When trust in the media is off the radar

A piece in the Press Gazette caught my eye today.

It was reporting on a study by US based Pew Centre on attitudes towards the media in Western Europe.

The full report can be accessed here.

According to the study, which was based on 16, 000 respondents, less than half of UK adults say the news media is doing a good job at getting facts spot on.

That’s basic stuff for any journalist and any reputable media organisation.

The UK findings in the rpeort were the worst rate for trustworthiness in western Europe.

This led me to think that there is a PhD thesis awaiting for any journalism grad student who wishes to replicate this study in Fair Caledonia apropos coverage of the national game.

Perhaps, the study would look at a before and after of the famous world exclusive in the Daily Record about the billionaire Craig Whyte.

Sadly, that gushing pish in November 2010 has become industry standard for anything that makes The People feel good about the future.

My coverage of that period can be accessed here at the blog archive.

I am happy to stand over my record on reporting these matters.

Of course, others may not be so content with their journalistic role in the Ibrox sitcom.

Indeed, these award-winning types may harbour a secret hope that the newspaper buying public forget that such stories were ever published.

However, if I had written such weapons-grade pish about Craig Whyte then I would be so embarrassed that I would not be detectable by radar.

It is my settled view that the denizens of Fair Caledonia should be better served by the Fitba Fourth Estate.

As I have written here many times, there should not be a need for this site.

Sadly, I think as the Gerrard caravan rolls into town this summer it will be more needed than ever.