Dave scores a legal own goal

I found out more today about Mr King’s recent ill-judged foray into the Court of Session.

The Takeover Panel chaps were wise not to interrupt their adversary while he was busy making a mistake.

I’m told that King’s QC admitted something that the other side had wanted to hear all along.

Dave’s guy was asked if he was there just there representing the South African based convicted criminal or was he also there for the club?

The QC agreed that he was in court on behalf of both.

This was a major diversion from the public narrative that King had put out in the local media.

Dave had stated that the Takeover Panel problem was nothing to do with the club.

For the avoidance of doubt, the regulatory authority also wanted Sevco in the frame for the machinations of the Concert Party.

My information is that this will be back in court again at the end of November.

Perhaps this is the reason that Mr Barry Scott is back on the RIFC board.

Is Mr King getting his boardroom ducks in a row?

Developing story…

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