Black Lives Matter and the Ibrox klan

I can’t remember when I last had to bin so many comments on this site.

Sadly, yesterday seemed to break records, and it was utterly depressing.

Apparently, there are out there who agree with those who commissioned the plane banner at the Etihad Stadium.

Monty Sevco’s Flying Circus would be tragically hilarious if the underlying message were not so sinister.

Perhaps the catalyst for this spike in nasty comments was the fact that Jermain Defoe had announced that he would take a knee at the start of the new season.

Fair play to him.

However, his plea has fallen deaf ears and closed minds among the Ibrox klanbase.

It would appear that a movement that is entirely in tune with the Everyone Anyone message is verboten among the Ibrox klanbase.

Yesterday, I was sent this Image, and it powerfully answers those who agree with the plane banner at Manchester.

Sadly, some still don’t get it, and on Planet Fitba you will know them by their noise.

This site started in 2008, and the first issue it tackled was the Famine Song.

In the aftermath of the ruling by UEFA in 2006  on the Billy Boys, the Ibrox klan had to find a replacement.

The design spec was clear enough.

It had to be a rousing ditty that told Scotland’s multi-generational Irish community that they were not welcome in Fair Caledonia.

I’m sure that this chap would have approved of the lyrics.

I think it is essential for your well-being to remind yourself that the Ibrox worldview is aberrant.

It is a diseased belief system that poisons minds.

That is why fans who should be following  Jermain Defoe’s lead on these matters find his opinion on Black Lives Matter so objectionable.

Therefore, today has been better thanks to this technology that allows us all to be connected wherever we are.

So far, my day has been taken up NUJ stuff, a meeting of the Irish Executive Council via that Zoom thingy.

Tonight, my branch is also in digital conclave.

We are a spread out bunch here in the North West, from Inis Eoghain in the north and as far south as Contae Fhear Manach.

However, we don’t need a plane soaring over An Earagail to tell us that Black Lives Matter is a clarion call to a better world.

Stay well.

81 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter and the Ibrox klan”

  1. I thought this might be of interest in light of the racism debate. The Labour deputy leader has been sacked for accepting a ‘conspiracy theory’ that US police forces have been taking ‘lessons’ on surveillance techniques and crowd control from Israel, as the latter are won’t to practice same against Palestinians. If the Labour deputy leader erred it was in saying these exchanges in tactics were ‘secret’. On the contrary is all done in the open and has been going on for some time.


    1. Therein lies a problem now, anyone that condems Israel`s actions against Palestinians is called anti semetic by the powers that be. It appears that nobody can question any actions on the street,some of it under the cover of BLM, for fear of being labelled a racist.

  2. The America of JFK of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and Bobby Kennedy was what inspired me in my youth and the Ali phenomenon and an inclusive Celtic triumphing in Lisbon. I will take the knee for George Floyd and Sheku Bayoh and for everyone mistreated and abused by racist systems and their mindless progeny. And when Jermaine Defoe makes his stand, surely every Celtic fan in my small country will take the knee alongside him? Thanks for some great coverage of the BLM debate from a deeply ashamed Irish Scot wondering how we came to decry angone daring to call for equal rights.

  3. There have been times when I have disagreed with what Phil has written but mostly I’ve been in accord. If the past few days have witnessed some dreadful and unpalatable stuff then I have to remember the occasion when Chomsky challenged a committee of uni students who wanted to defend democracy by refusing the platform and opportunity to speak, to an exponent of fascism. Democracy has to be defended on the platform, by debate, by hearing the other.
    You may give me nightmares, Amy and Gabriel but we need to know you are around, what you are thinking and how you are thinking. I’m curious as to why you think that way but that’s my own obsession.
    I’d like to thank all those who managed to rise above the wish to abuse and have answered so eloquently. You give me the words, the courage and the hope to continue the dialogue and the challenge. HH Lewis

  4. The world has gone mad! someone on Kerrydale street saying, if you say White Lives matter or even madder, All lives matter, you are a racist. truly unbelievable. If someone can explain that without the words, if you don’t know, I’m not telling you, I’ll change my mind. That’s not an argument,

  5. Whenever someone says ” I’m not racist but ” you know you are about to hear something racist. People are looking for you to then affirm that their ideas are acceptable and quite reasonable. It is depressing to hear these views and it can be disillusioning. Don’t lose hope; the Berlin wall came down after all. There will be setbacks. This site is helping to educate as well as inform. Keep up the good work.

    1. Well I’m NOT racist in any way, and I am going to throw in a “but.”

      Well maybe not so much a “but” as a “gut” feeling.

      A couple of weeks ago when this whole thing kicked off there were some very heated exchanges on slavery. I posted at the time that slavery was NOT consigned to history. It’s estimated by many human rights groups that there are presently more slaves in the UK than there were when slavery was officially abolished.

      I don’t know this for a fact, BUT, I would bet money that if there was an official breakdown of the figures on a racial basis the majority, maybe even the vast majority would be white Eastern Europeans.

      If anyone wants to tell me these lives are not just as important I’ll need a helluva lot of persuading.

      It is NOT an opt-out and it is NOT racist to say ALL lives matter. Because to me they do, and they matter equally, and frankly ANYONE who thinks otherwise is the one with the problem.

      Black, white or asian. They ALL MATTER.

    2. Proud CFC supporter, Scottish Catholic, Proud British white heterosexual male and not one “but” from me.
      BLM are a terrorist organisation funded by white elite’s, that’s a fact, they are NOT a legitimate not for profit organisation.
      Phil nor you speak for vast numbers of CFC supporters, our lefties are 100% as bad as Sevcos rights.
      Never will I take a knee for anyone,, when the Catholic religion has killed more people world wide going back to the crusades. This is in the past and not of our doing.

      1. ZAMMO1 As yes the Catholic religion the old chessnut about the catholic religion being responsible for this and that blahs blahs blahs, catholic schools are the reason for sectarianism in Scotland as well, blahs blahs blahs again human beings in power are and have been the reason for all the bad things that have happened in the past by using the cloak of the system at the time be it communism, religion, politics, facism, athiesm being a great opportunity when in power to do what ever you want, so get a life and think rational, and dont be so narrow minded.

    1. Jacob Reese Mogg is the most senior catholic (non clergy in UK. The tenth or so most senior individual after The Queen.

      The most senior Duke in the UK (non royal prince) is a catholic. Duke of Norfolk.

    2. Neither was elected though Bawsman.

      I believe that the legislation is still in place but will only be challenged if and when a Catholic is elected Prime Minister.

      I may be wrong though. I wonder, who might object?

      I do believe, however that a Catholic has been elected First Minister of Scotland.

      So much for the ‘pitch fork and torch’ theory of an independent Scotland.

      Independence for Ireland, independence for Scotland.

      1. If you’re thinking slippery Jack he wasn’t a Catholic, his wife was. He was though, vociferously against any form of sectarianism and was, I think, the first senior politician to call it out. He coined the phrase “Scotland’s shame.”

  6. Jermaine will be on safe ground, as the next *rangers game will probably be behind closed doors therefore, the Klan will just have show their displeasure online, far away from the deaf ears of the MSM.

    1. That’s actually a bummer. It would have been interesting to see what the MSM reports would have been on the clan reaction. It would have been difficult to ignore in the way they manage to ignore so much over there.

      It would no doubt been reported as a small minority.

  7. This could easily descend into a civil war between the disadvantaged whites and blacks of America with the rich selling them the “means of their destruction” and allowing it to be played out in the poorer areas. People should be careful what they wish for as they might get it, one of life’s two tragedies, according to the bold Oscar.

    1. You mean a wee bit like the UK selling arms all over the Middle East to any crackpot regime with the oil money to buy them, and then getting all antsy when the refugees created by the wars they’ve supplied the tools for, end up on their doorstep.

  8. Can’t wait for Defoe to ‘take the knee’. Then we will see if Anyone, Everyone means anything to anybody.
    Will his team mates join him?
    Will Steven Gerrard join him?
    Will the Ibroke crowd be silent and respectful.
    Stay tuned!

    1. Unfortunately I doubt if he’ll ever do it with a crowd inside their stadium. Their first home games will be closed doors and he’ll never repeat with a crowd in attendance. But I leave in hope that he might.

    2. It’s either EVERYBODY takes the knee – or NOBODY – and applicable across e.g. ALL SPFL teams.

      So, would an Ibrox club be discreetly lobbying Hampden to ensure that NOBODY takes the knee…?

      This has all the makings of yet another, self-inflicted, PR crisis for the SPFL to mismanage… 🙁

      1. Pish! You cannot force any player in any club to take a knee.
        Your typing shoite.
        90% would be furious being told to do that.

    3. As the August games will be behind closed doors then there should be no issue.
      I see Tavernier has come out with his annual rallying cry to the fans, though he’s dropped his usual let’s make it a treble shout. Lack of confidence James?
      When I saw the DR headline that Rangers were investigating lowering the level of the Ibrox pitch to accommodate more fans I thought for a moment that this must be a headline from years ago and had to check the date of the article to indeed discover that it’s a current theme,though a rehash of an idea floated years ago.
      Given that this would be an expensive undertaking it must, however, be a relief to the recently released players who are due their deferred wages at the end of June that money is no object and echoes Gerrard’s recent claims that finances are tickety boo.
      4000 extra fans at £500 per ST is £1.6m net of vat per annum so payback for such an undertaking would be at least 2 years or more.

  9. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement which uses a nominally anti-racist message as a vehicle for pursing other political goals. They have openly said as much. Marxism is as bad as fascism, worse even. It has certainly caused far more deaths and misery than fascism ever did.

    In 2015, in the USA, 6000 black people were murdered by other black people. (The Police shot a comparatively paltry 258 black people the same year). Where was BLM then? Nowhere.

    (no doubt, more recent and depressingly similar statistics are available).

    Since the evil of abortion was introduced in the USA, a staggering 16 million unborn black children have been killed in their mothers womb. 16 million. The nearly incomprehensible number almost makes the topic banal. That is more than the entire black american population in 1960. What has BLM to say about that? Nothing.

    Yet, with the death of a single black man involving the Police, we see a mass movement sparked. Who is kidding who?

    BLM are conspicuous by their absence when it comes to the major causes of unnecessary black deaths, deaths on such a vast scale that they indeed cheapen black lives. Why are they absent? It is because BLM isn’t really about black lives and all about opportunistically cherry picking incidents like the death of George Floyd, for political capital.

    Incidentally, George Floyd was a low life , full of drugs at the time of his death (which could have been lethal on their own) and who had previously been convicted for threatening a pregnant woman with a firearm. So, I shed few tears for him. However, being a low life doesn’t mean you deserve to die and it certainly doesn’t mean the Police should not have done better in that situation.

    As for the concept that Black Lives Matter – of course they do, but the murder and abortion stats I quote above clearly show that it is black people themselves who most need to be convinced about that. Not white people and not Police Officers.

    So, as it stands, the BLM movement has a major credibility problem, at least in my opinion. Maybe it could suggest black people stop killing one another in large numbers, instead of banging on about renaming streets in Glasgow?

    1. anyone that cherry picks statistics always seem to have some agenda they’re hiding.

      Whats yours!,and%202011%20(3.8%20percent).

      “In 2015, the estimated number of murders in the nation was 15,696.”
      golly, that leaves about 10,000 that weren’t black on black.

      hang on –

      this says there were 2,380 black on black murders in the US in 2015. where did your 6,000 figure come from?

      Possibly half of the total number of murders were unsolved. that might account for the disparity from the total figure of 2015 in the first link and the 6,137 figure in the second. seems a bit much, 50% unsolved. maybe i’m reading it wrong.

      white on white murders were 2,574.

      whose website have you copied and pasted your figures from, please?

      1. Hi Reginald,

        For a start, we are talking about black lives here: non-black deaths are irrelevant in this context. No one is suggesting that only black people commit murders, of course not.

        The statistic I quoted came from here, amid a wider discourse about black on black crime in America:

        See point number 4. It says “almost 6000” – I didn’t omit the “almost” consciously, but nevertheless it does not detract from my point.

        It is a 2016 article, so possibly some of the unresolved murders you refer to had been solved by that time and/or court cases had been finalised.

        You didn’t challenge my central point: the major cause of unnecessary black deaths in the US is……the actions of black people.

        I very much agree that Black Lives Matter, I’m just pointing out that there is obviously more than meets the eye to the BLM campaign.

        1. “President Barack Obama has no problem making disgusting, untrue assertions about cops being racist at a funeral for murdered cops yet does not give major speeches on the epidemic of black-on-black crime.”

          great start.

          I don’t give a monkeys about your main point.

    2. Here, here! The worst party in America for black people are the democrat party. They are the one’s who voted AGAINST ABOLISHING SLAVERY. After the Messiah left office ( Obama) there where 16 million more people on food stamps, 6 million more people unemployed. The black population are being duped and sadly so are the uneducated white population also. Under trump ( love him or hate him) we have the lowest black unemployment in the history of America. BLM are a Marxist organisation who want civil war to get what they want. Go onto their website it’s there for all to see. How about taking the knee for the 3 poor white men that were stabbed to death by a racist crackpot in reading last weekend. By the way, the 3 guys were actually there supporting BLM. No one’s life matters to BLM, They only want to wreak havoc for everyone. Liberalism IS the new FACISM.

    3. Had to read this twice One, if not the best posts ever on this site. Excellent and so true, facts just cannot be denied.

      Hail Hail

    4. Hello Gabriel, I thought the Blueshirts disappeared in 1935 but it looks like Eoin O’Duffy’s principles are in full flow here with you. You seem to have two main threads here starting with anti communism then anti abortion to promote your agenda and at the same time distract attention from what BLM is all about. BLM is first and foremost about addressing the fact that on a daily basis black people experience discrimination and prejudice. In America one of the main manifestations of that forBlack people is their interaction with the police and then the legal system. For many Black people that is their first face to face experience of racism (I would add the caveat that you don’t always see the discrimination that is endemic in the social inequalities poorer schooling housing etc until older in move into the adult world). Often for young black males this first interaction with the police can prove to be deadly.

      You probably know all about the inequality that is built into many society’s and how that impacts on them socially with high crime rates etc. For many people the option of crime is seen as a way of social mobility when you are restricted in being able to get out of the ghetto by the institutional discrimination you experience. But I guess you know this. Your comment is typical of the right wing , racist nationalist anti communist agenda. Based on simplicity , deliberately conflating different issues, inaccuracy and downright lies to promote your agenda. Difficult to tell whether you are just your bog standard anti abortion Christian or something deeper and more sinister but anyone who uses an Iron Cross as an avatar ( which is a well know modern Nazi symbol) Obviously has an agenda that you are trying to keep hidden

      1. Goodness me, Michael.

        The main thrust of my post was that BLM / wider society is not talking about the right things, as regards why we have to state the obvious that “black lives matter”.

        I agree with you, that there is inequality in the US. I do not think that, following the end of segregation, American society has ever attempted a reconciliation – instead just leaving this ugly scar. That is certainly a problem. Indeed, there is a similarity to Scotland in that (most of) Scotland has just attempted to leave anti-Irish prejudice behind, but without ever formally acknowledging and addressing it.

        America has problems with racism, yes, but I do not believe there is institutionalised discrimination in this day and age. There as been a black president recently and doubtless more will follow – along with latino, asian and female presidents.

        All humans are prone to prejudice. I think that, rather than prejudice based on something as trivial as the colour of someone’s skin, Police Officers around the world will be prone to prejudice relating to persons whom they know are habitual criminals. That doesn’t make it right, but it is far more reasonable / understandable than base racism.

        It is outrageous that you suggest I am a racist – a strange attack on someone who agrees that Black Lives Matter and who has suggested ways that this message might be made more fruitful. You also suggest I am a liar. You do not substantiate either accusation.

        My arguments are not simplistic – if black lives matter (and they do) then surely we must address the major causes which cheapen them? These are black on black homicide, and abortion.

        Your arguments are typical of the left, in that they start with a conclusion and cherry pick facts to prop it up. You attack perceived opponents with a host of unsubstantiated accusations – racist, nazi etc. You do this because you know your arguments are not strong.

        Do you not think it is shocking and grim that 16 million black lives have been aborted in the US, in recent decades? Think of the outstanding men and women, some of those lives would have become. Leaders, scholars, educators, politicians, campaigners, sportspeople. Men and women who would have played a role in ending the inequalities that you highlight, and who would have given an example to the next generation of black children. 16 million. It beggars belief.

        Btw my avatar is in fact a Teutonic Cross, a symbol of the Teutonic Knights, a Catholic military order which predates the Nazis by about 800 years or so. The Iron Cross medal also predated the Nazis FYI.

        Have a look at this video by Candace Owens, a black politician commentator in the US. As a black american, she is likely better placed than either of us to comment:

    5. Really, you are bringing abortion into the debate. Why not include suicide and drug overdoses too. The police “only killed 258” is that good?
      It not only about deaths. Black people are targeted in America and more often than not sent to jail for something a white person would get a ticket for.
      I take it your not black

    6. Hello Gabriel I feel as if you have missed the point. Debating that Black people kill more black people in America than the police do is quite facile. It is the same as stating that white guys from the east end of Glasgow kill more white guys from the east end than the police do. One of the reasons for such internal strife is the socio-economic circumstances found in these types of areas forced on people by accident of birth over generations and an inherent lack of understanding of how to escape from poverty. We are all in chains to a certain degree but some far more than others.

      1. Hi Bill.

        But no-one is suggesting the Police have it in for white guys from the east end of Glasgow.

        We all have the ability to effect change in our own behaviours, which can grow to become change in communities, and ultimately change in societies.

        That is why I do not think it is facile to consider black deaths caused by black on black crime (or abortion).

        And indeed, if black people are so comfortable with killing one another, is it not odd they expect better from others?

        If I was a black American, I would think it a great start if we could stop killing one another. Then there would be more of us to campaign against other issues, like racism, and there would be less faults for others to find with us.

    7. If 258 black people being shot is ‘paltry’ then what does that make the 14 deaths from Bloody Sunday?

      Does it really need explaining that the Police (and the Army) are not meant to go round killing people for no good reason? Comparing the Police to criminals to minimise the issue is part of the problem.

      Do you not think that racism and structural racism plays a part in some of the outcomes in the US?

      1. Of course it does not need explaining.

        (btw I only used “paltry” in comparison with the larger figure, not to suggest the Police figure was acceptable),

        While they very much have a case to answer, I don’t think the Police meant to kill George Floyd.

        The media presentation of the case was very selective, leaving out his drugs intoxication and the real reason Police units were rushed to the scene: based on the received info, the 911 call handler was concerned about him trying to drive in an intoxicated state. The media only mentioned the fact he was suspected of using a false bank note. But Police don’t rush to a scene, because someone might have passed a low value false bank note.

        You talk about racism – only 2 of the 4 Police officers involved were white, the other two were from ethnic minority groups. Of course, anyone can be a racist, but it is less believable that this was down to “everyone against the blacks” racism. That seems quite absurd, no?

        I do think the US Police have issues with the quality of their (very brief) training and with the quality of their recruitment. Of the two white officers, one had a criminal record himself and the one who knelt on Floyd has since been accused of voting illegally. American Police also seem to think of themselves almost as an arm of the military, which is a big problem.

        I was not doing a comparison of Police v Black deaths to minimise the issue. Are you suggesting that, while indeed it is outrageous that George Floyd died during an arrest, black on black murders are of no great significance, to the extent that they should not be discussed?

        Let us be honest – in the modern day, racism (and homophobia and sexism) have become political footballs. They are drums which will be beaten until the end of time, regardless of the progress society makes against them.

    8. And BLM fund far left candidates follow follow the money I believe you will find Soros behind them
      also if you want to say that black Americans are being hunted by the police the statistics don’t support that White Americans are killed by police at double the rate of blacks. and if incarceration rates are a measure of interactions with police whites are killed at double the number that blacks are with about a quarter of the interactions. but facts shouldn’t get in the way of the narrative BLM is a sham

    9. For a balanced comment can you provide a number for white abortions in the same period and whites killed by whites…..or does that not suit your narrative? Just asking.

    10. Fascism and Communism are two cheeks of the same arse.

      Extremists in ANY field, politics, religion, anything are dangerous people and should be shunned in ANY civilised society.

        1. There are two kinds of Nationalism. There’s the jingoistic sabre rattling Nationalism of the BNP and their like, or there’s the Nationalism of a Nation who simply want to decide their own future. The two are poles apart.

  10. There is no constitutional bar to a Roman Catholic being Prime Minister. Blair converted after leaving office but that was his own decision rather than a constitutional one.

    1. Please tell me where I can read our Constitution because I don’t believe we have a written constitution although that doesn’t mean we don’t have one.

      Tony Blair knew he could not convert while in office and therefore waited.

      Even the PM in this country doesn’t make the rules nor can he flout unwritten ones.

      1. We don’t have a written constitution. It’s basically been formed by laws passed over the centuries.

        Unlike the USA or France or many other countries you CAN’T simply go into a bookshop and buy a copy.

  11. I think the best thing I have yet to read or hear surrounding this whole issue was written by Serena Williams.

    The hashtag brigade will move onto something else next week.
    She’ll be black for the rest of her life and no doubt rightly proud of it.

    1. Oh dear Cyan
      Check out this supposed quote on POLTIFACT
      The quote comes from a Serena Williams but not the tennis player. She is fully in support of BLM campaign.
      As Phil would say – check your sources before you share your wisdom with us again.
      To be against BLM is to be on the side of racists.

      1. I agree with her statement whoever she is.
        Not supporting a cause does not automatically mean that you are against it.
        Like I said the hashtag muppets and the Tartan Tumchies will be onto a new one come this time next week.
        Tenna Pants all round methinks.

        1. Aye. There seems to be a rebirth of the old saying. “If you’re not with us, you’re agin us!” It was shite back in the day and it still is.

          The blinkered view of so many posters on here is that if you question ANY facet of the BLM movement you’re against it AND you’re a racist. Complete bollocks!!!

          I’m not AGAINST the BLM movement. I think however, that it is only a part, of a much wider societal problem. A big part but just a part.

          I’m sure I’ll once again be branded a racist for this post. Anyone who knows me would piss themselves laughing at that.

          1. Charger – you are the typical I am not a racist but.
            But as with all things it is not what you think of yourself but in the eye of the beholder – based on what you have written you are a racist – sorry mate!

          2. JP58

            My black and Asian friends would tell you otherwise.

            However there is no point in trying tell anyone with blinkered vision and a closed mind anything.

    2. I have lived in a Town in with over 50% Ethnic majority for the past 24 years.
      I live on a small estate that has 24 Properties in it.
      Of those 24 properties 11 are White British Households.
      1 is White British/Polish
      1 is Asian /Romanian
      3 are Asian households
      2 are Romanian Households
      2 are Polish Households
      1 is an Estonian Household
      1 is a Croatian Household
      1 is an Iranian Household
      1 currently vacant but is owned by an Asian.

      To me they all matter and always have.
      I have never had an issue with any of the Households who are not white British.
      I have had issues with several of the Households who are White British however.
      Mainly down to the way they neglect their children and believe it or not their own one eyed view on racism.
      Total pricks in my eyes.
      I grew up on a Housing Scheme that had one black family in an entire Estate on an Island that had perhaps 5 families of different backgrounds.
      I came from a CatholicHousehold with an Irish name on the Door.
      I’ve experienced the back of the bus mentality first hand.
      So you can save yer sanctimonious claptrap about racism my friend because believe you me I have lived among it for decades.
      See when yer wee hashtag crusade passes I’ll be here living within a VERY multicultural neighbourhood getting along just fine.
      Same as I always have regardless of creed,colour or religious persuasion.

        1. I fail to see how successfully living life within a very diverse community for over two decades whilst simultaneously getting along with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds can be viewed as part of “the problem”.
          Perhaps you could expand on your one line observation and re educate me on where I am apparently going wrong?

          Take yer time…

      1. Cyan
        Methinks you doth protest too much.
        You have been found out spreading fake news then trying to justify it ‘whoever she is’
        The rest of your emails read like ‘I’m no racist but’
        Stop digging yourself into a deeper hole🙄

          1. Cyan – facts like what Serena Williams said😂😂😂😂
            What I think doesn’t matter , that ranks alongside putting the Scottish government ministers in jail.
            Now let me remember where have I heard this type of talk before? Hitler, Stalin etc
            You cannot take your own I’ll informed, prejudiced views being pulled apart without telling the other person to shut up.😜🤡

  12. Irish and irish descendants should recognise oppression when they see it, Blacks in US are still suffering from oppression today. The slogan that “Black lives matter” is meant for the racists inside and outside the Law enforcement community. The impression is that Blacks are being dealt with differently and are being shot by police for minor offences for which deadly force would not be used on non-blacks.

    1. The Irish in America, particularly in the south and areas like Philadelphia were very prominently racist towards blacks as they were in competition socially and economically, and were in similar employment categories. The Irish voted to continue with slavery in the early 19th Century in the south. However it would be wrong of me to stereotype the Irish as racist, based on history that I was not around to witness. You have to here or there to see these things with your own eyes and live life daily among ,many cultures, to get what is really going on.It is not as simple as judging it all from an online footbally tribal position, gathering selective fact, to suit an agenda, that does more to divide, than it does to embrace and support progress. Scotland is progressing with a minority that refuse to. That does not make my country, racist, it makes a minorty within it racist.

  13. Dear Phil,

    I don’t always agree with what you write, but it is almost always thought-provoking and entertaining.

    I think you have written more entertaining pieces than today’s.

    But I doubt you have written a more thought-provoking or important piece.

    I hope it is read far and wide.

    More power to your pen.

  14. I fear today’s comments that might not be an improvement from yesterday Phil,G’luck with it🍀

    Defoe is taking a very dodgy path with this,I wish him well.

    1. Why is Defoe’s path “dodgy”? Only the brain-dead will boo him. Anybody that hasn’t yet watched it, go to the BBC iplayer, and watch David Hayman’s excellent two-part documentary called SLAVERY: SCOTLAND’S HIDDEN SHAME. There, you will learn about Scotland’s involvement in the slave trade, and I can promise you that our involvement is not understated.

      Forget about the statues in George Square – when you’re in the Counting House (after lockdown) there, enjoying the beer, and admiring the decor, give a moment’s thought to why it is called such. Those of you too young to know, this pub used to be a bank, financed and built with slave money. The rest of that particular building was the Georgian equivalent of a tenement block for toffs, as are countless other buildings in the vicinity, again, built with blood money tainted by the slave trade. Guess where the ships that transported those african slaves to the “New World” were built? I’ll give you a clue… the Second City of the Empire, aka Glasgow! Scotland done well financially from the slave trade. Is it too much that Defoe, and possibly other black players (including our own) are respected for “taking the knee”?

      1. Ah well another thing to worry about tonight when I lay tossing and turning in my bed thinking about those statues and buildings, what a bitch!.

      2. I was very obviously referring to his position at iboaks with the klan.

        But,please head off on a tangent if you’re intent on that,or try and rile someone else,I’m way too easy going.I get what you mean about binning unsuitable comments now Phil,this one probably just made it in…

  15. Jermain Defoe plays for a club whose supporters sing about being up to their knees in the blood of a minority. He should imagine kneeling down in that situation…

  16. Sometimes you have to make it relevant to people before they get it. I saw a post from Leanne Wood the other day which highlighted this point, it was – ‘any scousers taking offence at “Black Lives Matter”, and stating “all lives matter”: please remember why we write “Justice for the 96” and not “Justice for everyone”.’

    1. Justice for the 96 was for a very specific appalling incident. Justice for all at all times should be a given.

  17. Does Irish Catholic abuse not matter the Royals aren’t allowed to marry catholics the prime minister cannot be a Catholic and constant abuse about your family or name remember no dogs, no blacks, no Irish then take a knee and raise your fist

      1. Tony. A Catholic can be Chancellor of the Exchequer. At one time, a Catholic couldn’t be Lord Chancellor – a different and largely ceremonial post.

    1. Good luck to JD with this surely his instincts should be telling him that it will not be tolerated at the citadel of hate where religious and ethnic disparity is enathema.

      1. As much as taking the knee is a display of solidarity, this also a display of defiance – defiance in that the time for “back of the bus” is all but over. This act is just seeking the “stamp of approval” that black and ethnic minorities are as important as “white lives matter”.

    2. Pm can be a RC crown wearer cant No major party in the Uk has been led into an election by a catholic Only one RC has ever led a major party and that was the tory’s yet we have some Catholics who are against the snp for this and remain pro labour

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