Big Mike tells his guys to wait

When is a High Court injunction not a High Court injunction?

Quite a few Sevco observers have been bemused at the apparent ability of the basket of assets to carry on regardless.

Indeed, I put that very question to a Shirebrook source yesterday.

He told me that General Ashley has told his legal divisions to stay in position.

Apparently, his highly paid hired guns are itching to get back in court and charge-by the hour…

Big Mike reminded them that the meter was on and that they would be paid, by the other side.

In the meantime, Big Mike is playing a long game and is quietly observing the Sevco High Command.

His take is that the chaps in the Blue Room are in a hole and digging deeper by the day.

In fairness, there was always going to be something of a hiatus before moving to the next phase of this dispute.

Ashley’s people have been carrying out an intelligence gathering operation through a process of court-ordered discovery.

Meanwhile, on Dave’s orders, the retail operation is continuing as if nothing had happened.

One senior functionary at Sevco did raise this issue at a recent dignified conclave and was told that it was above his pay grade.

I was told yesterday that when all of the Sports Direct ducks are in a row then a likely return to court would be in Q1 of 2019.

Now the bill for the Sevco car boot sale is going up by the day.

The legal meter is running and ultimately costs will be awarded against the basket of assets.

However, it just might be that Dave has a cunning plan.

A plan as cunning as one devised by a professor of cunning with 41 criminal convictions.

First of all the retail income, along with the match day revenue is vital for Sevco at the moment.

Elite Sports and JD Sports must have a degree of comfort that they will be indemnified by RIFC from any future litigation.

Undoubtedly there will be a day of reckoning for this.

Big Mike and his lawyers will have to be paid.

I asked my Shirebrook guy what was the extent of the bad news for Sevco when this comes to pass.

For the avoidance of doubt, I know that he knows the exact figure, but he steered me as close to the quantum as he dared.

There was an element of cat and mouse about that part of the conversation.

When I eventually said that the figure might just be south of £10m he didn’t demur.

He then pointed out was that was the calculated sum as of this week.

The legal bill goes up by the billable hour and the interest on what Ashley reckons he is owed is also whirring away.

Mr Gerrard might not expect much in terms of players coming in next January.

However, part of the cunning plan might be to ship some of them out in order to generate some cash to pay off Big Mike.

All very cunning.

Especially if you are not resident in the UK and have no assets at risk there from any future litigation.

Nice one Dave.

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