The digital dissection of a thrashing

I have just been given a lesson in sports analysis.

My buddy is a professional who does work for several clubs in both rugby union and soccer.

After explaining to me what Dartfish was he talked me through what had transpired at Hampden yesterday.

For the avoidance of doubt, he has no interest in the Glasgow fitba feud.

He told me that young Master Murts had started with a 4-3-2-1 formation.

The midfield trio was meant to close down the space of front of the Sevco back four.

However, it didn’t quite work out.

For example, when he talked me through the McGregor goal it became clear even to me.

He told me that when the ball hit the back of the net there were FIVE players in green and white

(Forrest, McGregor, Ntcham, Rogic, Tierney) between the Sevco back four and the midfield three.

Moreover, because of this gaping chasm, it did not surprise him that the two goals that came from open play had been scored by attacking midfielders in central positions.

He added that the gladiatorial performance of Moussa Dembélé in buffeting the Sevco centre-halves made much of this possible.

In the second half when Sevco pushed on there was space for the young French striker to exploit.

You know how that worked out.

My Dartfish guy then said that Brendan Rodgers changed Celtic to a different attacking style entirely by the substitutions he made

He said that Scott Sinclair, Leigh Griffiths and Paddy Roberts comprised an interchanging trident of one-touch aficionados.

The midfield was then bossed by Calum McGregor and Ntcham.

During the remaining minutes of the game, Broony was just sitting and could have been in a deckchair.

I nodded throughout this tutorial by telephone, but eventually, I could tell him something that he didn’t know that wowed him.

It was nice to return the compliment.

I was able to tell him with some authority that Graham Dorrans is almost certainly paid substantially more than Olivier Ntcham at the moment.

Moreover, that is allowing for the Frenchman’s almost guaranteed win bonus at Celtic!

One thing that a data analysis cannot gauge is what is in the heads of the players being analysed.

I proffered the opinion at today the Sevco players are psychologically broken by what happened yesterday at Hampden.

He didn’t demur.

Have a great day.

14 thoughts on “The digital dissection of a thrashing”

  1. That Murtly formation has been proven to work against Celtic, there were only 2 elements missing yesterday.
    Firstly the tight pitch at Tynecastle and secondly a fearsome coach like Levein who demands that players stay in formation and stick to their allotted jobs for 90 minutes.
    If you try to do this on the wide expanses of Hampden with a coach who players have zero respect for, then you will get found out.
    Can you imagine Halliday calling Levein a bawbag, it would be a case of “square go outside now” for young Andy.

  2. The clue to the sport is not surprisingly in its name. Football. It is and always will be a passing game. All what is required is a degree of fitness and a modicum of sense to win the ball, pass it and move into space. Fundamentally it is a pretty simple game only made difficult by players. The true ethos of the sport has always been embraced by our club and some notable others ( Barcelona, spurs, Brazil to name a few). Those unable to compete in such a manner adopt aggressive, ugly and anti football tactics (see Pulis, Alardyce et all). Teams playing out of Ibrox have always adopted such an approach. In the end however, good always defeats bad.

  3. After the game yesterday my mind cast a long way back to my primary school years in Bothwell.

    Dinner break at St Brides primary school and today the teams will be picked by someone’s back turned and numbers being given out, The guy then turns round and gives has numbers for the teams, we then move into our respective teams.

    Once in a while you notice………………..Ya fuckin beauty, all the good players are in the same side !!!

    Keep up the good work Phil


  4. I’m old school and gave up trying to work out the intricacies of the playing systems a long time ago. I enjoy watching Celtic and I usually get good or bad vibes in the early stages of a match. Within minutes of the game starting yesterday they looked relaxed and comfortable on the ball. The good vibes kicked in early and they were a joy to watch. Quality throughout the team yesterday and happy to leave the technical stuff to yer man Brendan.

  5. My brother is also a sports analyser ….his professional opinion on the game was..
    “We gave them bastarts a right doin’…so we did.”
    He is also available for after dinner speaking.
    Hail hail.

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