Waiting for decency at Ibrox

In journalism, as in other endeavours, conformity tends to promote mediocrity.

I recall that there was a newspaper advert taken out prior to the first meeting between Celtic and Sevco in a senior competitive match in 2015.

It stated, in forensic terms, that this was the first time that Celtic Football Club had met these opponents.

BBC match report here.

The response of the Stenography Corps was to either completely ignore it or to deride those who were behind the advert.

At no point did anyone purporting to be a sports journalist in Scotland address the content.

Since the creation of Sevco Scotland Limited (now renamed The Rangers Football Club) in the summer of 2012, it has suited the Fitba Fourth Estate to pretend that Rangers did not die.

Of course, this fiction does not take into account the 276 creditors who were left unpaid as the basket of assets did walking away.

As I have stated here repeatedly the chaps on the sports desks in Glasgow are not representative of the Fourth Estate in Scotland.

There are many fine journalists in Fair Caledonia who serve the Public Interest and hold power to account.

Today one of those journalists brought news of an even more shameful betrayal at Ibrox.

Mark Daly of the BBC reports today that Sevco are apparently happy to tell a man who claims that he was sexually abused by a Rangers coach that he should take his complaint up with the liquidators of the original Rangers.

I don’t think this requires any major editorialising from me, dear reader.

However, if there was any shred of self-awareness and humanity among The People then they would be rather ashamed today.

Of course, that isn’t the case as the Herrenvolk hubris apparently does not allow such basic human responses.

In my time as a social worker and social work teacher I never encountered any evidence to suggest that child sexual abuse was weighted towards any particular ethnicity or faith group.

Moreover, there is no empirical evidence to suggest that my experience in the field was atypical.

That goes for football clubs and their supporters too.

However, such reasoning is beyond The People.

In May last year, sex offender and Sevco fan David McLellan ran on
to the Ibrox pitch and came to close quarters with Celtic captain Scott Brown.

Full story here in the Daily Radar.

I wonder if Mr McLellan is fond of chanting about “paedos” when he is with his Quintessentially British brethren at Ibrox.

Naïvely, I cling onto the hope that one day decency will break out there.

Until then it is incumbent upon journalists to hold them to account.

Well done Mr Daly.



35 thoughts on “Waiting for decency at Ibrox”

  1. For anyone outside Scotland stumbling on this comments thread what your are seeing is an insight into how a country can take a beautiful game (I’m talking about football for those fellow Scots wondering), then twist and contort it into the horrid, hate fuelled, bigoted and nasty thing that has been bread in Scotland over the last century. Apologies on behalf of my fellow countrymen.

  2. The transfer policy appears rather skewed to an outsider.
    You sell your best players for top dollar to provide funds to bring in better players who cost less!
    I must be missing something?

  3. Charger
    If you haven’t read
    “Can we save the Catholic Church”
    By Hans Kung published 2013
    William Collins Books . It’s a must read for anyone who is an open minded Modern Catholic.

    The first chapters address honestly and openly the sexual abuse which happened within my church. (I am a Catholic )

    Kung is a Catholic priest and theologian and has never backed down in opinions
    He is a courageous writer and like all courageous people he never put himself first and has suffered greatly for his honesty.
    If my Church survives Kung deserves a huge place in its history.

    1. He never put himself first? Give me a couple of what you’ve been drinking. Hans Kung is a self-publicist par excellence who spent his entire time in Rome during Vatican II advancing himself in front of the world’s press rather than fulfilling his duties as a pariti, an expert adviser, on theology to the German hierarchy — now largely apostates: Hitler should live at this hour — by, for example, attending meetings of the various drafting committees of which he was supposedly a member. You can’t save the Catholic Church by turning it Protestant in Kung’s image and likeness.

  4. Company/club issue – A headline e.g. ‘Rangers sign Allan McGregor’ Does the word Rangers mean the company or the club? and ‘Rangers going for 55’ Again, does the word Rangers mean the company or the club? and finally what do they mean when they say that the club hopes to sign more players over the summer? Don’t they mean the company hopes to sign more players over the summer? Can somebody please explain as this is most confusing?

    1. There is a full explanation here on what a Football Club is prior to and after becoming an Incorporated Company:


      Incorporation as a Limited Company
      “Forming or converting your sports club to a Limited Company enables your club to become established as a legal entity in its own right, separate from the individual members. There are two forms of Limited Company:
      1. Companies with an issued share capital, where ownership and control lies with the shareholders. This form is generally inappropriate for sports clubs.
      2. Companies limited by guarantee, where the members of the company each guarantee to pay a nominal sum (usually up to £5 each) in the event of the company being unable to meet its obligations. This form is usually used for sports clubs wishing to incorporate as a company.
      There are several advantages to this structure. Because the club is a distinct legal entity, it is easier for the club to enter into contractual arrangements e.g. to borrow money, own buildings, or stage very large events. The club itself, rather than the individual members, are responsible for the club’s obligations and debts (unless one of the officers has acted negligently or fraudulently, in which case the individual remains personally liable). And the individual members can only be held responsible for the debts and obligations of the club up to the nominal value of their guarantee.
      The regulation and administration of Limited Companies is more onerous, and there are legal penalties for failure to comply. All Companies require various legal instruments such as a Memorandum and Articles of Association, and these must be registered with Companies House. The annual accounts must be presented in a prescribed form for Companies and also lodged with Companies House where they are open for public inspection. All Companies are subject to the provisions of Company Law; they are run by “Directors”, and some club members may potentially be prohibited from becoming a Director because of their previous involvement with other companies or their financial status.
      You should consider forming as a Limited Company if one or more of the following apply to your club:
      You own a high value of assets in the form of buildings, facilities, or financial reserves. However, some clubs have found a significant capital gains tax may be liable if they own considerable assets.
      You are engaged in selling significant volumes of goods and services to non-members such as training courses, accreditation, equipment, lettings, books and other materials You are planning to organise a major event where there is a potential risk of significant financial loss (in which case, you might consider establishing the event as a limited company owned by your club)”

      A fairly straightforward and easy to comprehend explanation from the Government.

      “Yer Clubs deid mate” Leigh Griffiths

  5. Never understood this club/ company thing. White bought Rangers football club from moonbeams for £1. There was no holding company mentioned until Green bought the assets with Sevco 5088 and did the dirty and changed it to Sevco Scotland, a deal by passed the arrangement the Liquidators had with Sevco 5088.
    I have to ask any supporter of the new club : ” Name the holding company that owned Rangers when they were liquidated”. If they can’t name the company it shows it did not exist and it was the club that was liquidated by White.

    1. It’s fairly straightforward if you read my post above.
      Rangers Incorporated as a Limited Company in 1897
      And as the above Govt Legislation says …
      “Forming or converting your sports club to a Limited Company enables your club to become established as a legal entity in its own right”

      See below for evidence:

      Click on the RFC 2012 P.L.C


      Click on INSOLVENCY




      Ta Daaaa!


  6. Don’t know if it was Mark Daly, but the reporter on BBC radio news tonight seemed to be going along with the preposterous notion that it was the “company that owned Rangers ” that entered liquidation in 2012, which as the sevco spokesman claimed meant that any abuse victim would have to address their concerns to the liquidators of that company, which in the sevco twisted logic exonerated the club from any responsibilty.

    So same club different company, but it’s the company that has responsibility for any negative issues that arise from before liquidation and not the club.

    These peepul are on the same level as Holocaust deniers.

  7. One assumes that the current club took appropriate legal advice in offering such guidance to the former person who was citing abuse upon him by the club of long standing.

    I am sure such advice was not offered “in house” by a specialist in conveyancing and property matters who acts as Secretary to the current club.

    No doubt as a Partner within a prominent Scottish law firm he would be well placed to seek external advice as to how such a delicate matter might be best handled with professionalism and, of course, with dignity and sensitivity.

  8. The Rangers sign 36-year-old, out-of-contract goalie as The Gerrard Revolution hits take-off velocity – be afraid, be very afraid 🙂

      1. Indeed. StevieG The Alchemist sells players for cash and then buys ‘better’ players for less cash to close the gap on Celtic. Fod is listed as worth 700K euros on TransferMrket – assuming buyers don’t smell a fire sale. If salaries are similar, then The Alchemist has just saved about one week of RIFC plc run rate. Or maybe DavieG will blow that on some new silly whim or a few hours of QC time.

        The bears are livin’ the dream

      2. Shirley, shum mistake!

        McGregor says in his rangers.co.uk interview that he hasn’t spoken to StevieG yet. The Alchemist must be doing his magic by telepathy – very impressive.

      3. I think that’s a mistake. Fotheringham is a good keeper, saved them from a few serious humpings from us. Suppose the money is needed and McGregor won’t cost a fee.

        1. I think your confusing players Mick. Fotheringham was a midfielder if i recall correctly (St Johnstone last i remember), may be wrong. Just for clarity the keeper is Fodderingham.

  9. Phil IF you’re waiting for anything remotely like ‘decency’ or anything resembling an apology,well Mr.Fear I fear you will be waiting for a very,very long time indeed.
    I hope your provisions are double stocked,for I feel you’ll wait what may turn out to be an ETERNITY….

    Thanks appreciate your time✅HH🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🎼🇮🇪🇯🇲🇯🇴

  10. I know all of the new club/same club debate has been well, well worn out over the last 6 years but each time something occurs which does not meet with the loyal hordes world view, the club becomes very distant from the history it is stated to OWN through a legal purchase – the founding principle of the same club myth.

    Let’s indulge them for a moment however.

    If, as the Ibrox board, clientele & Scottish media suggests, the club remained one & the same & they are steadfast behind that connectivity, then they cannot wash their hands of any grubby parts whenever it suits – its founding father, Mr Charles Green, claims he purchased ‘the history’, not ‘select, cherry-picked, only the nice bits of its history’.

    The morality in regards making money out of people who are sold everything from tickets, clothing, pies, advertising, sponsorships, pencil cases & cuddly bears, on the assumption they are one of the same is already at odds with decency & is, to put it lightly, questionable – bearing that in mind, to then treat this gentleman in such an uncaring & morally repugnant manner is shameful. Truly, it is deeply, deeply shameful!

    Old or new club, if you trade on the premise of being the same organisation, then you surely shoulder all of the responsibilities that come with it.

    Oh and one other thing;

    If ‘Club’ & ‘Company’ are really two differing entities, then why was there a need to ever rename Sevco – the purchasing vehicle for the assets?! Surely, Sevco Scotland Ltd could have owned & operated the club known as ‘Rangers’ with a crystal clear distinction between each component piece?! No?!

  11. ‘The iBrokes bipolar conundrum’

    54 titles – same club
    72 million £ taxes owed – different club
    Destroying Manchester City centre – different club
    276 creditors owed – different club
    Claiming 146 years unbroken history – same club
    Fraudulent UEFA license – old company
    Taking European bonus money off Celtic’s success – new club
    Denying employing abusive staff – old club
    Fraudulent UEFA license 18-19 – well…. old habits ! It’s worked before.

  12. Sevco fans like to make a point that celtic brushed the Torbet issue under the carpet. I suspect there are several divots and mounds on the carpets adorning the quintessentially british boardroom! The accuser alleges that the inappropriate behaviour took place by a club member, and since they allude, vehemently, to being the “same club”, then they should fulfil their moral obligations to the accuser, and any others that step out from the shadows with similar claims. To refute these allegations now, shows clearly that they are morally corrupt.

  13. Whoever wrote and approved that statement from Rangers is truly a failed human being.

    One of their own children was abused by one of their own staff – with life changing consequences on so many levels – and they have nothing to offer but angry denial when that child asks for recognition of his suffering and a simple apology.

    Some things are above money, above sport, above point scoring.

    I hope ‘David’ can find peace one day – but I guess he now knows he has been looking in the wrong place. In fact, the hurt has probably been depened by the cruelty of this response.

    My heart felt good wishes for the future ‘David’

  14. I’ll make it simple
    Rangers are responding in the same way the Catholic Church did . Deny it .
    Im a catholic .

    For the sake of the little children , all of us must own up.

    1. Why do you single out the Catholic Church when all Faiths have denied it for years..Shocking Statement from a So Called Catholic Which I doubt very much

      1. Peter is 100% correct. I am practicing Roman Catholic and when we get OUR house in order we can criticise others. Not one second before that. The moral high ground is a VERY exposed position.

        1. The Catholic Church has been on the run from theses accusations on every continent except Antartica. If there is another religious organisation with a similar track record I would like to know who that is.

          I’m not a Catholic. I used to be. Being fiddled with by the Scout chaplain accelerated my abandoning of “The Faith”. I remain a life-long Celtic supporter. The only organisations I dislike more than the Catholic Church are the Tories and the Huns.

    2. I am neither Catholic nor Protestant but I can assure everyone that this form of abuse crosses all boundaries and borders, colours and creeds. Many good men have never abused anyone, but they are accused by the ingrates who blow BJK into many discussions, the judiciary, across all nations are up to their wigs in this abuse and, in the same way as Sevco are protected over every crime, so too are the legal frauds.
      From Holytown to Hollywood, Timbuktu to number two, Rome to Romania male and female abusers are charged and will be exposed, soon enough, by a man you love to hate. The global extent of this filth has shaken the corridors of power on every continent. Pay those who were truly abused, money will not cure their self loathing, nor will it end their troubles, but take it from the wealth, off the radar, of the scum who have built themselves on status and gain. From the Boys Club to the Boy Scouts, youngsters have been targeted for their vulnerability. FGS even Olympians were abused kids first. As for Ibrox, there is a reason for a Listing Building and great shall be the fall thereof.

  15. What are these peepul like. One minute they are the same club (going for 55) but when it suits them they are not. Only in this wee bigoted Country would they get away with it.

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