The questions that I would put to the Walter

In recent days the holy name has once more been uttered amongst the dignified of Planet Fitba.

The Walter…

Apparently, he is in the running to replace Gordon Strachan as manager of the Scotland national team.

In a parallel universe, this Fenian would be at the welcoming presser at Hampden.


Here would be MY questions for him:


“Can you confirm or deny that you were a beneficiary of a sub-trust of the Murray Group Remuneration Trust (MGMRT)?

Was your MGMRT sub-trust number 4? 

If so, can you explain when Rangers decided to fund an EBT sub-trust for you? 

Was the decision to fund your sub-trust made between 13th June 2001 and 5th November 2001?  Were you the manager of Everton FC during this period?

Can you explain why the first payment for sub-trust 4 was made out of sequence with sub-trust 3 and sub-trust 5?

Sub trust 3 was funded on 31st May 2001 and sub-trust 5 first received funding on 5th November 2001.

Therefore, can you explain why your sub-trust (number 4) was not funded until 24th September 2002- shortly after you left your employment with Everton FC?”


For the avoidance of doubt, I doubt I would be admitted to such a dignified gathering as they won’t even respond to my emails most of the time.

For example, I have been trying to elicit a response from their media office since last September.

Those particular questions are regarding the small matter of indemnifying side letters and HMRC investigators, ach sin scéal eile ar fad!



26 thoughts on “The questions that I would put to the Walter”

  1. The answer to every single one of your questions would be Yes. This is why you are not invited to such a dignified gathering. Keep up the good work

  2. If you can’t get the chance to ask the EBT questions of the cardigan… Who in the media might either have the balls to do so themselves or be persuaded to?

    Any takers?

  3. Regarding sevco punters, shouldn’t they be called The Payple? On a more serious note, Walter gets the gig its games a bogey, I for one won’t be back even though I love Scotland games. Sad state of affairs.

    Keep at the corruption Phil thanks.

  4. Fans of Sevco at the BBC….Daily Rectum….The Hootsmon…et al…are flying kites with this…. to gauge fan’s reaction…and it’s click bait IMO.
    I don’t believe…for one minute….that The EBT Cardigan will get the post…the backlash would be horrendous.
    The SFA aren’t that feckin’ daft.
    PS: That goes for EBT McLeish as well.

  5. Here is another one for Walter.

    In August 2008 when you spent £10m net to purchase players that won the SPL 3 years in a row, some with ebts, were you aware of the tax determinations (bills) dropping through the Ibrox letterbox in the spring of 2008?

    Did it ever occur to you and SDM not to spend the £29m gross (including sales of Hutton & 2 others) as a contingency against future liquidation (or did you think that could not happen?)

    Did you think it correct to sign players using ebts when HMRC were billing Rangers for past signings using the same questionable tax arrangement?

    Smith and SDM put Scottish football in harms way and should be brought to account for it, not rewarded in Smith’case by income provided by supporters of the game they endangered.

  6. Sorry Phil. I inadvertently posted a reply into “ a fantasy which should not be challenged “

    If these questions were put to the messianic entity I think, to use a euphemism, he would well and truly ‘ keck his breeks’, as would all of stenographers around him.
    I would definitely pay good coin to see that. Lol
    Brilliant stuff. Thank you!

  7. I wish this site would stop jamming, and freezing all the time. SO annoying, man. And walter smith getting the job , beyond belief. I did not realise the extent of the bias, and corruption until fairly recently. I did know it existed. I once worked on a site where the foreman was a rangers supporter, and from Bridgeton. Within a few short weeks, all the labourers were from Bridgeton too. So it happens throughout all aspects of life. Jobs for the boys. You can imagine what it was like working there. There has been a serious effort to shake Celtics confidence throughout recent times. It is having a slight effect at this time.

  8. I don’t think he would be ‘holy’ I would have used the description ‘revered bretheren’ you know how these dignified chaps love their ceremony and their golden aprons under the portrait of old Betty Battenberg.

  9. A quick review of recent events raises the question of what form of PR Evel5 are engaged in – Peepul Relations or Public Ridicule ?

    To anyone with a healthy scepticism and reasonably worldly experience, Evel5’s recent work has been comedy gold – shining the harsh light of hilarity on what passes for plausiblility in the minds of the peepul and the SMSM. If anyone other than Evel5 had engineered such nonsense, they would have certainly have been condemned as haters.

    To Evel5, they serve as the source of truth and loyalty to a culture in desperate moral decline and financial fuckedupedness. The primary goal is to manipulate and reassure these strangers to objective thought that they are supporting, with their hard cash, an establishment with a future beyond the next payroll run. Surely the cadre of reality disbelievers must have declined over the Morelos and admin denial farces. Surely. Is that success to Evel5 ? Is managed decline of the unthinking and rib-aching ridicule of the thinking a successful outcome?

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing I’m a Believer by The Monkeys

  10. Phil ask questions like that and you will have the venerators of “Not A Sir In Anyway Walter ” phoning age concern, poor bugger is heading towards his dotage. Fellows such as “Sirless Walter”, need to hear only kind and compassionate questions, ie:: Are we the peepal, do you agree we are the most successful team in govan, would you like another hawf, would you like a chaser with that pint, how do you like your coco, and have you taken your tablets today.. Looks like the gig is off anyway, thats if you ever believed it was on, having the tail wagging the dog would never work, would it? I wonder who of the bluenose fraternity would join him as his superior?

  11. He abandoned the job last time when The Rangers came calling . Apart from everything else please don’t forget this . Guys a pure tosser

  12. The most successful and realistic candidate for the job of Scotland manager is obviously Neil Lennon. His record speaks for itself.

    If Lennon is to be overlooked for Walter Smith, given his role in the EBT scheme, the demise of RFC, walking out on Scotland previously after a mere 2 years or so, his age, his non-involvement in football over the last 7 years, etc., someone better be ready to explain that to the fans.

    The seriousness of all this, the disregard it expresses to fans of the game, and the potential it creates for revolt and disaffection amongst fans, shouldn’t be discounted.

    The SFA is putting its neck in the noose if Walter Smith is given the job.

  13. Smith as Scotland manager will turn people off the national team and drop attendances at Hampden. Good luck with that whatever idiot is giving him the job.

  14. His behaviour has always been ascerbic and lacking dignity.
    Remember the shameful display of aggression and swearing at poor wee Chick in the tunnel at the Crumble dome. All caught on camera. A most unpleasant and unsavoury character!

  15. Shows you how out of touch these old [email protected] are, do they really think that supporters of all other clubs are gonna stand and applaud this auld arrogant self serving Masonic b£[email protected] through the doors of hampden to take the Scotland managers job, and just turn the other cheek whilst he waves in the brotherhood through the back door oh er wait a minute mrs , just had a wee touch of the de ja vues there ,

  16. THIS SIMPLY CANT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN ……This man is complicit in everything that stinks to the high heavens in the whole rotten. Fiasco. I was going to say that I would no longer attend anything to do. With the national team but I stopped that long ago . Every Scottish supporter not just Celtic. Should be up in arms. About the the thought of this going through …… The SFA are rotten and corrupt to the core …..Boycot everything to do with them … keep up the good work Phil ..🇮🇪

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  18. Smith comes with some smelly baggage. His history in footballs’ financial side is unsavoury. He reeks of everything wrong with the klan of Govania, and with him in as manager, McRae will be able to hide all the s**t we know he’s hiding.
    We need to rid football from the klan and their known liars.
    NO TO SMITH, end of!

  19. As you say a story for another day. With questions like that I think they’d need ambulances on standby for the old codgers of the sfa. Keep up the good work

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