Scott Arfield and the Insolvency Express

I am told that there was a very definitive sound emanating from the Sevco High Command yesterday.

It was the cacophony of jaws hitting the floor.

The reason for this clatter was the fact that some of the Blue Room chaps were finally brought into the Scott Arfield loop.

There had been no discussion of this at the regular meeting on Friday.

Once more it was Impecunious Productions driving the bus over the cliff.

I was certainly surprised to be advised on the likely remuneration of the ex-Burnley star at Sevco.

It was this information that caused something approaching consternation in the Blue Room.

One senior member of Sevco High Command tasked a family member to contact the Serious Professional about Mr Arfield’s putative Sevco salary.

Could it really be £38 k per week?

If true, this will make the Canadian international one of the best-paid players in Scotland.

Overall the Grand Plan at Sevco is to sell players and bring in free transfers where possible.

Therefore, Foderingham brings in a fee and Allan McGregor will replace him as he joins the six-year-old club for the first time.

The idea that this tinkering can assail Celtic is risible.

However, the glib and shameless financial insanity continues.

All aboard the Insolvency Express!

30 thoughts on “Scott Arfield and the Insolvency Express”

  1. A mate of mine is a Clarets fan and was surprised at the £38K a week figure. Reckons Arfield must have a good agent as Clarets wage structure has a £30K a week cap but with good bonuses. 2016 Burnley player wage bill was £38M, though presumably higher now.
    In fact, this site gives his salary as £23K a week this season with a £35K cap.
    Some agent right enough! Here’s hoping it’s true!

  2. I think ur source in the sevco high command may be playing with the figures phil? 38k a week absolute pish!! Sinclair highest paid player in Scotland on circa 30k a week – I have a “source” who works in marketing at celtic park he said him and broony highest paid at parkhead – and are paid way more than the highest at ibrokes

    1. Please re-read.
      This time carefully:
      “If true, this will make the Canadian international one of the best-paid players in Scotland.”
      Now with added emphasis to assist comprehension.
      One of the best paid does not mean THE best paid.


  3. Season ticket renewal deadline at Sevco is today. The hype machine has been on overdrive and the Gerrard gambit played. Get online and listen to the tune The Entertainer, used as the theme tune of The Sting. Even the risible BBC are starting to give themselves some wriggle room. And apart from that presser where is the indepth interview with Stevie?
    Imagine this…

    Could it be that GASL is in a rush to raise more cash from sevco to underwrite a cool £11m loan deal to cover TOP expectations? In this possibly fanciful scenario the laughable 6 mil rights issue makes sense. You claim over subscription then claim club worth much much more and leverage a big loan. Meanwhile somehere offshore a trust you claim no control gives you 11 mil you stick in an escrow account. Then you wait it out.
    Cue The Entertainer…
    Question is: Where are the fffffootballing authorities?

  4. For the princely sum of £38k per week I would expect Arfield to be fit to play in every game of the season, score or assist at least 3 times in every game and to never ever sustain an injury or receive a card of any colour. Nothing is too good for sevco to try and win back some credibility in Scottish football. We should be afraid, very afraid. HH

  5. Early on in the piece it was revealed that not all rangers fans were keen on SG and his side kick and that these fans had reservations about the appointment, mainly due to the complete abscence of managerial experience and I’m sure the
    Blood line would also have been a worry!
    It didn’t take long for their worst fears to be realised and the job hasn’t even started yet .
    They say that it’s what comes out of a mans mouth that defiles him and in the case of the aforementioned individuals and the statements they have made both before and during their stage appearance in Dubai are not only insulting to Scottish football and it’s very capable managers but show a complete ignorance of what they are about to embark on in two months time .
    Snakes lie with snakes and gerard and McAllister display the same distinctive skin markings . But it’s no coincidence they hooked up with Dave .
    Pecuniary success is the common denominator . And it would seem there is no limit to the dishonesty path they are prepared to slither along to achieve their goals .
    Pride comes before a fall . Phil,I don’t think the cliff edge is too far off .

  6. Rangers have a strategy. They are trying to bankrupt Celtic. Tomorrow there will be 22 players’ agents banging on PL’s door looking for £40,000 a week.

    1. Well Celtic could affford to pay 12 of them given we had £26.5m Net Cash in the Bank as of February’s Interim Accounts.
      For the record (Hi Keith)…
      That’s an entire first 11 and 1 Sub for any Zombies 🧟‍♂️ looking in 🤫

  7. It will come us a shock to the blue side of Glasgow but Scott Arfield and his family are all Celtic supporters. My sons know him well. A nice lad and decent enough player who is struggling to get game time with Burnley. It will be a culture shock for him playing in front of the most bigoted fans in the world.
    It is now dead easy to tell when King lies, his lips move.

    1. So why do players with such family football heritage go against instinct and tradition to sign for the ‘undead’?

  8. And with the new manager not signing up until 1st June, I wonder what it will take for SG to wisen up to King.

    I think the close overdraft facility (ahem!) may be extended frequently.

  9. £38K a week for an EPL player from a top 10 club, bargain.

    £38K a week for an EPL player from a top 10 club…..who’s not played half the season….

  10. I have an inkling that there will be a few more surprising remuneration expectations that may be met with more than a clunking of jaws on floors.

    Playing for Gerard or the jersey will only go so far and promises don’t pay bills.

    Today’s I will be mostly humming

    “Its like that and that’s the way it is” By messrs Run DMC

  11. I wouldn’t think Arfield, a bit part player, would be on £38k per week at Sevco when he’s on , reportedly, £20k per week at Burnley?

    Gary Hooper e.g., a much better player of course , commanded a £32k per week salary at Norwich City .

    Maybe Arfield’s representatives have pulled a fast one on Sevco.

  12. Dave King’s only hope to avoid the TOP sanctions is to drive Rangers into insolvency before he can be compelled to make his offer. And if he somehow managed to persuade the other “loaners” to write off their loans then when insolvency comes he’s left in the driving seat when the debt for equity swap takes place, wiping out all the other shareholders. At least until he gets disqualified from acting as a director.

  13. £38k a week!!…. as well as being totally unaffordable I’m sure (if correct) this will cause some unrest in the dressing room. Esp when you consider they have an £11m world class striker (yes I know😀) earning far less.

  14. Even if we take DCK at his word (I know) and they somehow manage to organise a share offer whilst his TOP issue remains unresolved what I don’t understand is where the £6m in new working capital comes from.
    Concert party members wouldn’t be able to take part and in any case converting debt to equity does not provide any new money.
    What do Club 1872 have £1m? So who else is going to but shares and supply working capital? I just don’t get it.
    Surely with Close Brothers needing to be repaid all that happens is the cash crisis hits a few months earlier this coming season.

    1. Ra Peepul will stump up their giro money and Cash converters dividend (flogged the weans wii) and gallop to Edmiston Drive on King Billy’s charger to help the cause.

      Rainjuurz must get back where they belong. WATP

  15. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, Glib is shorting Sevco. In other words, the worse they do financially, the better he does. Really poor form from the Blue Room chaps in crowning someone King who does not believe in their product …

    1. Exactly how is he “shorting” Sevco and getting his money out. That makes no sense at all. There’s no market to “short” them on .

      1. Bonuses, dividends, “expenses”, the Sevco Triangle, asset stripping, kickbacks, bungs, who knows? Maybe all of them. Jim at 3:06, above, had another possible explanation. Plus, Glib is only short 5 million, not 20 million as he claims. (David Murray having paid 15 million back to Glib post currency control avoidance.)

          1. You don’t get this “defamation” thing do you?
            Please post somewhere else.
            I don’t have time for this.
            Bye bye.

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