Interest rates and confidential sources

I learned today that this piece caused some angst among the upper echelons of the Sevco High Command.

Apparently, hardly anyone was in that particular loop.

This has led to some unbrotherly accusations about being untrustworthy.

Oh dear.

At the time of writing those two savvy investors have yet to take Dave at his word.

The report that some banking facilities have been accessed by Sevco for the first time in the history of the six year old club will be trumpeted as a great triumph.

However, just like the loudly trumpeted “victory” over General Ashley, the devil will be in the terms and conditions.

They might well make for interesting reading.

I think it is likely that Sevco will be charged punitive rates.

Moreover, the precise nature of those will shine another bit of light onto the cash situation at the basket of assets.

For the avoidance of doubt, you are unlikely to read about those details in the tabloids.