The questions that I would put to the Walter

In recent days the holy name has once more been uttered amongst the dignified of Planet Fitba.

The Walter…

Apparently, he is in the running to replace Gordon Strachan as manager of the Scotland national team.

In a parallel universe, this Fenian would be at the welcoming presser at Hampden.


Here would be MY questions for him:


“Can you confirm or deny that you were a beneficiary of a sub-trust of the Murray Group Remuneration Trust (MGMRT)?

Was your MGMRT sub-trust number 4? 

If so, can you explain when Rangers decided to fund an EBT sub-trust for you? 

Was the decision to fund your sub-trust made between 13th June 2001 and 5th November 2001?  Were you the manager of Everton FC during this period?

Can you explain why the first payment for sub-trust 4 was made out of sequence with sub-trust 3 and sub-trust 5?

Sub trust 3 was funded on 31st May 2001 and sub-trust 5 first received funding on 5th November 2001.

Therefore, can you explain why your sub-trust (number 4) was not funded until 24th September 2002- shortly after you left your employment with Everton FC?”


For the avoidance of doubt, I doubt I would be admitted to such a dignified gathering as they won’t even respond to my emails most of the time.

For example, I have been trying to elicit a response from their media office since last September.

Those particular questions are regarding the small matter of indemnifying side letters and HMRC investigators, ach sin scéal eile ar fad!



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