Grisly carnage versus professional excellence

Something strange happened today.

The Daily Radar reported accurately on troubles at Sevco.

I know, I know.

You might want to take a moment dear reader…

There was indeed a free and fair exchange of post-match views between Mr Greg Docherty and Señor Alfredo José Morelos Aviléz in the tunnel at Hampden.

Word reached upstairs to the Sevco High Command that the ambience in the light blue dressing room had turned ugly.

Mr Bomber, it is fair to say, was in a less than Zen-like state after the humping.

He was very pointedly told that the dressing room was out of bounds to him.

It was the opinion of the Blue Room chaps that reasoned mediation might not be in his skillset.

Consequently, a senior functionary of the Sevco High Command was dispatched to calm the situation.

He did his best to intervene, but let’s just say that he is more middle management than middleweight.

Let us just say that the chap became collateral damage in the ensuing scholarly debate.

That psychologically broken squad now have five remaining matches to avoid dropping below their ambitions of being “Simply the Second Best”.

Remember dear reader that is all that Sevco can be.

This is what an epoch of unipolarity feels like.

I stated in the autumn of 2012 that it would be several years before the full significance of what had just happened at Ibrox would be fully felt.

The euphoria of the Off Licence Putsch in March 2015 and the failures of Heated Driveway Productions the following year at Hampden gave The People some hope.

However, it was of the false variety.

Today they know to be true that even if they cannot admit that to themselves let alone to those out with their dysfunctional subculture.

Apart from trying to secure second place, their season is over.

Now a squad comprised of loan signings and duds has to be renovated over the summer.

Across the Clyde, a well-oiled machine is already calmly proceeding with a long-term strategy, both on and off the field.

The application to buy land from the City Council for a Fan zone and the plan for a hotel on the Celtic way is evidence of that.

This morning a well-placed agent told me that Celtic had made a very good offer to Abel Hernández, currently at Hull City.

The Uruguayan striker is not short of suitors.

However, I’m told that he has a three year deal on the table from the biggest club in Scotland.

This news was further confirmation to me of the business-like approach of the Parkhead club.

It is in stark contrast to the grisly carnage at Ibrox.

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