The importance of not being defined by others

It is indicative of the state of play at Ibrox that their convict chairman seeks to drag Celtic into every wedding reception that he hosts for hand-picked hacks.

Brendan Rodgers replied with customary polite precision:

“…we are defined and measured by ourselves, not by anyone else.”

As if to underline this the biggest club in Scotland announced a £4m upgrade to the lighting and playing surface.

Celtic will have a total home attendance this season of 1,000,000.

It is understandable that any weaker brand, such as Sevco, would wish to be associated with such success.

Last night Celtic navigated the fixture against Kilmarnock without serious mishap in terms of injuries.

What matters now is the cup final against Motherwell and another opportunity to make history.

The recent 9-0 aggregate score between Celtic and Sevco should put this “Old Firm” rivalry pish into some sort of perspective.

However, through the summer period, everything will be wonderful for the Ibrox demographic.

They will be regaled with a tsunami of puff pieces about signing targets and Mr Gerrard’s managerial magic.


The Wayne Rooney squirrel didn’t last long.

However, other pish Sevco transfer speculation squirrels are available…

Of course, it all gets a bit iffy when football matches have to be played.

You may recall that Pedro was going to do great things until he met with little Progrès.

After that, it got progressively more hilarious for the rest of Planet Fitba.

Then there was that nice young Master Murts.

Despite much zip chewing it was always going to end the one way.

Now the tantalising prospect being dangled before The People is that Mr Gerrard can topple Celtic from the top spot in Scotland.

However, the facts on the ground are the facts on the ground and no amount of pishful thinking will alter that basic reality.

During these summer months just think of two words when you see this nonsense in the radar press:

“Season” and “Tickets”.

Remember that dear reader and you’ll be fine.


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