Just another day at Crisis FC

As the basket of assets valiantly battled at Pittodrie to be simply the second best there were important off-field developments.

I am told that Close Brothers called Sevco to London today.
My information is that it was for detailed discussions around their current facilities.
However, I’m sure it will all be ironed out satisfactorily.
Regular readers may recall that I reported that the SFA had forwarded on Sevco’s European licence application to the folks in Nyon with an attached letter outlining some minor problems.
Well, I was told tonight that UEFA has sent back their application as being not currently fit for purpose.
Consequently, the Sevco High Command has some work to do before the Engine Room Subsidiary is eligible for European spot.
Developing crisis…

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  1. I’m told not everyone’s travel arrangements went to plan yesterday, (or Tuesday) pretty disappointing for the frequent f liar, I’m told the plane left with an empty seat.
    In the past Airport taxis were white, some visitors to the country left Abbotsinch by other white cars.
    No confirmation of overnight accommodation. Interesting that Keef and friends couldn’t report on this activity.

  2. Regarding the wee diddy team from Ayebrokes getting a Euro license – what what what? Apparently the SFA have gilded their lily……is that the same as polishing a turd and does crime really pay? So many questions and I’m sure the sports hacks will enlighten me…..not. HH

  3. Did the SFA undertake an internal review of their licencing procedures to head off a UEFA auditor turning up at Hampden?
    8 months and counting since Regan passed the task to the Compliance Officer.
    What is going on? They have all the facts and paperwork to hand.
    If the application was submitted with a tick in the no overdue taxes box then a fraud has been perpetrated, followed by a cover up.
    Those responsible have to be brought to account.

  4. Not content with King calling the shots at Ibrox as Chairman of the holding company not the football club without any SFA clearance to do so, we also have Alistair Johnston on the premises who, when the SFA last emerged from the Hampden bunker, we were told had not been passed as F&P by the governing body!
    Something to do with him being Oldco Chairman when the 2012 fraudulent licence application was lodged.
    What is going on with the Compliance Officer review? I don’t believe for a minute that the findings can’t be released before Maxwell picks up the reins on the 21st May.
    Has the Compliance Officer found evidence confirming the fraud and passed his file to Police Scotland or was he stood down months ago and thats the end of it as far as the SFA is concerned?

  5. Daily Rangers sources believe that Gerrard will leave his family in Southport as he moves to Glasgow at the start of his 4 year contract.
    I doubt if he signs any player fron south of the border that he would be expecting anything less than full commitment, including moving their families to Glasgow!

  6. Still total radio silence on the UEFA refusal from the Scottish media.

    Quelle surprise! As they say in Nyon.

  7. Out of curiosity…….. Okay ignorance of the system, do the SFA apply automatically for European licenses for all top six clubs or just those with confirmed qualified places. I’m only asking because even NOW, sevco do not have a qualifying position.

  8. Is it possible that king knows that his share issue will be rejected and is only doing this to reinforce his lie that 20p is less than what the shares are worth ? Trying to convince shareholders not to take the offer?

  9. Is it not typical of the shambles that is the SFA to submit documents to EUFA for a Euro licence for Sevco to have it dismissed as “not fit for purpose”.
    How long have they been in this business that they cannot ensure the information being forwarded meets the basic criteria for granting a licence.
    Or were they aware of the shortcomings but considered it worth a try to get it through the system without any hassle, either way another shocking mismanagement from those supposedly managing our game.

  10. Phil, First time commenter – sorry, wrong program! Apologies if already mentioned, but will it not be a consequence of Stevie G being “appointed” (for the moment at least) that the English Main Stream Media, presumably of the non-succulent variety, will start investigating all things King/Ibrox/UEFA and pick up where Alex Thomson left off? I’m surprised this hasn’t taken off via major South of the Border headlines already

  11. True blue ? Ye ok son , Medication time , zombies everywhere
    It’s people of your ilk that football despises. Stay away

  12. S Gerd. must’ve seriously been off his nut signing up for this term in the ibrokes asylum.
    Reading some of DK’s quotes ie. funding – it really makes no sense – I’m sure he’s just opening his trap and saying whatever he feels like at the time. Scary how this lot can claim to be ‘ challenging ‘ us next season.
    I’m still in shock that gerrard actually joined them !
    S Gerrard ‘ DUPED ‘ ? Haa

  13. Phil, I look forward to reading your articles and the responses of your followers. I have to confess, however, that I fear you could be experiencing an Alphonsus More or Less moment with this one, i.e. being wide of the mark.
    You fail to understand the Sevco birthright which is entitlement.
    No need to lay solid foundations, that’s for lesser clubs. No need to live within one’s means. Patience, huh. That’s for others.
    Sevco is the biggest, most successful world renowned football institution on God’s earth…despite it’s tender age of six.
    TOP, UEFA do not apply at Ibrox….rules is for fools.
    We are entitled to millions. Next season we are entitled to domestic and European domination. S. Gerard will reestablish the natural order. The King will assume his rightful position.
    Ibrox will enjoy huge investment and will become the envy of the world of football. Sponsors will trade blows in their efforts to be associated with us. Financial houses throughout the world will fall in the stampede to follow. We are the peepul…we are entitled.

  14. May I draw your attention to the terms of the unnecessary Close Bros “overdraft”.
    Search “Companies House SC425159” and select “The Rangers Football Club Limited – Companies House” then look at “Filing History” then the two Registration of Charge documents, 13-Feb-2018 and 20-Feb-2018.

    If TRFC Ltd does anything that even looks like preparing for administration, Close Bros get to keep all the security put up for the “overdraft” – approx £6m in all. Close Bros have a very strong financial interest in closing TRFC Ltd and RIFC plc down for a quick profit at the first and slightest opportunity.

    DavieG has made a criminal career of exploiting the patience and due process of mind-mannered, fair-minded organisations.

    In comparison, Close Bros will have the padlocks on so quickly it will make DavieG’s eyes water – and they’ll bill him for the padlocks.

    I suspect Murray Minor and Cillit Bang Guy smell the stennch of administration and sought assurances from DavieG that he was taking the Close Bros risk seriously – to which they received less than convincing answers – as a direct result they resigned pronto, wanting no part of it. Hence their silence since.

    Other conspiracy theories are available – but few touch so many facts.

    1. Close Brothers are guaranteed their profit just by waiting for Rangers to repay what they owe. A guaranteed return, no trouble. Should Rangers go bust then legally they are only allowed to keep what they are actually owed from the sale of the assets. OK there may be a few penal clauses in there that bump up their proceeds a bit, but should some sucker really pay say £10 million for the car park, then £6 million or so would end up back with the liquidators. And should they only get £2 million, then they join the queue of other creditors alongside the face painter. Creditors of Rangers 1 are still waiting for their 10p in the pound 6 years down the line.

      As for the tannoys and pie-stands, Charles Green ended up paying full whack last time, but the owners of a 3rd Rangers might play tougher or just use the opportunity to upgrade the facilities.

      If Close were confident that their security really would cover their “overdraft facility” then they wouldn’t be quite as twitchy as Phil suggests.

      1. You are wrong. Close Bros benefit greatly from The Rangers’ early demise – that is their business. They seek handsome reward for taking risks of last resort with failing companies. They are not soft directors making soft loans. They are not a charity, Read the 13-Feb-2018 agreemment:

        Section 2, Undertaking to Pay

        Section 10.7, Costs and Expenses.

        Then tell me that Close Bros will not gain more money in less time when these are triggered by The Rangers going into administration. Where I come from, these two sections alone form a storng financial interest in seeing The Rangers fail.


  15. SFA are likely to say

    if you ban one of our clubs(can you please just ban them ALL)

    Er i mean as a stand we will not put anyone forward for Europe in protest.

  16. UEFA has sent back their application ? This cannot be true otherwise the Scottish Media would be all over the story.

  17. UEFA has sent back their application? Well, that cannot be true . It would have been Headline News in the Scottish Media were it so.

  18. I wonder what odds there are on Steven Gerrard not being in post by the time the new season starts (SPFL season, not the Euro qualifiers)?

  19. Sources close to Yaya Toure and Wayne Rooney say that both players are keen to join the Gerrard revolution rather than finish their careers in the MLS.
    Wages are reported not to be an issue with both players prepared to play for 50% of their current £250k and £150k per week paychecks.
    Just thought I’d get it in before Chris Jack!

  20. Following the weekend and last night’s fixtures it’s clear that the standard of refereeing is at an all time low.
    Apparently attempting to halve a player in two is no longer a red card, in some instances not even a yellow!
    In no particular order the worst, imo, Dallas, Walsh, Clancy, McLean, Madden.
    All products of Fleming’s reign as referee supremo at the SFA, says it all.

  21. Apart from the obvious – despising Sevco – I will be delighted if this is true, Phil (seriously, I do not doubt you!), as it might finally show UEFA are taking action against the cabal of corruption plying its trade from Ipox today.

    For too long they’ve made a mockery of every rule in the book. Absolutely disgusting organisation from top to bottom – ideal place for Gerrard to learn his trade.

    1. In fairness UEFA were pretty quick to act in Italy, France etc. The problem is they rely on assurances from local associations, and the SFA is full of huns.

  22. The Glasgow godfather calls a press conference,and all the country’s media attend.
    Nobody questions him,as it is more than their jobs worth.The godfather then tells the media what to print,and what to show on their evening news.
    He then tells them that nobody will ever be paid back,and is never going to comply with court rulings.
    This man has complete control over the country,just the same as any faciast leader.
    This is present day Scotland,so let’s not criticise any other country.

  23. Something going badly wrong in the Scottish media.
    Has Level 5 lost the plot?
    Richard Wilson tweeting that Rangers UEFA licence is in the appeal process and that the SFA has been asked to provide further information around the application.
    With the Compliance Officer now 8 months into his review of SFA procedures around the 2012 application will his review drag on further to avoid any further embarrassment to both the SFA and Rangers?
    Over to you Tony.

  24. I’m sure that the only reason that UAFA have issues with the Sevco licence is that they haven’t read the Scottish papers. Once they get a swatch at the feelgood headlines, those procedural misgivings will topple down like a deck of cards on a roulette wheel.

  25. I still think they will finish 4th anyway so irrelevant really.

    We really need Hibs to win tonight though.

  26. No need to panic Billy… your just taking control of your borders…. if you extend your borders to the middle of the Aral sea then you can invade Johnny foreigners pitch when ever you please… as long as Johnny stays in Turkmenistan for the Bigot Dome leg… what is not to like….???

  27. If the SFA had any balls at all they’d shrug their shoulders, send UEFAs response back to Ibrox with an attaching letter Here is what you need to do by a certain date, 100 % compliant. I the mean time SFA should prepare an application for the next club in line should Sevco fail.

  28. King’s nonsense presser and follow up comments making sense now.

    Share issue that cannot happen, no debt to be repaid BS, turning down investment from HK, happy to have the overdraft with Close. Smoke and mirrors as always, interested to see what the Scottish football authorities do now. Back the club with Dave’s dodgy promises or wave the UEFA finding in their faces and tell them it aint happening. I wonder if the takeover folk had any contact with UEFA, is the cold shoulder getting down to business. Of course that is not about the club running the football team that is Dave and shareholders.

    Dave is the joker in the pack. He is driving the bus with jabba as co-pilot, cliffs ahead.

    For having the biggest managerial signing ever in the world it has all went a tad quiet. Usually Dave exploits any good news to the death with his face in the paper ad nauseum.

  29. It appears that one of the issues is the soft loans.
    The providers can show their RRM credentials by writing them off.
    Park and co must be wondering how they ever got dragged into this horror show. They will be counting the cost for years to come.
    Unless King has found a new mug and with a share or rights issue highly questionable will he single handedly fund the deficit?
    Close Bros will be all over them following King’s rambling Q&A as will TOP/COS.
    There’s no doubt he thinks the laws of the land only apply to other people.
    He claims to have no idea as to why Paul Murray jumped ship days before the Gerrard announcement.
    Mr King lying, who would have thought.
    Will be ironic if the Gerrard appointment is a prelude to a shitstorm arriving at Ibrox.

  30. Progres in Europe could lead to their “Downfall” again.
    Ironic that King should be so knowledgable about the supposed effect of European football income and Celtic.
    What would it mean to the Gerrard Project if UEFA refuse a licence?

  31. Well well who’d have thunk it? Mr Close and Mr Close asking questions of sevco and they aren’t the only ones it seems. The proverbial brown stuff is hitting the air con now and Hell slap it into them. What are the chances this reaches the wary eyes of the astute ‘journos’ currently plying their trade in Scotland? I’ll get back to you on that one. The times they are a changing for the zombies now. HH

    1. Not at all I’m loving it.Must add that I take serious offence that Hearts fans are regarded as ‘mini-huns’ by some of the Celtic persuasion.We all despise for what they are.

      1. I don’t recall Neil Lennon being physically attacked at Ipox, but I certainly do at Tynecastle. I don’t recall Anne Budge complaining publicly about anti-Catholic and anti-Irish singing at Tynecastle but I do recall her getting her underwear in a twist about Celtic fans singing songs about the heroic founders of the Irish state.

        Maybe mini-huns is over-egging it; huns-lite, perhaps? It might also help your case were Hearts to try a leg occasionally against Sevco rather than get agitated only at the sight of a jersey containing green. No offence!

    2. Naw,well mmmm,…..NAW💚SCHADENFREUDE YA BAMS.

      Ask yourself this; Do you believe IF the roles were reversed that they wouldn’t be lapping this up like lurcher fae a burn??

      Let’s face it and be truthful,I kinda consider myself a decent enough fella I’ve several acquaintances here that support sevco,BUT in one particular case I’ve a very good friend here,whom I trust TOTALLY and We made a pact NEVER tae let it spoil a mutually beneficial friendship.We’ve stuck to that agreement and to this day he is one of the few I trust in this town.Proper Gentleman.
      Noo I said before on here that I was guilty of tarring EVERY reporter in Scotland calling them shaeful and being derogatory with a sweeping statement and that was wrong of me,and showed my ignorance.
      I know now it was wrong then,and the same can be said for the decent fans at iboaks.You simply cannot,or rather should not, think them ALL TO BAD,coz the same rule applies again.

      Thanks for All your time and effort.

      That laugh on Twitter Wednesday around 10pm was EXCELLENT I had turn everything off,seen that someone tagged you into Phil.Then someone was saying something like you did not stay long and you then asked whomever it was that tagged you to GET ME OUT IT,I think was how you put.
      Someone said Phil didn’t stay long and my reply to him was Phil’s Way Too Busy doing other people’s jobs for them.


  32. The earth is, I believe, orbiting the sun in decreasing circles and one day, in the far distant future, millions of years in the future, it will crash into the sun. The shit presently circling the sevco fan will, I firmly believe, crash into it before the end of this year. Perhaps before the end of this summer.

    1. I believe the sun will expand and consume the earth long before that happens.

      Either way, it does not look good for planet earth. Or Sevco.

    2. If they finish fourth and Motherwell win the Cup (please take one for the team, Celtic), I think they’ll go into admin as soon as the final whistle is blown.

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