Why Deloitte resigned as RIFC auditors and the importance of courage

A central aspect of reporting on the Ibrox saga over the last decade has been the reaction of their dignified customer base.

Over these last ten years, various individuals have been threatened by the klan including your humble correspondent.

Of course, the answer to this social problem is to face them down.

I believe that being heroically anonymous and bravely concealed only feeds the false sense of power that validates The People.


It is never a good idea to encourage fascists with displays of cowardice.

That is why Ms Angela Haggerty had her day in court to give sworn evidence that saw Mr David Limond of the Rangers Chat podcast sent down for 6 months in 2013.

In that moment she showed more courage than all the macho types on the sports desks.

At the time I recall that her case was discussed on the Follow Follow message board with the usual Unsurpassed Dignity.

One Churchillian chap ruminated that this moment was her 15 minutes of fame and that her journalistic career would go nowhere.

She is now the news editor of the Sunday Herald and is a nationally recognised columnist.

Then in 2014 when she was interviewed on BBC Television about the financial issues around the Ibrox sag the klan proceeded to meltdown.

It was not lost on the Guardian media commentator Professor Roy Greenslade that something very dark was happening.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is always something very dark going on at Ibrox…

Although it is important for a journalist like Ms Haggerty to show such exemplary courage I accept that employers have a duty of care to their employees.

Moreover, when health and safety matters are in play then other bets are off.

To this end, I fully understand the point of view of a bookstore manager when he recently told me that he would love to have me in one of his Glasgow city centre shops to do a book signing for my debut novel.

However, he has a duty of care to his staff and their experience in the summer of 2012 with Downfall left them in no doubt as to the censorious nature of the klan.

Through all the chaos this dedicated professional supported his staff and faced down the fascists who invaded his store.

Downfall is still on sale there and it still sells.

It was important that the Ibrox chaps failed to have a book banned.

If the klan had won on Downfall then it would not have been the last title and I would not have been the last author to suffer from that mob censorship.

I have written here passim that there was a story behind the reason why Deloitte resigned as auditors of Rangers International Football (RIFC).

Recently I received a copy of a letter dated 19th June 2015.

This was shortly after the Off Licence Putsch.

The missive is from Deloitte to the directors of RIFC.

This  letter details that:

“Members of the engagement team and other Deloitte partners unconnected with the audit received threatening or intimidating messages from anonymous third party sources”.

The letter continues that because of these health and safety concerns it was the decision of Deloitte to resign as auditors.

Three days ago I wrote to Deloitte apropos this three year old missive.

The following day I received this from a senior person in their PR department:


Hi Phil,

We are not commenting further on this one.



I can only take it from that response that the people at Deloitte have not questioned the authenticity of the letter.

This vignette is worth reporting because it should remind everyone on Planet Fitba of one important fact.

When you read the latest gushing pish in the radar press about Sevco remember that fear plays a part in the succulent coverage.


This journalist has another approach.

49 thoughts on “Why Deloitte resigned as RIFC auditors and the importance of courage”

  1. As I have said over on The Celtic Blog, it’s all about keeping people “at the back of the bus”

    Only way to deal with it is face them.

    Hear! Hear!

  2. LRJ seems most upset. An understanding of the relationship between the fascism of Oswald Moseley, and the misguided on the terraces who chant in praise of a self-confessed fascist in Billy Fullerton, might serve to inform LRJ what the connection is between the actual KKK and people who would march in their footsteps, since their songs and, generally, revel in the trappings of, ahem, the Klan.

    In the US, no one is out there, apart from the occasional American Nazi or white supremacist timebomb, defending the actual Klan… so why would anyone on this side of the Atlantic defend those who parade in similar garb?
    Having written that, I can see LRJ leaving the bunker to pen another poisoned barb. Keep up the good work Phil. Hail Hail

  3. It’s like an Under-State that dictates fae the shadows.

    Oh, the poor souls feel oppressed, the Unterhunde bark fae the dark.

  4. Im not sure whether the point of this arrival was to plug your book, or to slander Rangers fans, but mission accomplished.

    Your bias towards the Ibrox club is blatant. You not so subtilie refer to Rangers fans as Fascists and continually call them “Klan” (The spelling of which can only derive to your meaning the KKK)

    I honestly hope you don’t actually consider yourself a journalist – someone who is supposed to be impartial in their writing – because you are the complete antithesis of this. You are nothing but a bland mouthpiece spouting hate speech in a manner that Donald Trump would find shocking.

    1. We continually see the peepul who support the cheating club sevco holding marches against Fenians and using a Nazi salute along with threats of violence. If this isn’t Fascist behaviour then what the hell is? The KKK were founded to react against the black race in America and if you don’t see the parallels with their behaviour and that of bigoted football supporters then you will never agree with anything said that doesn’t fit into your mindset. Open your eyes or stay blinkered, I for one like to read real news. HH

    2. Rangers/Sevco fans slander themselves whenever they open their mouths and start singing their sectarian repertoire.

      Take a good, long look in the mirror and than examine anything that Phil has told us and give us one example of Phil being wrong.

      If you lot sing in praise of a member of the KKK is it any wonder that Phil refers to you as the Klan?

      They are a right wing, fascist organisation just like the BNP who like to canvass, with success, outside Ipox and Tynecastle.

      It always surprises me when you lot object to being called fascists when you salute like Nazis and identify yourselves with fascist organisations.

      If the shoe fits then you are most undoubtedly wearing it!

    3. Firstly slander is the spoken word, you are thinking of libel. And libel is the writing of a false accusation that would lower the target in the eyes of right-thinking persons.

      I think any case brought against Phil would fail on both those counts.

      As for the charge of fascist – your fellow Sevco fans in the march did what is unilaterally known as a fascist salute. QED.

  5. Why does the Daily Radar give up space for their Rangers blogger to claim that his team will take the title from Celtic next season without any ryhme or reason other than hiring a novice manager?
    The whole squad needs replacing and getting the dross out of the dressing room will be more difficult than bringing in players.
    The financial position is unclear, even more so after King’s Q&A circus.
    Lots of talk about targets with John McGinn frequently mentioned.
    With Neil Lennon not in the best of humour, it would be remiss of the Ibrox club to go in with a derisory offer and payment terms spread over several years as the Hibs manager, unlike some other managers, won’t be shy about revealing the details.
    We await with great interest as to Stevie G’s first move in the transfer market which should be indicative of the financial position.
    Of course dipping into ST monies, with already approx £4m due to Close Bros, will require a further whip round from whoever after the New Year, certainly not from those who have already had their fingers badly burned.
    With King stating that he has no intention of making the share offer and thumbing his nose at both TOP and COS there will be consequences.
    If King is to be believed the club will be immune from any action and only he personally will be impacted.
    He’s gone from NOAL making the offer on his behalf, then LAIRD stepping up to the plate, to not making the offer at all.
    Surely next week will see a response from TOP/COS which will bring closure and confirm that they do have some bite.

    1. John McGinn has Celtic DNA … The IBrokes offspring would love a player if his quality and future transfer potential, but there is no way on earth he will be going to the tribute act club.

      The fact that it is even being discussed illustrates the fantasy land that Govania has become.

  6. Auditors rarely walk away from a client because it hits the partners in the pocket.
    Deloitte’s must have taken the threats to their staff very seriously to wash their hands of the Ibrox mess.
    The replacement auditors are reliant on pledges and promises from a board under severe financial pressures and led by a man who has a tenuous relationship with the truth.
    When the Chairman of the holding company that owns the football club openly states that further loans will be required to meet the annual deficit until CL Group Stage is achieved then the auditors must be having kittens.
    Following King’s suicide Q&A guff it’s unclear as to whether those who have contributed the £20m of loans to date have written off their ‘investment.’
    Apart, perhaps, from King none of the previous providers will be stepping up to meet the deficit.
    Other mugs, oops ‘investors’ will be required to chuck their money down the Edmiston Drive black hole in the hope that a novice manager will propel the club into the land of milk and honey which is CL Group Stage.

  7. The only way to deal with that mob, is head on. They are bullies, who hunt in packs and crumble like dry sand, when decent people shine a light on them.

  8. I totally understand that it’s sports journalism but the smsm would have real journalists who have died in the persuit of the truth spinning in their graves. The truth must come out

  9. In the photo attached to today’s (not todays) blog ,I notice a lone (not loan) individual ,not wearing the black masks/hoods .
    I admired him , but at the same time telling myself “he has to be bad ,just being there!”
    I then began to wonder more about him .
    What made him be the only unmasked one there . Did he simply forget it or took it off because it was itchy ?
    But looking at his face I concluded that it was a deliberate act of defiance ; an act of defiance against the others there . Yes he looked defiant . He was standing up.
    I then began to ponder more deeply thus:
    I wonder what he is thinking.
    Is he brave ?
    Is he on drugs?
    Is he ignorant ?
    Maybe all of the above and more.Perhaps he is the example of what you were alluding to in the text of your blog ? Does it matter that he is misguided? If he is brave then he is brave.
    Then I began to realise something else and it is this .
    He is me. He may be more courageous . (I’m not sure how courage is measured.)
    He has a different life , but like me has bad and good in him ;Living alongside each other ,Each fighting for supremacy .
    Maybe I’d like to listen to his story ?
    Maybe it would make me more grateful that my football team is successful and making history ?
    That photo spoke to me
    So did your (not you’re) blog

  10. It seems that the SFA have now backed a sevco Euro license, since they have been given assurances that all costs for their season will be underwritten by, (DRUM ROLL), the Lying King!!! Why would any organization not completely at the beck and call of that apology for a man accept any such assurance. This is the same guy who, in the same presser four days ago said he couldn’t get £11m out of SA to satisfy the TOP, while claiming that he had invested “North of £30m in sevco.” I hope there is a very clear and legible signature on that license. It must have been signed by the most gullible gullibilly of them all.

  11. The first response illustrates exactly what you do to them Phil. And corroborates the theme of your article – if ever it were needed. Keep up the courageous work.

  12. Your no better than the clowns you write about. I’d love to meet you for a debate, but of course you no doubt would scramble up some spineless excuse. Bigot

    1. Oh dear
      Firstly, you have confused “your” and “you’re”.
      Other than that I do not think that I can help you.
      There there…

    2. TADGER,1st CLASS,well,I suppose they may be first class at lots more cowardly acts….fargin bar-stewards.COWARDS,these rsoles are the reason We tar them Aw wae the same brush,and I’ve commented recently on how We really CANNOT do this,with the rotten mob or journalists.But YOU can see why We All make that same mistake,by their disgusting cowardly acts.😤😤

      TAL✅ Aye n so will theirs.

      Thanks MR.FEAR.

      In a totally Hetrosexual Respect type love,ye understand.🤣😂😆

      Keep at Phil,for I fear IF IT WAS NOT for you,then WHO ELSE would have the grit and contacts and unsurpassed TRUE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM skills that you are master of.

      I ‘nearly’ lost it then,but I’m calm and in total control of my emulsions,trouble is I cannae get these emulsions where they’re meant to be;oan the walls n ceilings …..tbc
      Please excuse the disguised profanity,sometimes it’s fifficult to keep your emotions in check,especially after reading that article.
      Thanks Phil,truly appreciated.

    3. Bigot? Nah, just reporting on issues that are uncomfortable for some people to hear. Phil’s oft used illustration “unpleasant truths or comforting lies” comes to mind. Be grateful that he has the balls to report in the way he does.

    4. Mr Brown, please retrocede to the underside of the rock where you and the tribute act that you follow belong!!

    5. Could you define the word bigot please? Btw, it does mean not someone who informs you of facts, you’d rather not hear/read.

    6. Keyboard warrior! I wonder if you’re man enough to exchange your qwerty for a proper military weapon, which you could fire at will towards insurgents in hotspots such as Afghanistan, Iraq, or even Syria?

      You seem happy enough to accept the Queen’s shilling, so long as is issued by the DWP! You are not even brave enough to burn crosses in Alabama, surrounded by your fellow klan members!!!

    7. I’ll end the “debate” right here Davy.

      Rangers were LIQUIDATED. please read up on UK company Law before you drag you’re knuckles up to a keyboard again


  13. Hi Phil.
    ‘It is never a good idea to encourage fascists with displays of cowardice.’
    Are you paraphrasing someone there? If not it’s an excellent phrase and will be shamelessly stolen by my good self.
    Keep up the good work Phil.
    Liebe Grüsse

  14. The saga continues, any one of any repute, integrity, decency or those who have good conscience do not wish to be uttered in the same breath as the scum.

    We have interesting asides from SMSM throwing out liberal doses of magic beans and the hun out planting them while wives stand shaking their heads in disbelief at their kith and kin.

    I like the John McGinn story being banded about, then the speculation about Rooney et al.

    I sit and wonder if I should change careers just so I can meet some of these wanderlust eaters of earth.

    Oh wait, my career already brings me into.contact with themand in fact this guff being peddled by KJ and his cohorts will keep me sustained in gainful employment till at least 10iar.

    No magic beans this Friday evening on my dinner table, think I’ll go for a wee change and have fish tonight.

    1. I’m amazed that Yaya Toure’s not been touted for Rangers yet by the Scottish Media, and in particular our friends at the Evening Times.
      They were quick to jump on the Wayne Rooney bandwagon and regularly fill their back pages with blue coloured pish.
      Think of Tavernier’s article at the start of the season when he had the treble in his sights plus a sustained run in Europe.
      Perhaps Jack and Lindsay could revisit that one and ask him for his thoughts now?
      It’s little wonder that the ET sales figures have collapsed since the fantasies being promoted by both of them took over the back pages.

    1. Hear hear,trouble is there will be a greater percentage of them who follow them,therefore heefeqnhaw gets done.
      I’ve experienced that first hand at Paradise last time We actually played rfc proper,I was told in NO UNCERTAIN terms tae SIT DOON OR YOU’RE GETTING NICKED.I immediately sat down,turned my jacket inside out and took my hat n scarf off.Just in case the senior officer followed up on his threat.
      They stood there as all sorts were being thrown right over their heads.

  15. The letter certainly appears authentic – the expression of its final paragraph is standard, word-for-word, for Deloitte’s resignation letters of that time –

    “Unless the company applies to the court, this statement of circumstances, which we consider should be brought to the attention of members or creditors of the company, must be sent by the company within 14 days to every person entitled under Section 423 of the Companies Act 2006 to be sent copies of the company’s accounts. This is a requirement of Section 520(2) of that Act.”

    One can only presume the directors of RIFC plc ensured they were in full compliance with the Act, for the time period beginning 3rd July 2015. After all, they are hardly the sort of shifty-eyed individuals whom the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers would…

    oh wait.

  16. I am guessing that they did not comply with Section 520(2) of the Act, otherwise this would have been in the open much earlier.

  17. When listening to C1SSB, the fear is palpable too. There is only so far they can go in their criticism. Some of them, of course, hardly criticise all.

    I think DJ’s main fear is that he will miss out on the free nose bag at Ibrox prior to home games.

    Well, he is a big lad.

  18. Kudos to you Phil for being the tallest poppy of them all and may you continue to enlighten us on all that is dark. Be safe. HH

  19. And I hold you in high regard Phil, all my life I’ve had to deal with these peeple, locally and in jobs. I never backed down, and never will. There hatred knows no bounds. Keep up the good work.

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