Scott Arfield and the Insolvency Express

I am told that there was a very definitive sound emanating from the Sevco High Command yesterday.

It was the cacophony of jaws hitting the floor.

The reason for this clatter was the fact that some of the Blue Room chaps were finally brought into the Scott Arfield loop.

There had been no discussion of this at the regular meeting on Friday.

Once more it was Impecunious Productions driving the bus over the cliff.

I was certainly surprised to be advised on the likely remuneration of the ex-Burnley star at Sevco.

It was this information that caused something approaching consternation in the Blue Room.

One senior member of Sevco High Command tasked a family member to contact the Serious Professional about Mr Arfield’s putative Sevco salary.

Could it really be £38 k per week?

If true, this will make the Canadian international one of the best-paid players in Scotland.

Overall the Grand Plan at Sevco is to sell players and bring in free transfers where possible.

Therefore, Foderingham brings in a fee and Allan McGregor will replace him as he joins the six-year-old club for the first time.

The idea that this tinkering can assail Celtic is risible.

However, the glib and shameless financial insanity continues.

All aboard the Insolvency Express!