Identifying the source of Scotland’s racism problem

Albert Camus once observed that “to name things wrongly is to add to the misfortune of the world”.

I would contend that there is a corollary to that statement.

To name things correctly is to advance human progress.

This site began in the summer of 2008, and it was sood contending with the inability of the Fourth estate in Scotland to see that the Famine Song was racist as opposed to some bit of off colour football banter.

This appeared in the Daily Radar in September 2008.

For too long Scotland did not name the social problem that is woven into the fabric of that nation.

Hostility towards the Irish community was one of the organising principles of modern Scotland, from the late Victorian period and throughout the  20th century.

Finally, it would appear that some in Fair Caledonia are facing up to the fact that they have a racism problem.

Perhaps the recent events in George Square will prove a tipping point in perceptions.

Scotland has a subculture that has spawned a fascist underclass.

For the avoidance of doubt, a representative of that belief system often wears a Sevco top.

The Ibrox experience has been an incubator for racism and xenophobia for over a century.

This basic statement of facts can elicit howls of wounded outrage from dignified snowflakes.

Mr Edgar came onto the radar of your humble correspondent more than a decade ago.

Here he is defending the Famine Song in 2010.

Of course, that outing in the media was the year after that new addition to the Ibrox song sheet was ruled as racist by the High Court in Edinburgh.

I have little doubt that Mr William Walls, a Rangers fan, was socialised into his racism within the Ibrox Incubator.

There is no other plausible explanation for this hatred towards Irish people and those of Irish descent.

Of course, there is always the  “decent Rangers fan” Pavlovian riposte.

One year after Mr Edgar’s appearance in the Times of London tens of thousands of Rangers fans were at Ibrox for the League Cup Final.

It was all to wall racism from The People.

Indeed, the SNP Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill thought the event was a marvellous spectacle.

“This was the showpiece final everyone wanted to see, and it was a great advert for Scottish football.”

If the Rangers chaps had been singing about Jews instead of Irish Catholics, then I do not think that would have been his view.

No doubt there was a minority of Rangers fans there that day at Hampden who just wanted to cheer their team on.

Consequently, they did not explicitly approve of mocking the victims of An Gorta Mór.

However, silence is acquiescence.

The Germans have a saying about such quiet complicity.

Here a Scottish Gael nails it.

One side tolerates fascism.

Quite so.

Quite so…

Here are the folk who the fascists attached at George Square.

A powerful statement from the STUC did not deal in any doublespeak about “sectarianism”.

This entirely peaceful rally in support of the human rights of people caught up within the Asylum Seeker system.

The First Minister was appalled by the scene in George Square and Tweeted those sentiments.

I was pleased to see her called out for her past inaction on the matter.

Your humble correspondent tried over several months to get a response from her office on the attitude of one of her Westminster MPs who thought it ok to deride Scotland’s multi-generational Irish community as “plastic”.

Here is the experience of one academic, Maureen McBride:

Despite everything she has to deal with in her own life at the moment my friend and colleague Angela Haggerty did not shy away from what had to be said about this fascist performance art in her city.

For those still in denial about the racism problem in Scotland they have a new euphuism to deploy:

“statue defender”.

The outside world sees this for what it is.

Albert Camus once said:

“All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football.”

If the Scottish Government is serious about dealing with the racism that was seen in George Square, then it will go to where it has been nurtured and authorised for generations.

However, the First Minister can act now with good authority.

If she is serious about tackling Scotland’s growing racism problem then she should identify the main source.

A quiet word from Nicola to the Serious Professional might help to make sure that the Everyone Anyone marketing stunt actually becomes a reality.

I think he might approve of such a nudge.

54 thoughts on “Identifying the source of Scotland’s racism problem”

  1. With no live Scottish football to report on I see the Daily Ranger is digging out past pieces for their readership.
    A current theme is great Scottish players of the 80’s and Graham Souness is one of those held up for his achievements.
    His time at Rangers is highlighted including his managerial stint which saw him snatch Maurice Johnston from under Celtic’s nose.
    Souness, as reported in the DR, is adamant that the decision to sign Johnston was purely a football one, by improving Rangers and weakening Celtic, nothing to do with anything else.
    Was it not the case that Souness, at the time, claimed that as his wife was a Catholic that by not signing one would be hypocritical?
    As for SDM’s role it was also widely reported at the time that UEFA had started to take interest in Ranger’s signing policy, everyone/anyone but a Catholic, and that any threat to revenue from European competition dwarfed religious considerations.
    Funny how the DR managed to rewrite history by making no reference to either of these facts but then again when you employ journos who are unable to get the points gap at the top of the SPFL correct when the league was called, what else would you expect?

  2. Much handwringing on SSB last night as they discussed the problem of racism in Scottish Football, the (black) manager of Killie was on, as was Jullien and Defoe. So there you have it, racism is exclusively about colour . If they did venture beyond the simplistic, I apologise to them as having tuned out, I must have missed it.

  3. This post is not intended to be political…or an attack on our First Minister and her party.
    This is my honest opinion on matters as they stand.
    There is an obvious refusal among our Politicians and Scotland’s finest…when it comes to disgraceful behaviour by Right Wing elements in our society…to tackle and eradicate the problem.
    It leads me sadly to the conclusion, therefore, that things won’t change in this regard….any time soon.
    Which leads me to conclude that if you have Catholic/ Celtic/ Left Wing leanings and wish for an Independent Scotland…
    All I say is…
    Be VERY careful what you wish for.

    1. Fortunately, the extreme right-wing fascist element in our country is a tiny minority compared to the whole population of Scotland.

      The vast majority of Scots outwith the Celtic/Sevco bubble are actually well-balanced, rational people.

      That’s why I am always careful what I wish for.

      ‘Independence for Ireland, independence for Scotland’ will always be my motto and hopefully the motto of all Scots brave enough to strive for it.

      1. Absolutely Croppy.
        Unfortunately several of the people who comment here exist within Celtic/Sevco bubble.
        The rest of us will carry on as more and more Scots of all background see how the countries best interests are served by being Independent. Johnson and his No Deal English nationalist colleagues will persuade the vast majority of reasonable Scots of this.

      2. I’ll reply to you and JP58 here…
        First up…to base your lack of concern on the fact that ” there are not that many of them “…is cause for concern in my book.
        However, irrespective of how many there are…do you think its OK for Left wing demonstrators to be keteled and led away from their protest area….and its OK for Right wing demonstrators to be afforded Police protection when they walk the streets with arrogance and impunity ? And that really is the point I was trying to get over.
        Its unacceptable as far as I’m concerned…but it is acceptable to those in Authority…and my concern would be that it would be worse in an Independent Scotland…just my opinion.
        And for the avoidance of doubt…I voted YES in 2014…wouldn’t do it now ‘though for a variety of reasons.
        As for JP’s comment about Celtic/Sevco bubbles…
        For clarification…This is nothing to do with that…its a social wrong that needs to be corrected…end of.
        I also made the point at the outset that it was not a Political statement….you, however, managed to turn your post into one…which seems to be trait among ” Independence ” voters.
        To conclude…
        There’s a law for them…and a law for others…and it needs to be addressed.
        Hail hail

    2. It is a weakness of the SNP gov not to ban Orange parades. A weakness, but I don’t blame them. They want reasonable Protestants to vote for independence, not to buy into the victim narrative that the OO and Unionist media will surely write. To drive this movement of the past off our streets right into the past is going to take ordinary people in overwhelming numbers DEMANDING IT. Police Scotland is Unionist. That’s a problem. Peaceful protesters against racism/fascism were kettled on Saturday, something which would unnerve me were I caught in the middle. There will need to be a private war fought between the SNP and the police, and the police will have to be brought round or Catholics will ironically not vote for independence. Their memories of the actions of a Protestant police force, riled, are still fresh.

  4. You see him here
    You see him there
    Shouting the odds
    In George’s Square
    Eagerly pursuing all the latest fascist trends
    For he’s a dedicated follower of fascism

    Oh yes he is
    Oh yes he is
    There’s one thing that he likes and that is bigotry
    One day he hates immigrants
    The next day he hates taigs
    For he’s a dedicated follower of fascism

  5. I disagree with John Collins and his opinion of the *Rangers ‘great idea’.

    Colt Teams do not deliver what he says. Its the exact opposite.

    1. *Rangers want a Colt Team as a source of second gate receipts and differing merchandise. Bet your bottom dollar they wouldn’t want the Colt Team playing on the same day as the senior team.

    2. CELTIC has the best model of developing youth. Their own academy and training with European class senior players.

    3. CELTIC develop youth through loans to SPFL top league and England etc.. with senior teams in top leagues. Playing alongside men. E.g. Christie to Aberdeen.

    4. Colts playing with Colts in a team learns them nothing. They need to play alongside senior teammates to learn.

    5. Colts need to play against top tier players to learn also. Not lower league adults. They will only learn to be second raters from second raters.

    Trust John Collins takes this onboard and develops into a better coach.

  6. Let’s see. Could it have anything to do with the religious apartheid we inflict on our 5 year olds ? Or does the vacuum of Roman Catholic’s in state schools not allow a sense of othering ?

    1. Ah the good old blame Catholic schools clap trap.

      The reason why there are Catholic schools in Scotland is because good old welcoming Scotland wouldn’t let Catholic children in schools to be educated.

      In England it’s not a problem, in fact people pay over the odds for housing in the catchment areas in order that their children can attend Catholic schools. I wonder why? It includes people of the Catholic faith, Muslim faith, the many schisms of Protestantism and those of no faith, but they value the education of their children.

      Catholic schools and their existence in England are not used as an excuse by others to validate their own intolerance and ignorance. It’s not a topic of debate. It is in Scotland though.

      I agree, let’s not have separate schooling, let’s send all kids to Catholic schools and watch the education standards rise across the board shall we? That’s not what you meant though is it?

      Religious apartheid! You actually believe that nonsense? There is religious apartheid in Scotland, but it’s the other way around.

      In my eldest daughters First Communion Class, eleven out of twenty five children received the sacrament, the others in the class were all non Catholic. No song or dance was made, these children were accommodated and educated about all faiths.

      Now, “Non denominational” schools in Scotland seem to always have a nice bearded chap called Reverend Ruarie Prentice Syme MacIntosh wandering around in his pastel shirt and collar. Thoroughly nice chaps all round, but they are there with the teachings of “One Lord One God” etc etc. So let’s not even start on the indoctrination rubbish either.

      Most of the “non denominational” primary schools, for some peculiar reason, also seem to have rather fetching royal blue sweatshirts and polo tops for all the little Kyles & Fionas to run around in and the only thing missing is 32 RED emblazoned on them.

      Scotland is riven to its core with bigotry. Start looking closer to home for the reasons and surely one day you will be enlightened every day and not just when dues are paid on a Thursday evening at the chequered floored Temple.

      Blaming something else for your own intolerance by trying to eradicate it will not solve anything, yes you may see the Catholic faith wither and dwindle if the bigots in Scotland somehow manage to see Catholic schools close. What’s next though? The hatred of Catholics will still exist, so what objects are next to blame for the continued hate? Muslim places of worship? Other minorities holy buildings?

      This tiresome and pathetic “debate” about “separate schooling” in Scotland only serves to highlight the insecurities, intolerance and (sometimes too often) outright hatred that oozes out of a sizeable and sad section of Scotland.

      For what it’s worth, as an young adult I chose to reject following any teachings of organised religion and only attend religious places of worship for funerals or weddings. I respect those who have faith, any faith. When working in America I was want to join in some glorious singing with a couple of my friends In Gospel Halls!

      It’s such a great shame that a vast swathe of the population in Scotland cannot see past their ingrained, ill informed intolerance to understand that it’s ok to be different and have different beliefs. It’s ok, it’s not a threat to your beliefs, there actually is more common ground than differences. The teachings are all the same, “love thy neighbour”.

      The problem in Scotland is that hating Catholics, green grass, green jelly beans, and green highlighter pens has become a religion in itself. That’s not Protestantism or defending the Protestant faith. That’s fucking insanity.

      1. I don`t know, if you know just how close to the truth you are with that comment? returning from the NW200 we shared the ferry with THEM, we`d taken our bike leathers off for comfort on the ferry, my grey t-shirt has one 1/2″ green adidas logo on the back, & one on the front, & that was enough for one of them to spit on my back!

      2. Excellently put, should give Kenny some food for thought, hopefully he will take your reasoned understanding into account

    2. Yeah Kenny and would should all just support the one football club, all buy from the one shop, dress the same, have the same hair cuts, drive the same cars… Ffs coming up with any excuse to cover bigotry, sectarian and racists thugs in our country. Scotland, many nation’s – one kulture.

    3. My son went to both types of primary school. ‘Non-denom’ and RC. Both were good schools with good teachers, kids and facilities. I was happy and so was my boy on attending both schools. However, in Scotland, ‘non-dom’ schools are a myth. All main religious events on the calendar, for example, easter and xmas were held at the Kirk, so there is an affiliation there, no question. I know because I was at them and I enjoyed seeing my son taking part in the Nativity play. Furthermore, for the record, my son was not RC and was accepted in the RC school without question. What irks me is the ‘religious aparthied’ nonsense spouted by those who most likely learned it from their own religiously aparthied parents.

    4. An anti catholic sectarian suggests the solution to sectarianism in Scotland is to destroy highly successful catholic education. Doubling down on anti catholic attack there and dressing it up as a solution.

      Considering the input to catholic education by the Catholic Church, the comment is an attack on the Catholic Church.

      Sectarianism comes from a section of the vast Protestant majority (although most don’t have any religion but identify as Proddy to safely identify with the big gang). The understandable reaction of a catholic few, is a smaller part of the sectarian issue.

      Catholic’s in England do not receive bigotry and therefore do not react to it by giving it back.

      The catholic doctors and surgeons in Scotland who save bigots lives, received their first 13 years of education in catholic schools and their first five years of life in catholic families.

      Take the bigots out of Scotland and they don’t have a problem when on holiday in Portugal or spain with Virgin Mary statuettes and rosary beads in Taxis.

      Their warped switch on/switch off bigotry emanates from Ibrox, Rangers and the Orange Order Halls up and down Scotland. Close these down and sectarianism will vanish. These uniquely Scottish institutions are the root of sectarianism.

  7. A couple of hundred blue noses noise up and get pushy in George Square and you all cluck cluck cluck in here like it’s ten Brigades of troops invading Poland. Scotland has 5.5 million people.

    Today, the Ubiquitous Green Brigade are in the same George Square, noising up just the same, but thankfully the police are managing it better. I’m sure you will all be happy with that.

    For a football supporters group, the GB don’t half behave unlawfully, politicise themselves, bring disgrace to Celtic overseas, get the club fined record amount of times and latch on to every protest going.

    Blacks are protesting around the world in civic squares peacefully, including London. There’s a minority of whites here and there. In George Square there’s a big gang of White Green Brigade guys noising up on behalf of Blacks. It’s ridiculous.

    If the police weren’t there I’m sure GB would quickly use topical events to try and topple a statue or two they don’t like. Any ropes in the protest?

    Ultra Blue and Green White football fans using topical world events to noise up due to lockdown boredom. Together they both don’t number 500.

    Any Scottish catholic who votes for independence is a headless chicken voting for lockdown end and KFC opening up.

    1. Can football fans not get involved in politics and protests? The GB for all their ills do a lot of good charity work and by getting involved in political events that stupid law against football fans is no longer in place. If they want to go and show their support for anti racism they are more than entitled to. It’s not as if the majority of them and their families haven’t experienced anti-irish racism themselves.
      The loyalist are just as entitled to go and stand at statues on mass if they wish , as long as they are not abusing people and acting in a violent threatening way. You don’t need to agree with it , but it’s one of our rights living in a democracy.
      Why anyone would want to gather in large groups while this covid is still kicking about I will never understand.

        1. Really disappointed in the GB. Gives the press a reason to say one side as bad as the other. The statue garden duties were showing them up for what they are, and the Scottish public could see it. What was it Napoleon said. “Don’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake”

    2. Gerry
      Your last paragraph has absolutely no relevance to everything else in your post.
      How can the desire for independence be related to people carrying Union Jacks and the Green Brigade battling it out in George Square?
      Genuinely puzzled🤔

    3. Any Scottish Catholic who doesn’t vote for independence is effectively aligning with the ranks of the Orange Order, Scotland In Union and Scottish Tories.

      Have you not seen the AUOB marches? One hundred thousand people marching to show support for indy while the counter demo of the ‘manky jaiket man’ and a cluster of OAPs wave butcher’s aprons scream ‘traitor’ at the passing crowd.

      I digress a little. While I don’t always agree with the Green Brigade actions, they are rightly described as one of the most left wing of all supporters groups. Tarring them as no different to the right wing thugs who attacked the anti-eviction demo is blatantly wrong.

      1. Far left are worse than far right. They hide under the guise of anti fascism when in fact they are the fascists, and if people don’t realise that then the world is in serious trouble. Antifa are a terrorist organisation and should be banned. Said in the 60s: In the future liberalism will be the new fascism. Open your eyes.

      2. Any Socialist who voted to remain in the EU is aligning themselves with Thatcherism.
        Brow beating people into voting without arming them with the full facts is an affront to Democracy.
        The SNP are not the answer to Scotland’s long term issues.
        Catholic’s will suffer under them should full power be awarded to them.
        They want your vote for one reason and one reason only.
        Once you have served your purpose then you can get back to the back of the bus.
        That’s if they even want you on the bus in the first place.
        Wise up.

        1. Cyan
          A socialist who would prefer Scotland was ruled by neoliberal public schoolboys rather than the democratic wishes of majority🤔
          Keep digging you will take Labour’s vote in Scotland to <10% with this attitude.
          Have you not noticed the flag that all the loyalist, OO or Unionists fly – clue it is not the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 it is 🇬🇧. These bampots hate the idea of Independence because they realise it is another nail in their coffin for their outdated ideology.
          To use the term back of the bus is demeaning to BAME people.
          Sorry Cyan it is more bottom of the class for you🤣

          1. Naw just a Socialist who wants a fair deal for all.
            If you think my rejection of the EU and it’s Neoliberal agenda somehow aligns me with the Thatcherite scum in Westminster then I suggest it is you who is in need of re education son.
            If you think the SNP are the answer to all of Scotland’s problems then I’m sorry you are as the song goes thick as a brick.
            Labour are so far removed from their Socialist roots now they are no longer a viable option.
            The Blairite aroma still persists.
            The Tartan Tories will lead you back into an eternity of Thatcherism given half the chance and you like all the other left leaning Tartan Tumchies will be left at the back the back of the bus forever and a day.
            If you think they are going soft on the Clan now wait till the all seeing eye in Westminster blinks one last time.
            While yer at it go check out the €750bn bail out from Central Bank just to keep the European Charade on the road and the Gravy Train stocked up in Brussels.
            The EU like the Economic approach it subscribes to is only heading in one direction.
            2008 will be the equivalent of a fart in the bath by comparison to that implosion.

            Wake up and smell the Lavazza son before it’s too late.
            There’s another Greek Tragedy on its way…

            The 1% of course will make a killing meanwhile.
            They always do in a Neoliberal Nirvana.

          2. Cyan
            Apart from ridiculousness of your latest reply you have given me a good laugh – more than 30 years since anyone called me son🤣
            You are so far left you have become right wing!
            You remind me of the BBC comic character -Citizen Smith.
            You would rather suffer an neoliberal public schoolboy English nationalist Tory government because it allows you to get on your high horse and justify all your ill informed prejudiced personal ideology.
            As long as you are happy in your own wee bubble bugger the real job of trying to practically improve lives for others.
            Anyway you do give me a good laugh 😂
            Cheers – you are always welcome back in real world

          3. JP likes to create a binary world whereby you’re either SNP or you’re a Tory, Orange Order, Rangers Supporter.

            Implying if you’re not Tory and OO you should be voting SNP. Implying a vote for the Scotland saving UNION makes you a Tory or OO.

            Dullard and not very clever. Typical SNP pishery.

            Rangers supporters vote SNP. OO voters vote for SNP too.

            SNPs Swinney, No2 to Sturgeon, did a U turn on schools today at Holyrood. It took a Conservative MSP to draw it out of him. The BBC called it a U turn. What’s wrong with holding SWINNEY to account?

            If you’re Scottish and care about Scotland, care about the people of Scotland, care about the kids, care about their futures, a real braveheart, you don’t vote for SNP and their destroy Scotland policies.

            Scottish patriots reject SNP.

          4. Gerry & Cyan – a Tory supporter and a so called socialist joined at the hip in opposition to Scottish independence and their express wishes to stay in EU🤔
            Tory policies in 1980’s forced Scots to vote for Devolution.
            Tory government dragging Scotland out of EU with a no deal Brexit after withdrawal rejected by 2/3rd of Scots voters will force Scots to vote for Independence.
            Demographics (70% of under 35’s pro independence) all pointing in one direction.
            It is no longer if but when and after 2021 Holyrood Election it will become how.
            Even though I like many others don’t agree with your political and social views you will be free and welcome to express them in an independent country.
            All the best

          5. A so called Socialist?
            I’ll treat that with the contempt is deserves.
            Are you aware that the EU is currently in hock to Central Bank to the tune of just short of €1 Trillion?
            That’s just the past 12 months.
            Are you also aware that the GDP in the Eurozone is currently higher than the levels seen in 2007?
            It currently stands at around 86.4 % The highest recorded was 92.8% in 2014.
            This is Neoliberal Economics at its finest.
            An entire Economic Approach built upon a foundation of Private and Public debt.
            It’s a ticking time Bomb.
            As a Socialist the levels of Austerity Imposed by both the EU and Westminster over the past Decade made me sick.
            Given the current climate and undoubted Economic hardship that is due to follow I truly fear for those Countries still being sucked in by the whole EU charade.
            Already we are getting rumblings from Holland about the fact they having sorted their own Financial position out will now be expected to take a hit on behalf of Nations within the EU who simply don’t or can’t get to grips with their own debt levels.
            Thatcherism/Neoliberalism is a boom and bust approach.
            We are well out of it.
            Time will prove this to be true and I hope you remember these words when it does.
            Scotland could not handle going it alone in another recession WITH the Oil Revenue as it currently stands try imagine what it will be like when that revenue stream dries up?
            Which it will.
            We don’t need to carve up the U.K. in order to have a fairer deal and better existence for all.
            We just need a Party to promise and deliver it.
            At the moment NONE OF THEM are proving capable of it.
            It is my opinion that either Labour has to have a serious clear out of its Blairite infestation in order to return to its Socialist values or alternatively the U.K. needs a genuine Democratic Socialist representative in Parliament.
            I read recently that Scotland already requires a £6bn stimulus to counter the current Lockdown.

            The Austerity measures put in place post 2008 required a £10bn per annum claw back for the entire U.K. economy.
            This is serious.
            Independence should be the LAST THING on the agenda right now NOT at the forefront of your mind.
            To go it alone in the current Global situation would be extremely reckless and highly dangerous for Scotland.

  8. Magdalenas chestnut gelding,May I ask where you live that you had to” come back and vote”?,speaking as someone who has chosen to live abroad,it would not enter my head to ever” come back and vote”,as soon as someone chooses to live out with the country of their birth,they must surely give up the right to vote in any election

    1. Hello,

      I had only recently relocated job back to London in the August prior to the referendum in September and my main residence was still in Scotland as I hadn’t registered on the electoral role at that time at my new address. I registered my vote on behalf of the future of my children whom still live in the Scottish property on which I pay council tax.

      Given only a few weeks had elapsed from my starting the new job role, I saw it as a privilege to still be able to vote in an historic referendum.

      I trust this is ok?

  9. They see their team’s greatest rival about to embark on a historic, record-breaking journey, and they don’t think their club is up to challenging them. That’s not about sport. It’s about supremacy, and nationality and both of those things are being challenged. They see the aim of the national party, the governing party coming closer to fruition, and they reckon that both have to be derailed, by the only method they think is effective – intimidation. Poor bloody asylum seekers, what did they do?

    Of course Nicola Sturgeon will be well aware of the historical precedent just a short hop across the North Channel, but just as Martin McGuinness wouldn’t give an opinion on Scotland’s first independence referendum, except to share a British NIO official’s opinion that “more than 40% and the union’s finished” Sturgeon doesn’t feel it wise to make alliances with Irish people. The papers are waiting to savage her for it, so she wisely hasn’t done it.

    However, George Square last night changed things. Sturgeon has to make sure the police throw the book at these people when there is a repeat. The time for weighing things up is over, assault is assault. Get them in the clink.

    That is going to make political icons out of dunderheids too, but no, it has to be done now. Some people supporting Rangers have made themselves a reputation for wreaking havoc when things go against them, or look like they are about to. Moscow Dynamo, Newcastle United, Motherwell 1978, the 1980 cup final, the screen breaking down in Manchester, they canny take it and it’s always someone else’s fault. They try to wreck the thing. In Barcelona they were so out of order anti-Franco Catalans were happy to see his military police get laid into them. My uncle’s suitcase was lying in the street when he got back to his digs. In 2004 the headline of the local paper was “Rangers no, Celtic si.”

    In northern Ireland the RUC were accused of hammering Catholics, but as soon as Loyalists protested the comment would be made to a policeman, “I know where you live,” instantly neutering that individual, were they even thinking about being even-handed. Contentious marches were pushed up roads they were unwelcome on. The same thing’s been happening in Glasgow. But Protestants make up the vast majority of Scotland’s population, and as it is Protestants who are largely making up the current 50% support for independence AND THE POLICE FORCE then surely the knuckledraggers are just a rump and will be dealt with decisively.

    The signs aren’t encouraging. In two separate incidents during a game Rangers WON earlier this season Alfredo Morelos made a ‘slit your throats’ gesture to Celtic fans about an hour after Ryan Kent gestured a drive-by shooting at them. Nothing happened. Last season Scott Brown was laid out in the centre circle by a Rangers player, about a year after Steven Naismith of Hearts jumped on his groin. Nothing happened. Neil Lennon was twice attacked at Tynecastle, once by an anonymous coin thrower, the other time punched by a crazy. Never mind CCTV, this was live on Sky!

    Not proven?

    So Police Scotland, from this weekend onwards, Scotland needs you. I’m sure you’ll deal with these people.

  10. Let’s not get away from the fact that a peaceful protest was denied in today’s society. However I do feel Sturgeon is timid, minimum. Our path out of the Covid crisis under her is tentative. There’s no chance she’ll tackle our cultural abhorrations. Struggle to think what kind of political personality would be able to all the same.

  11. The talking has to stop. Now is the time for Nicola to stand up and earn her corn and our respect by taking these neanderthals on and taking off the kid gloves.
    Police Scotland have been seen to be no better than the Keystone Cops running one way then the other while being led a merry dance as if on orders not to arrest in case the mob riot.
    Get a bloody water cannon and blast the scum off their feet instead of pussy footing about. Most of them could do with the wash to be honest. HH.

    1. Would that apply to BLM supporters who are murdering, looting and burning everything in their path all over the world because they think the police are too heavy handed? They stood by and let BLM do this because they were told to stand down, in fact they submitted to the thugs, but that’s ok. The police are there to protect LAW and ORDER when it comes to the so called far right, but bend the knee when it’s the far left. Society is finished. The so called progressives are taking us back hundreds of years and are turning the tables. Think it’s time intelligent people actually woke up.

  12. It is to be hoped that all people of Irish descent in Scotland, myself included, would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with asylum seekers across Glasgow who have been penned up for months, deprived of even the £5 a day they got to cover their living costs under the draconian Home Office ‘hostile environment’ policy while in hostels, a policy which itself is racism on stilts. I do not , however, share Caine’s condemnation of Nicola Sturgeon, while I certainly do share Phil’s view that Mhairi Black has some penance to do on her, at worst racist, at best, bigoted past comments.

    Rather than deplore and caricature the First Minister, I would point out that she has dared to take a stand against bigots, many of whom dwell in the shadow of the Sevco stadium in her impoverished Govan constituency; not something that her predecessor, Border-lad Iain Davidson was wont to do as the longstanding Labour incumbent of that seat.

    Scotland has a problem with racism, and a particularly bilious form of anti-Irish racism which airbrushes the deaths of 1.2million people and the forced migration of millions more, just a short sail away across the Irish Sea. We would have been asylum seekers, too. Many of us would have been turned away (as itinerant Irish were in bitter Orange towns like Harthill in Lanarkshire) because of our perceived race and our supposed beliefs. That hatred moulders on, particularly among the ‘other ten Nazis’ at the table, in our leading institutions, including our mass media and political system (Harthill had an Orange councillor for years and Motherwell once had an anti-Catholic party MP). Bigotry breeds ignorance, breeds more hatred, breeds….the hostile environment.

    On a more arguable note, as with the republican struggle in Ireland, the Catholic Church is tangled up in all of this. What price was paid for Catholic schooling? It continues to amaze me that in all my years in Catholic schools in the West of Scotland, never a word was breathed about the Famine and the Irish language, the language of all my antecedents, who were often deemed ‘illiterate’ for not knowing English (those of us applying for citizenship will be scratching our heads at just how high ‘illiteracy’ was among our grandparents). Education, after all, is the long road away from ignorance, and the history of the famine deserves to be told in all our schools, alongside the history of imperialism, slavery and black history more generally.

    In the meantime; support Scotland’s asylum seekers, lobby your MP and MSP, and take a stand for every Irish man or woman who was ever turned from the door at a time of their greatest need. The ‘hostile environment’ is a fascist policy, propped up by a wider grossly unfair system partly based on deliberately discriminatory financial criteria and language barriers to citizenship. It’s surely also time that everyone realised that giving succour to racism in any form does not fit well with a genuine commitment to the growth and development of a democratic independent Scotland.

    1. Not sure I would conflate Harthill with Motherwell’s election of, I assume you mean, Hugh Ferguson in the 20’s. Motherwell may have had it’s Orange parades, as most towns did, but it was a very different place from Harthill with it’s overt Orange support and Harthill Royal football team. Harthill reminded me of the comic strip Tales from Toad in the Hole I used to read in the 70’s.

      Motherwell had it’s problems but in my time it was a largely multi-faith town with, at the time, the largest school in Scotland being Our Lady’s High Catholic school.

      If you read the late Deborah Orr’s book Motherwell you can see there was still anti-catholic attitudes which she describes very well in her father’s comments and attitudes. However, nowhere near as overt as places like Harthill, Larkhall etc. Maybe covert attitudes were more sinister though. You knew what you got in Larkhall and Harthill where, perhaps, there may have been more hidden prejudices in heavy engineering firms of Motherwell and Wishaw. I could relate a story from there about the scorer of the Berwick Rangers goal against rangers.


  13. All very valid points made about intolerant Loyalism. Always important to emphasise the Ibrox Klan/OO detest everything outwith WASP culture. Their anti-Irishness is obscene, but their racism goes much further. Every ethnicity is a potential target. The Scottish government seem to fear their belligerence and ignorance. But that’s no longer an excuse to let it continue.

  14. Phil

    You can write about the wrongs until the cows come home but if we really want to change Scottish society for the better and cleanse it from the sectarian bigoted bile element then it’s simple and one we should act upon whenever the opportunity arises.

    When (not if) sevco go bust we must pull down their temple of hate.

    We should never allow a third establishment to rise from yet another debt infested, criminally minded, violent and generally repugnant entity which preaches about killing Celtic fans and sing their anti-Catholic ditties whilst their eyes are bulging out their sockets and frothing from their sub human mouths.

    People believe in tearing down statues for moralistic reasons yet ibrokes remains intact. Why? What does it say about Scotland when it permits such institutions of hate to be frequented by neanderthals ?

    That’s where we must start – ibrokes. It’s nothing more than a gathering place for evil with football a mere after thought. ibrokes cherishes and represents everything that is repulsive about the former british empire created through blood money. If decent people really want to protest about and strike out against all that is wrong with society then they should turn their attention to Edmiston Drive, Glasgow We’ve tried educating them for decades but it’s beyond their comprehension.

  15. Refugees and asylum seekers only apply on Ms Sturgeon’s radar; it looks like the old sign in the window, No Blacks, Irish and dogs is where Ms Sturgeon is at in its entirety, with the Irish getting an extra dose of exclusion.

    I can’t imagine that Ms Sturgeon was ignorant to the true identity of the defenders of the inanimate, yet she allowed this to happen, not only did she allow it, she obviously was aware of protection being sanctioned and afforded to these thugs by their friends and uniformed friends within police Scotland.

    Ms Sturgeon said it was ‘disgraceful’, yes it was in so many ways disgraceful, but the majority of the disgrace lies at her feet for her inability to be decisive in dealing with these matters in the correct manner. Ms Sturgeon is decisive when it comes to protecting fascism, this we have seen on numerous occasions and if she denies this and if it is not her or the SNP government then it must be Police Scotland acting autonomously …So why no investigation?

    Scotland a country where the government are frozen in fear over the way forward with Covid rampaging through its care homes, Ms Sturgeon allowed an illegal gathering, an angry congregation intent on violence in close proximity to others and then she afforded them to demonstrate their taste for fascism and bigotry, under the protection of the police, why? Why is she so ready to appease these THUGS?

    Where were Ms Sturgeon’s policies that are crippling the country, its economy, education and employers? No mention of public safety or protecting anyone, NHS included …WHY. Is it that the old threats have been wheeled out, the legendary social unrest as threatened when a team who couldn’t pay their taxes went bust?
    I note that the Scottish media do not like it when you (complying to their guidelines) comment in a certain manner under their articles, if you state any truth or facts then it is promptly deleted to make way for reassuring and soothing comments by the peepal.

    As the year goes on with the prospect of Scotland’s newest football team going bust and the ‘paddies’ favourite looking to make history yet again, these people are not going to get any calmer or dignified. So a suggestion for Ms Sturgeon and her government is, use the intelligence already gathered and arrest and properly charge those responsible along with the other participants for the incitement of violence and spreading of racial hatred, and if not arrest them under the public order act and any other you can find and apply and give them proper jail time.

    Then Ms Sturgeon if you have the stomach for it, engage the Irish community in this country and engage with the loyalists less, use this watershed moment properly or will you do nothing?, you have a chance to stop all orange marches and meetings of fascists in Scotland because people are fed up with this brand of bullshit, why not deal with it …

    1. Why not deal with it?

      They need their votes to stay in power.

      They’ve got the Catholic vote pretty much sown up. They don’t need to campaign for those votes.

      They need more than that to stay in power and they will not do anything to upset the majority (massive majority) demographic in Scotland. They don’t want bullets and bombs in the post and they want to stay on the gravy train.

      For those who think that unionist views are dying in Scotland you are sadly mistaken.

      You come on here decrying the behaviour of the football authorities, the media, the police and the judicial system in dealing with all things related to the biggest sporting scandal in British history, you decry the lack of action taken against the animal trash in this country who think they are superior to you and yet you can’t see that all (all parties) of the current incumbents at Holyrood don’t want to do anything about it.

      The presiding majority brought in the offensive behaviour football act sham to “even things up”! It’s the same establishment people who see nothing wrong in their deep seated bigoted views and the day to day behaviour in Scotland.

      There is more hate now in Scotland than when I first left years ago. The social media sites are full of it. What do the police do? Nothing!

      I’d happily wager that many of their finest are online peddling the hate and their passwords are either 1690, 1873, 1872, 1972 or FTP.

      It’s not worth the enormous hassle to any politician to stick their head above the parapet and thus we get the “both as bad as each other” lie. A damning indictment on Scotland and it’s going to get worse.

      For as long as the lower class football outlet of their superiority complex are losing, the undercurrent of anger, frustration and hate will surface at any opportunity to make their (abhorrent) feelings known, guarded by Police Scotland’s Dayglo Gestapo and protected, save for the usual sound bites, by the politicians who are scared of them.

      I want an independent Scotland, I came back and voted for it (I still had my electoral role home here at the time). I hope against hope that it will correct itself, but it will take a long time to cleanse this country of its bigoted DNA.

      The evidence of the last few weeks prove this.

      When/if their football team ever win a major trophy there will be street parties and national holidays to celebrate (and all the ensuing violence and desecration and violence that comes with it).

  16. I left Scotland in 1967 for precisely this reason. It was without a doubt the best move I ever made as it has saved my children from being brought up in this toxic culture.

    1. Good for you , mate !

      Most of US have stayed and continued to try to improve ( however slowly ) OUR country . If we all ran away then the bullies and the racists and fascists win !

      Of course Scotland isn’t perfect ( name me a country that is ) but in my 70 years I have seen improvement – although some on here and elsewhere will always look on the negative .

      I almost take comfort ( and I know that seems strange ) by recent events but I see this as the last , desperate acts of people ( Peepul ? ) who see their end is nigh . Their Union is dying on its feet and , like the Neanderthals , their day is done as Homo Sapiens takes over .

  17. Great article, but the most important point is not the fascist/ unionist/ rascist/ sectarian morons in George’s Square, their bigotry spewing like vomit. It is the deflectors in the Establishment, after Sunday a senior Police Scotland individual claimedthere were no real problems although people were assaulted. Now we have the spokesman for the a Police Federation gittering about ‘Nationalist/Unionists the green and the blue’ all having a similar agenda. What he means by the green and the blue shows his agenda, maybe they should have tried keteling, or is that only done with the green?

    This is an attempt to cover up the disgraceful scenes when BLM and asylum seekers intimated that they were holding demonstrations, the fascist/unionist right appeared to defend bits of stone, ( singing songs about fenians), also days later there organisations spew out statements claiming everyone is agin them.
    People should e mail their representative denouncing Police Scotland and its attempts to mitigate the issue

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