The importance of not giving up

So persistence really does beat resistance.

It is worth stating that just getting this far is a victory.

It must have seemed to the Resolution 12 requisitioners that this day would never come, but it has.

The very fact that charges have been levelled is a victory for the good guys.

However, given the sworn evidence in the Craig Whyte trial, there was little wriggle room for the Compliance Officer.

Resolution 12 was always about making the SFA accountable.

Of course, the Sevco High Command have a get out of gaol free card on this.

If they simply state that those charges relate to the Rangers that died in 2012 then it is case closed.

However, if they want to continue with the delusional pretence that the current Rangers Football Club (formerly Sevco Scotland Limited) is the old club then they’re in the dock.

Regular readers will know that I have been a close confidant of several of the Resolution 12 Requisitioners.

I just spoke to one of them and he was in a buoyant mood.

Suffice, to say this is just the beginning.

I noted in this reportage from STV that a five-year time limit might solve the problem for the dignified chaps.

Well, I’m afraid that might be pishful thinking.

You see Article 10 UEFA’s Disciplinary Regulations does contain such a statute of limitations.

It reads:

‘There is a statute of limitations on prosecution, which is time-barred after:

  1. one year for offences committed on the field of play or in its immediate vicinity;
  2. ten years for doping offences;
  3. five years for all other offences.

Match-fixing, bribery and corruption are not subject to a statute of limitations.’


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