The importance of not giving up

So persistence really does beat resistance.

It is worth stating that just getting this far is a victory.

It must have seemed to the Resolution 12 requisitioners that this day would never come, but it has.

The very fact that charges have been levelled is a victory for the good guys.

However, given the sworn evidence in the Craig Whyte trial, there was little wriggle room for the Compliance Officer.

Resolution 12 was always about making the SFA accountable.

Of course, the Sevco High Command have a get out of gaol free card on this.

If they simply state that those charges relate to the Rangers that died in 2012 then it is case closed.

However, if they want to continue with the delusional pretence that the current Rangers Football Club (formerly Sevco Scotland Limited) is the old club then they’re in the dock.

Regular readers will know that I have been a close confidant of several of the Resolution 12 Requisitioners.

I just spoke to one of them and he was in a buoyant mood.

Suffice, to say this is just the beginning.

I noted in this reportage from STV that a five-year time limit might solve the problem for the dignified chaps.

Well, I’m afraid that might be pishful thinking.

You see Article 10 UEFA’s Disciplinary Regulations does contain such a statute of limitations.

It reads:

‘There is a statute of limitations on prosecution, which is time-barred after:

  1. one year for offences committed on the field of play or in its immediate vicinity;
  2. ten years for doping offences;
  3. five years for all other offences.

Match-fixing, bribery and corruption are not subject to a statute of limitations.’


Developing story…

43 thoughts on “The importance of not giving up”

  1. Oh how good is this lol

    If they are Rangers they are fcuked or if they are Sevco they are fcuked !!!

    No matter who they “are” they are dirty cheating scumbags and they should never had been granted a licence in 2012.

    cheats now
    cheats then
    cheats forever

  2. Item on the BBC website about a historical sex abuse incident at Ibrox. Sevco’s response, “Nothing to do with us. That club are being liquidated. Talk to the liquidators.” The same club………..apart from when it suits them to be a different club.

  3. To leave no doubt about what the statement from Ibrox meant , here is a translation

    Be warned . We are angry and we’ve spat the dummy so expect a fierce reaction from us so you’ll all be scared .
    To pay all this we’ve now had to steal money aff the weans and it’s all your fault that we had todo this (also , how good were we that we were going to help the weans?)
    Why should we ever need to examine our past ffs . We got away with it and 7 years is s long time in a child’s mind.
    Finally doing bad things is ok if you don’t get caught out . It’s their fault for not catching us .

    That should just about explain things .
    Now give us our license .

  4. Can just see Dave King wringing his grubby little mitts thinking of all that lovely cash rolling in to his poor why us victim fund we will all have to stand together and empty our wallets to fight back against all the club’s who wish to see us go bust well it won’t happen as long as I am sob sob hear because you can trust me you have my word and not only that I will just put the season book price up a tad cause I know things are tough but never mind talking money we have Stevie Gerrard steering the good ship with a cargo of transfer booty and all sorts of investors wanting to pour cash into our world famous club the first chance al get I will be straight over from my house with the biggest wine cellar in S.A.Now remember the more cash we have we can stick two fingers up to the haters love David Kerrching

  5. ultimately it is the responsibility of the SFA to ensure that all teams competing in europe meet the requirements.
    any money due to other clubs because of rangers fraudulent application will be due from the SFA.

  6. Same club, just owned by a different company now.
    The abused claimant has been told that the duty of care is not with the current owners as when the alleged abuse took place Rangers were owned by a different company which was now in liquidation.
    SFA’s charges in relation to UEFA licence application and TOP back at Court yesterday with King in their sights.
    Lots of plates to keep spinning, even for Jabba.
    Cue another signing announcement.

  7. There is no hint of corruption attached to the SFA charges so UEFA’s time bar will apply.
    Perhaps taking 6 years before raising charges is not a coincidence.
    However UEFA will be casting a vigilant eye over any current/future licence application winging it’s way from Glasgow.
    The predictable faux outrage from the Ibrox club/ fans is a thing to behold.
    If the SFA can’t remove itself from the firing line then Celtic, and any other clubs affected, should be claiming well deserved compensation from the football authorities.
    Welcome to the SFA Mr Maxwell.

  8. Yes charges have been levied against the club and not before time.
    Where are the charges against the individuals involved, most of whom are still involved in Scottish football?

  9. So a small fine by SFA to Sevco. If I remember correctly part of the 5 way agreement was Sevco pay all footballing debt/fines that Rangers 1872 may have occurred. Of course this will not be mentioned by any Scottish media. They will be in their element reporting how “Rangers” have to pay they fines for “Rangers” misconduct before the club went into administration and they were dropped down to the 4th division as punishment…. a great excuse to try and rewrite history.

  10. Forget all this pish about Rangers/ Sevco UEFA licences and such like. The Daily Radar has a much more important story than that. Professor David Jester (honest ) has spent two, yes TWO whole years studying serial killers and their star signs and has concluded that serial killers are more likely to be Taurine. NO SHIT.

  11. I just want proper and correct decisions made. They are now a club who 6yr old. Think about that for a while, whilst Celtic aim for 8 in a row.

  12. Was there not something about the “new” club paying old club debts.
    Well done to everyone who held their nerve.

  13. New club or old club should not affect Sevco’s liability to compensate football clubs who were cheated. Part of the deal to give Sevco a licence in 2012 was agreement that they would honour all football debts of the old club. This would look like a football debt. Perhaps time to dig out the press reports from 2012.

    Although, experience has shown that history around that time was mutable…

    1. Liquidation Debt? NO! This is a footballing Debt. The agreement to allow “The Rangers” league mebership was on the condition that the “New / Old Club” paid all footballing debts. Over to you Dave KIng!

  14. So three clubs under Rangers of 2011/12 year either had wrong positions or no position in European football that year. Oh I cant wait for the Civil Lawsuits against the continuation club. Dont expect SFA OR UEFA to deliver any meaningfull punishment or right the wrongs that innocent clubs have suffered at the hands of these selfish cheats. So civil court is the next course of action.

    1. Have the actions of ANY other clubs so far given you cause to think that they will actually take legal action?

  15. Can’t wait to hear how Level 5 or Jabba spin this one! There will be a mountain of appeals and court cases and cans being kicked down the road to avoid this carnage but what must be more worrying for them is that the Europeans will have been alerted to the shenanigans and will be scrutinising whatever the sfa and sevco are up to. All good things come to those who wait…..rangers or sevco or rangers or sevco or rangers or sevco. Dodgy Dave however will care not one jot. HH

  16. It has taken too long but I guess the reason the sfa will use if pressed would be that they would feel that it’s in the public interest in case off any public / scum zombie unrest at a game.
    That could produce some outside media attention.

  17. I love the response from “Rangers”:

    “The club will fiercely resist this reconstructed Notice of Complaint. Unfortunately, monies that should be available to Scottish youth and grassroots football will be diverted into another rehearsal of seven-year-old debates on the rights and wrongs of events that the SFA should have prevented at a time when doing so would have served a useful purpose.“

    In other words “We didn’t do anything wrong, and it is the SFA’s fault because they let us get away with it”

  18. F. C. Dignity caught cheating.
    An historic fraudulent application eventually recognised. Now that the English media are interested in sevco fc., maybe other such revelations -lying and cheating, stealing charity money (as well as being ugly) will be covered.

  19. Will they finally admit the truth?

    This should be great fun……

    Squirrel your way out of this one Jabba

  20. Not so much accepting the Queen’s shilling, as playing with a double-headed coin…

    Heads – they are a 6-year old newcomer; or:

    Heads – they are a 146-year old club, and in hawk for millions, and as guilty as sinfor e very possible breach of various Articles of Association, and gazumping The Treasury and individual suppliers.

    The natural order of things says that, if the SFA disciplinary panel find them in breach, that they are kicked out on their arses!!

  21. It’s very telling that the SFA (who IMO have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this outcome ) have stated that the club now playing out of Ibrokes have a case to answer and when breaking the news the STV crew immediately state that it’s time barred .
    Sounds to me as if the peepil at STV believe their guilty as charged .

    Makes you wonder what else the peepil at STV would quickly put out to dampen bad news about the clubs from Ibrokes ,like maybe leaving out a “new club “part of a Uefa correspondence .

    1. Mr Regan’s exit now makeso sense. He clearly new this was unavoidable.

      Still not holding my breath though. I’ll only believe that justice is done when it’s seen to be done.

      Good news nonetheless.

  22. Am I reading it right….

    They don’t have to answer to getting the 2011-12 license…. but they DO have to answer to the circumstances that led to its application/granting???

  23. Let’s hipe that the Rainjuurz accusation of “harming the game” is accusing the sfa backfired on them.

    This needs to go all the way to expose them.

    The old club were cheats! Are they still that cheating club (with penalty’s to pay) or are they a new cheating club?

  24. Well done to all of the requisitioners for getting this far.

    Feels like an Al Capone moment, where he didn’t get locked up for being a gangster, but for not paying his taxes.

    No penalty on Rangers or Sevco for not paying their taxes or having players incorrectly registered … But this might be the start of the wall coming down.

    Although, I can’t help but think that the SFA will have had clandestine discussions with Sevco and they will planned their excuse upfront.


  25. Note how the bbc report has absolute no mention of liquidation…

    “They went into administration in 2012 and (miraculously) reappeared in the 4th tier of Scottish football that autumn.”

    Revisionism still the order of the day!

  26. ‘Well, I’m afraid that might be pishful thinking.’ ha ha ha love it Phil, …..I’m p****** myself laughing

  27. According to the BBC they entered administration in 2012 and eventually started in the 4th tier.

    I assume nothing of consequence happened in between and it’s too boring to comment on.

    1. So BBC “they entered administration in 2012 and eventually started in the 4th tier” So please confirm the current state of administration or are they a new club and must be recognised as such?

  28. Just admit they are not the same and I will be happy. All this going for 55 can be hit on the head. They can even call themselves Rangers what ever.

  29. It’s taken the compliance officer this long to say there’s a case to answer… which is now time barred anyway by UEFA so no action will be taken there. The SFA will fine them £1000 and tell them not to do it again. Corruption of the highest order. The SFA needs to be disbanded and a new organisation that’s “fit for purpose” set up.

    1. Corruption has no statute of limitations, the sevco house (pack, if you are glib and shameless liar) of cards will soon fall.

  30. If they accept this penalty, then they are due all the debts that go with it, or rightly claim to be a new club………………………the fun begins

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