Jamie Murphy and some funny future payments

I am hearing that Sevco sent a cheque for £650k to Brighton and Hove Albion last week.

This is a loan fee/ first tranche that triggers the Jamie Murphy transfer.

My chap in Ibrox told me that another £650k would be paid in another two instalments, one in June 2019 and another in June 2020.

There are other payments that are contingent on Mr Murphy being part of a Sevco team that would go onto great things.

If all of them happened then as much as another £800k would be going to the south coast club.

However, if I was in the Brighton boardroom I wouldn’t be banking on it.

Here are a few of them:

£75k if Jamie’s new club wins the SPFL.

£50k if Sevco wins the Scottish Cup of the League Cup.

In fairness, a cup victory is not out with the bounds of possibility.

Then it gets funny.

Another £225k  is due to Brighton if Sevco, with Murphy in the team, reaches the UEFA Champions League Group Stages.

I know, I know…

The Engine Room Subsidiary will have to pony up another £100k for the winger is Sevco reaches the Group Stages of the Europa League.

Again, this is doable.

It is worth recalling that the Jamie Murphy loan deal in January became a loan after the Sevco High Command offered ZERO as an upfront transfer payment.

The details of this embarrassing volte-face were broken here and nowhere else.

The chaps in the Blue Room were left in no doubt that Murphy’s parent club was wary of not being paid.

Therefore, the transfer bid became a loan deal.

Now Sevco has kept faith with their fans.

Remember, dear reader it is all about optics.

This is a cash-strapped six-year-old club that is trying to pretend that it is comfortably solvent.

It isn’t.

18 thoughts on “Jamie Murphy and some funny future payments”

  1. Why is King not worried about Top,seriously would you be worried about them.This must be the most useless panel in the world.They are back in court today,and one must wonder what they are seeking.
    The court rulings to date have been useless,as no sanctions have taken place,and Dave Saunters on with not a care in the world.
    Maybe it’s because,if Dave is taken down,Sevco fall,and as we all know in Scotland,the natural order can’t allow this to happen.

  2. I think Newco are in line for an award from those who promote a green lifestyle. They recycle old news stories, extend the life of “past their sell by” players and they make do and mend from discarded defenders. Combined with their reluctance or inability to squander money on the fabric of their stadium, remaining content to reflect their frugality on the roof that covers the peepil by diverting the pissing rain onto them rather than directing it into drains. I am sure SG will be obliged to respect the mantra of reduce, re-use and recycle during the days ahead of his reign at the Ibrokes stadium where players already adopt the concept of never expending energy on the pursuit of success.

  3. Phil can you explain why servo having no capital funds cannot remortgage there crumbling stadium even just to get necessary repairs done without going to loan sharks or is there some legal debate as to who actually owns the chat hole

  4. When bringing up a child to fit into society as an adult , it has to learn lessons so that it behaves in a fair and just fashion . So that it knows the boundaries of safety and to prevent it stepping over the line and getting into trouble , it needs to be shown example of good adult ways and at times to face the inevitable discipline inflicted .

    A child who is indulged , or pandered to , or doesn’t face the consequences of its actions will become an ugly adult .

    Over the last century in Scotland there was such a child .
    It’s behaviour was unbridled .
    It wasn’t punished or disciplined .
    And it thought it would always be able to behave the way it felt like behaving .
    The end result is on full view for all of us to see. . It’s tantruns are uncontrollable and like the entitled child who becomes an entitled adult it crosses the line until one day it seriously breaks the law and goes to jail.

    Now that adult child could whilst in jail realise his wrongdoing , seek help , change his ways and on release be a changed and humble And fully actualised new person .

    Alternatively he could do a “rangers” and ………..

    No need to explain.

    Maybe the next jail term will rehabilitate .
    I do hope so

  5. Phil, hello from the “Dear Green Place” on this fine approaching summer night. What a week/summer this will be as the “Newco” spin is ramping up. Today the “Daily Ranger “told us an unannounced press conference was called by the “Newco” at mid- day to inform us that Scott Arfield was signing. Marc Allen then told this was the type of player Stevie G was targeting i.e. “Freebies”. All this for a “Freebie.”

    It really is all about the money, particularly “Other People’s Money” as you say isn’t it. I have heard that, the Senior Mr Park has raised a recent missive for the return of his money from the “Lying King”. You know the money he and the MSSM, continually tell us that he has invested in the “Newco.” Then there is the slow moving “TOPS” ruling. It’s only slow because they’re about to destroy this man and his business interests and associates.

    No doubt this is “Off the Radar” for the MSSM this week as Brendan and the Bhoys go for a never before done “Back-to-Back Treble. I still cannot get my head around the Stevie G signing for this outfit, unless the rumours are true that the man, whilst an incredibly gifted footballer, has nothing up top but an inflated, media driven, ego. Hell mend him as it soon will. Keep Safe and HH

  6. Who came up with that kind of deal, Abbot and Costello? What, no who, no what. Good luck to Brighton getting all of those possibilities turned into hard cash. HH

  7. We’re going for a double treble and it’s still all about them. Too much time is dedicated to Sevco & they were supposed to habe entered admin again long ago.

    I’ll still follow and read your other stuff but the Sevco stuff is boring now. Just being honest.

    Focus on the bhoys. HH.

  8. Phil; there’s been something with this financial basket-case of a club gnawing at me for a while and it only just clicked what it is when I read the King Q&A with his poodles. It has to do with the house of cards/sleight of hand that is currently keeping the lights on.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but at the moment the club’s finances are predicated on any shortfall being made up by King, or more precisely NOAL. Their audited accounts, and dare I say, the reputation of their auditors (Campbell Dallas) are reliant on that promise to back-stop the losses. In turn, the SFA are reliant on the audited accounts as a guarantee that they can stay in business and make through a given season, as well as allow for the European license to be given.

    Well, has anyone given any thought to what happens if King/NOAL, having run out of people like Close Brothers to tap up for a loan, simply refuse to put in any money? Think it is clear that if that happens, then they will have an Insolvency event on their hands. So what makes everyone so sure that this guarantee by King is worth anything more than any other guarantee he has ever given? As one piece of evidence (of many), I submit what happened last fall when instead of King ponying up the money needed to keep things going they instead had to hand over what remaining assets they had to Close brothers to get the 3M. He didn’t put money in then and, I submit, he won’t at any time in future either.

    Yet another example is with the TOP order to buy-back the shares from everyone not a concert party in his takeover. Once again, when it came to actually putting out a legitimate offer, backed by his own funds, he has again stalled and stymied them and it is an open item if the offer ever takes place.

    Here are King’s own words from the recent Q&A, speaking about TOP or the Court’s ability to compel him to make the buy-back offer;
    “Secondly, sanctions themselves on me would have no impact on me. I don’t do business in the UK. I don’t deal with any Institutions. I don’t have public companies in the UK. It would make no difference to me in practice. I would make a decision whether I was comfortable with it or not”

    Tell if that (very loud 2 fingers to TOP) sounds like anyone who could be forced to pony up money to fund the losses at RIFC/TRFC that the auditors/SFA/UEFA are so reliant on?

  9. £650k is probably around his worth. I am not sure there will be any further payment. If Arfield is getting over £30k a week I wonder what Murphy will be getting being a Scotland international. They could soon have a bigger squad sal bill than Celtic. The difference being Celtic investing in youth with value in resale investment.

      1. Get that Phil my point was I can’t see the club/company getting to the milestone 2nd tranche. HH my friend

      2. Think he means Brighton value him at £650k so are getting his value upfront with any other payments a bonus

        1. There will be TWO payments of £650k for Jamie Murphy.
          One has already been actioned.
          The add-ons are contingent.
          This shouldn’t be complicated…

  10. I’ve no reason to doubt Sevco are trading whilst insolvent, but one does wonder where they get the funds for Arfield and Murphy from. Or might someone be funding these moves “off the books”?

    1. Season ticket money is in now. That’s where it’s coming from. They only live for the day. Guys like King, who doesn’t care a toss for little things like £11 million overdue isn’t going to worry about tomorrow, next month or next year. All the promises over the years yet the gullibles still fall for it. He’s all they’ve got remember, so they close their eyes and ears to guys like Phil. And as for any of the directors getting their soft loans back? Good luck with that.

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