperature it has to run for.

            It’s all one ridding your own setup from Neoliberal Economics but it’s a waste of time if those controlling your setup are dedicated to it despite its failings.
            The bigger picture is and always as that in order to sort out our own mess first we had. To reject those that ultimately control it.
            Like Phil points out regularly Ireland would be better off controlling its entire Border without the influence of the U.K. in any way shape or form.
            I agree with him on that as I agree on the U.K. removing the EU in every way shape or form from our own Borders.
            None of it however has to do with Jingoism or Right Wing Nationalism.
            It’s just common sense.
            Tear up the current model and redesign your own with a view into the future.
            The EU wants total control of every aspect of running a Superstate.
            It wants to do so in order for the Multi Nationals and Banks can suck every penny it can from the entire market place.
            Meanwhile workers rights will be eroded and the Unions that once fought for every single one of them will become less and less relevant.
            Meanwhile the Boom and Bust model ticks away.
            Nationalised Industries Sold Off To Muliti Nationals
            Cheap Labour
            Tax Avoidance
            Massive Debts Owed To Central Bank

            ☝🏼There’s yer European dream.

            No thanks and we move on.

    2. Cyan, I’ve been reading since the wall came down that the EEC/EU wouldn’t last another 10/15 years. Yet it’s still here.

      1. @Charger
        2angers have been running at a loss since 2012 and they are still here.
        It mean that you can continue to borrow and lose indefinitely.
        We won’t be the only big player to drop out of Europe.
        Just a matter of time.
        Holland aren’t too happy at the moment with the concept of Bailing out Nations who run their Economy like the Finance Departments at Ayebroke’s.
        It’s a time bomb.
        Those who control Europe don’t care as long as they squeeze every Euro they can before it does go bang they are happy enough.
        Keep an eye on the borrowing and follow the money.

    3. Whilst I agree that Neoliberal economic policies don’t work, where I disagree with you is that the answer lies in the UK going it alone in a world that is becoming more protectionist. The EU is not without its problems but I think change from within is the only answer. Until countries within the EU turn to the left and force Brussels to adopt more Keynsian economic policies,
      rather than the failed neoliberal policies of Thatcher and Reagan which lead to the banking crisis of 2008. In the UK Brexit is not the answer to the countries economic problems and in fact will only add to them, Of course the super rich will do alright out of it, but the people of the UK will suffer as their rights are eroded, Healthcare, employment rights, food standards and environmental standards will be sold out to allow US companies to operate within the UK with absolutely no protection for consumers.
      As far as I’m concerned I would like to see Scotland gain Independence and then the people of Scotland could decide to economically go it alone, become a member of EFTA, or become a member of the EU. It is time for Scotland to be able to make its own political and economic decisions.

      1. That’s the thing though Michael the EU won’t change.
        It’s Neoliberalism or bust.
        The Capitalists control what happens next not you or I.
        That €1Trilion Loan is just the start.
        More Debt propping up a failing concept.

    4. Well said sir. The EU is a cesspit we are best free of. Don’t think bit will take 15 years though, months maybe.

    5. Just been reading about the hike in the ROI contribution to the EU which now takes them into the top 5 in terms of head per Capita.
      For the avoidance of doubt that is nearly double what yer Average German is being asked to pay.
      This on the back of the €1 Trillion bailout from Central Bank does not bode well for Ireland in the future.

      At some point the fine people of Ireland are going to wake up to the reality that the EU is indeed classic Neoliberal Capitalist smoke and mirrors.
      They give with one hand and then take with both in the end.

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