Telling the truth and falling out with The People

I usually have to wait for a period of time before a story of mine is vindicated by events at Ibrox.

That was the case with Rangers (1872-2012) and that is also how it is with Sevco.

I recall in February 2014 I had been confidently asserting that Sevco had burned through the IPO cash pile.

Consequently, they would need to access external finance as a matter of urgency.

The chaps in the Blue Room were so rattled by this that they issued this statement.

“THE Club has received many calls in recent days from fans, shareholders and other interested parties with regard to the contents of an Irish-based internet blog which has published numerous allegations about the business affairs of Rangers Football Club.”

The statement worked and The People were soothed.

However, only three weeks later reality collided with their dignified narrative.

Sevco had indeed burned through the share issue money and they needed a crisis loan to limp on until the season ticket cash came in.

One year later I was able to share the backstory with my readers.

It was all rather amusing.

Since then I have been informed that the chaps in the Blue Room have discussed putting a statement out against this site on two occasions.

However, each time the debacle of February 2014 has been referenced in their Churchillian discussions and the idea was swiftly dropped.

Of course, the last thing they need is a journalist on their case who will not keep to an agreed script.

The poor dears.

So see, dear reader, the  Sevco High Command does not have this sort of trouble with the local media in Glasgow.


Only yesterday I wrote that part of Dave’s cunning plan could be to sell players in January in order to settle the very large bill that is coming down the pipe from Sports Direct.

Then later that day Mr Gerrard stated to the media that he would “fall out with people” in order to hold onto Alfredo Morelos!

Whatever could the ex-Liverpool captain have meant?

Vindication once again?

I suppose we will have to wait and see…

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