Co-investors to the rescue?

As regular readers here will know Mr David Cunningham King had a clear strategy after the Off Licence Putsch in March 2015.

He had said at pressers about the need for “soft investment”.

Going forward it was always going to be fuelled by OPM.

He said all of the right things to The People and the Stenography Corps loved him for it.

It was the OPM of the masses and it has worked a treat until Sunday.

Now it is self-evident that The People are revolting.

Recently I reported here that King’s chaps had adumbrated some stark arithmetic realities to influential fans.

They were told that if they wanted a football club to support then they would have to dig deep or a different type of digging would happen.

Today at Statement O’clock the chaps at Club 1872 (peace be upon them) sent out this encyclical to the co-investors.

The key message is here:

Much of the responsibility for that progress is going to fall on the current RIFC board but we believe Rangers supporters, through Club 1872, can also shoulder part of the burden – because it’s our club. That is why we are asking supporters to join us and invest heavily in the club and also why we are in negotiations with RIFC about securing a board place.

The exhortation to “invest heavily” is what has been said privately to various groups of fans by emissaries of Mr King.

Remember one of the reasons that many of The People backed him in the Off Licence Putsch was that they believed that the Johannesburg based convicted criminal would bankroll the basket of assets.

Before taking power three years ago Mr King had the local media onside as they relayed an appalling vista to the Ibrox customer base.

Now the message is quite clear.

It is the supporters themselves that will have to bankroll the operation and not Mr King.

The irony in all of this is delicious.

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