The importance of not being defined by others

It is indicative of the state of play at Ibrox that their convict chairman seeks to drag Celtic into every wedding reception that he hosts for hand-picked hacks.

Brendan Rodgers replied with customary polite precision:

“…we are defined and measured by ourselves, not by anyone else.”

As if to underline this the biggest club in Scotland announced a £4m upgrade to the lighting and playing surface.

Celtic will have a total home attendance this season of 1,000,000.

It is understandable that any weaker brand, such as Sevco, would wish to be associated with such success.

Last night Celtic navigated the fixture against Kilmarnock without serious mishap in terms of injuries.

What matters now is the cup final against Motherwell and another opportunity to make history.

The recent 9-0 aggregate score between Celtic and Sevco should put this “Old Firm” rivalry pish into some sort of perspective.

However, through the summer period, everything will be wonderful for the Ibrox demographic.

They will be regaled with a tsunami of puff pieces about signing targets and Mr Gerrard’s managerial magic.


The Wayne Rooney squirrel didn’t last long.

However, other pish Sevco transfer speculation squirrels are available…

Of course, it all gets a bit iffy when football matches have to be played.

You may recall that Pedro was going to do great things until he met with little Progrès.

After that, it got progressively more hilarious for the rest of Planet Fitba.

Then there was that nice young Master Murts.

Despite much zip chewing it was always going to end the one way.

Now the tantalising prospect being dangled before The People is that Mr Gerrard can topple Celtic from the top spot in Scotland.

However, the facts on the ground are the facts on the ground and no amount of pishful thinking will alter that basic reality.

During these summer months just think of two words when you see this nonsense in the radar press:

“Season” and “Tickets”.

Remember that dear reader and you’ll be fine.


23 thoughts on “The importance of not being defined by others”

  1. Television’s role in the Sevco debacle should not be forgotten… or apparently mentioned, particularly down Pacific Quay way. An absolute and total failure to raise any concerns, from a journalistic point of view, of the calamity heading in the direction of the Sevco fans, or to question DCK as he teeters on the financial brink, suggests both a lack of spine and an absence of interest.. or just fans with laptops in the newsroom? We all should expect more from the national broadcaster we support with our licence fees.

    On a separate note: if Motherwell don’t win the cup, isn’t it the case that Hibs will still be in Europe next year? Even without this, the likelihood of Sevco being around to try to make some Progres beyond these shores is surely worth a modest each-way bet. Come on Neil Lennon. Come on the boys in green… Hail hail

  2. Thanks Phil, I shall make it my summer mantra,although CFCs🍀 season tickets would be sold out soon,if not entirely done already.

    Thanks for the update.✅

  3. Lets see, have I got the Rangers transfer policy correct?
    Sell their bestest players for top dollar and bring in better players for less transfer fee outlay and an increase in the wage bill?
    Sounds great.

  4. Once you elimate the impossible,whatever remains,no matter how improbable,must be the truth.ACD
    Phil and several other blogger have informed us that Sevco are running insolvent.The legal money has dried up,so now we are looking at how it is possible for them to survive.No company can survive losing money for years,it’s just impossible.
    Let’s look at what’s left,DCK is a career criminal,this is a fact,there is no doubt that he has friends who have assisted him in his activities,no matter how improbable it seems one must deduce that this is how Sevco are now operating.SG history is laced with attachments to such people,are we now seeing Sevco
    run by criminals,with the SFA blessing.
    One thing is certain the SFA,and the media would have stopped this happening if this was Celtic.

  5. Phil
    You talk a lot about the criminality of King and rangers and I’m sure you are right about it
    I’m a devoted Celtic man but I’m a bit concerned about the criminality of our biggest shareholder
    They say that you can’t be a wee bit pregnant It’s either or
    With corruption the same rule applies
    Glass houses and stone throwing
    We can only dodge bullets so long
    What about him
    He is not squeaky clean
    Very clever nonetheless
    But corruption is that. Corruption

    1. Peter,
      What criminality are you referring to?

      If you have an allegation to make regarding our biggest shareholder please share.

  6. Every couple of months, when they get a new “ manager”, the old pishometer of pish is dragged out of the pishy cupboard.
    As always told as it really is.
    Many thanks!

  7. Rooney and Skrtel are earning far more than sevco could afford. They had a rummage down the back of the setee, but couldn’t find the 7 grand a week that would let them hang on to Bates. Three million for Windass? They’d bite your hand off if offered one million.

  8. Always found it hard that season tickets and the sale of, don’t seem to qualify for the trade descriptions act!
    Also it now appears that, I’m the case of Sevco, the SMSM are very much an extension of level five!
    They, SMSM, should be reminded that in past days such sales coverage came with succulent lamb and aided sales and hence shareholder value!
    The sales allowed good “real” journalism and facts were presented and not hidden or ignored.
    A “scoop” was finding real information that others hadn’t found as quickly to present, now it just appears to be a race to present the level five work as quickly as possible!
    Will the Evening Times print an apology for their Rooney “piece” they should do.
    Perhaps we should start alternative press awards for those who print the biggest and best sport fantasies of the season lol.
    Thank goodness we have websites like this!

  9. Their fans are trying to hitch themselves to the Liverpool juggernaut.
    Much talk of attracting players(Bosmans?) who without the Gerrard effect wouldn’t have been near Ibrox.
    And of course a flow of the best young Liverpool players to fill up the squad…. In other words acting as a feeder club!
    King has pulled the pin on the COS/TOP grenade and scuttled home to South Africa leaving others to clean up his mess.
    No one at the club has attempted to clarify exactly what King was selling in his state of the nation Q&A.
    Probably as much in the dark as the rest of us.

  10. Top stuff again Phil , I wonder how long it will take before the fools at ibrokes suddenly realise they’re being taken for mugs . Soon their shares will be 20million old Deutsch marks for 1 but still most of them believe DCK is the saviour of Sevco. As for the hoops , we go from strength to strength and with the new addition to the squad tonite as well as the stadium upgrades , the futures green and white 🍀🍀🍀🍀😁

  11. Once again Phil great piece that am looking forward to next season see what happens pile pish coming from sevco recently there back in Europe for next season I think that’s load off bull you and I know when you published this story there license got knocked back daily ranger pile of pish are there any other rumours come out of paradise on new signings

  12. We’re spending money on the infrastructure in and around Celtic Park that should tell the smsm all they need to know.
    Sevco are trying to raise £6m through a dubious share issue
    The one done by sir bribe and lie only raised £1m.
    Sevco supporters won’t back anything that means they have to pay for it, they want billionaires with wealth off the radar to donate to them.
    The GASL has already said no loans will be repaid.
    They might have to borrow our old tannoys when Close Lending take theirs.

  13. The bookies recognize easy money when they see it. That’s the only reason they offered odds on Rooney, who I am sure the bookies realized would never sign for a piddly side.

  14. The Stenography Departments seem to be blissfully unaware of the impending Financial situation coming up fast at Celtic Park?
    July 2019 Celtic will be officially free of Debt.
    The final payment of £6.25m will be made to the Co-Op and for the first time in decades our Club will be Banking all profits after Tax.
    Chuck in a resident billionaire with wealth very much on the Radar (approx £1.8bn according to Forbes) and one can only imagine what levels of investment in the Celtic squad will transpire?

  15. Phil as someone like yourself who left his native Glasgow, it’s hard sometimes trying to get a real grasp of all things football back home ( all my Celtic supporting friends only tell me things through there green tinted specks and the few decent newcos I know are permanently unavailable these days – ah bless). So it’s great reading all your posts from a truly neutral point of view ( loved the heated driveways stuff), with regards to “them”, I believe they are on critical life support and it’s only a matter of time before the machine starts going beeeeeeeeeeeeep………
    In my profession I see cases like this all the time and the recovery/survival rate is less than 0.5%. King has certainly bitten off more than he can chew as the city institutions he has upset are not like the week and pathetic spfl and sfa, these organisations are brutal in their enforcement of the laws of this land.

    Keep up the great work.

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