A fantasy that must not be challenged

I think it is fair to say that most of the citizenry of Planet Fitba have scoffed at the Morelos Chinese bid story.

The RIFC accounts last year stated that there was a big hole in the numbers.

So large that it required more than £7m to bridge the chasm and that merited a going concern warning from the auditors.

Of course, there was no need to worry as Mr David Cunningham King in the guise of New Oasis Asset Limited (NOAL) stated that he/they would cover it.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this promised cash hasn’t turned up to bail out the Holding Company Vehicle.

The first tranche of £2.9m was due to arrive by the end of November.

It didn’t.

As regular readers will know, I reported late last year that the Serious Professional had been sent on an unsuccessful mission to source invoice financing.

Then prospective administrators were sounded out.

This all pointed to a distressed company with a cash flow crisis.

Then last week we were asked to believe the following:

  • A bid of over £7m had been made for Alfredo Morelos from China.
  • That it had been turned down by the Sevco High Command.

It seemed utterly baffling.

When this fairy story was refuted on Twitter by BBC journalist it brought a swift response.

The tennis chap at the Beeb had inadvertently did some journalism regarding Ibrox by email a contact in China.

Now that just won’t do!

I’m told that a dignified delegation from the Sevco High Command alighted at Pacific Quay.

Apparently, it was THAT important that this Ibrox approved narrative continued to dominate the news cycle.

So a retraction was duly tweeted.

New balls, please.

Advantage Jabba…

One small data point is that Chinese sports deals tend to be done in US Dollars.

Therefore, the …ahem…proof shown to the Beeb that Chinese bids had been made in Euros didn’t really ring true.

Overall, it made no sense to me that the Ibrox chaps would go into battle with BBC over a transfer story.

Then an impeccably placed source told me to focus on the quantum of the putative Chinese bid.

According to him, that was the real utility function of this fantasy.

He asked me to imagine a situation whereby two well-heeled and emotionally committed Ibrox chaps were approached by a convicted criminal.

I closed my eyes and tried really hard to visualise such an undignified event.

This unrepentant felon then invited them to lend money to Sevco.

Moreover, he told them that it was only a short-term loan because the basket of assets was about to come into money from the Far East.

This was an important lie as one of the prospective lenders seemed unconvinced that there was any real equity in the Sevco squad.

Consequently, it was vital that the Chinese story remained unchallenged in the local media and that it was believed by these two chaps.

I must admit that I was almost convinced by my source as to the veracity of his story.

However, I then pointed out that this would entail Mr David Cunningham King indulging in financial skulduggery of the most grotesque kind.

Moreover, he couldn’t possibly hope to get away with such a ruse given the high-quality journalists in Scotland who constantly scrutinise the Machiavellian machinations of Sevco.

At that point, my source laughed at me.

Such cynicism in one so young.

I find that to be very sad…

64 thoughts on “A fantasy that must not be challenged”

  1. This dung heap of a club keeps giving us all of our Christmases time and time again, with the collaboration of our lowly regarded media.
    Their various announcements and Radar exclusives are only believed by their gullible, deluded and intellectually challenged hordes who drag themselves behind them.
    SMSM collusion with this departed entity is widely known by the vast majority of fans in Planet Fitba. Are brown envelopes being used on some levels?

    Barry McKay to Leipzig—£6000000? Aye Righti
    Alfredo Morales to Beijing £8–£10 million .Bid rejected.—Aye Definitely Right

    Billionaire with wealth off the Radar ?—— Aye Right!
    Dave King the right man to run Rangers?——Aye Right!
    Dave King to make up shortfall £7000000–Burst ma guts laughing.

    The most recent pronouncements regarding national manager is first of all an absolute hoot, but seriously makes Scottish football more of an international joke than we already are. The EBT man and deserter during time need being touted and promoted by former players,media Scotland and managers ,some highly experience and successful(you know what I mean?)

    Walter Park The Bus Smith, great manager of people, football innovator, creative genius, master motivator, excellent communication skills ( see Walter and wee Chick on You Tube) and football strategist of the first ordure.

    This is the sort of shite coming our way in the near future re national manager.
    Let’s step back to the past. We’re doing it with Brexit, Why not with our football.
    Phil, who are the brothers on the interview pane?
    I demand to know their names! So I do!

  2. Don’t know if its been noted elsewhere on your script or comments but I see Level5PR are a man down.
    Stephen Kerr resigned as a director of the company 19/1/18.

  3. Off topic, but has anything happened about that recent pitch invasion that saw supporters imperfectly positiooned on the grass but not interfering with play.

  4. Who at the SFA is flying the flag for the return of Smith to the national team?
    I thought this was a joke at first but the story appears to have legs….. Surely not?
    This would be a huge step backwards and before you know it McCoist will be back on the payroll himself despite his disastrous management spell at Ibrox.
    I suppose that nothing should surprise us as those currently pulling the strings were all part of the problem under Regan’s leadership.
    Has the Compliance Officer been told to cease his review of the licencing process with immediate effect as it’s time to move on and raking over old coals will do no one any good?
    Would anyone be surprised?
    Whilst Regan used the word a lot, transparency was difficult to find during his reign.
    We can expect this to continue with the rabble of small men left steering the ship.
    Choppy waters ahead, particularly if its back to the future with Wattie and Super in charge of the national squad and Petrie and McCrae calling the shots off the park.

    1. The reason names like Wattie, big Eck and Dempster are being bandied about for the situations vacant is so that Timmy can get used to the idea that he will continue to be ruled by hun-supporting knuckle shufflers whether he likes it or not. HH

  5. I thought that the price point they set for Morelos, £7-£10m, was roughly how much they need to see out the season and the whole thing was a desperate ploy to sucker a struggling EPL side into making a last minute bid. The real reason sounds just as daft, surely the Parks or whoever would do some research, and not just take King and his media lackeys at their word?

  6. The Scottish manager and SFA CEO vacancy debates in the SMSM are like watching a gang of dimwits fighting over a copy of the GCHQ Quiz Book.

    Why must he/she be Scottish? Has Scottishness collerated with competence and success in the past?

    Why would anyone with near-zero relevant experience be a viable candidate for either role? How many months will they be allocated to learn their trade and who will mentor them?

    Why would those who have failed miserably and/or walked away from these roles in the past be consulted for advise and even be mentioned as possible candidates?

    What are the objectives and KPI for each position year by year, qtr by qtr? How do these objective and KPI differ from the previous imcumbents’? Is being subjectively better than the last one when sacked in under two years an adequuate measure of progress?

    Why is one perosn’s 20 year allegiance to one club considered a positive for one role and too toxic for the other role?

    Have any other organisatons acheived the changes that Scottish football seems to want? Have others associations already had experience of this exact journey? Are there people who could take up all positions in Scottish football that are smarter, harder working, more focussed and more experienced that could be drafted in to assist “the project”? Or are the fat old feet under the table only looking to hire malleable, expendable, temporary staff ?

    Why would anyone with the qualities needed be attracted to Scottish football – after doing just one day of internet research?

    Scottish football is once again showing it’s cognitive weaknesses to the world – without even realising.

    Carry on chaps, you’re doing a fine, fine job of embrarrassing the whole nation – again 🙂

    1. KPI, I feel like I am at my work…….would you suggest they do a risk assessment before the appointment of the new Scotland manager as well FFS. And the only people that thought Morelos was worth 7 Million are thick zombies with no sense of reality who believe any rubbish the media come out with.
      He will be punted in the summer at a loss or break even and I do not believe that they paid 1 million for him in the first place. My bet is Nottingham Forrest for 500 grand.

      1. A risk assessment would be a very good idea – the risk being terminal humiliation from failing to qualify for future international competitions – ad infinitum – while countries a fraction of Scotland’s size qualify on a regular basis and do themselves proud once there.

        1. I do not believe we need to measure metrics such as key point indicators or carry out risk assessments to see what is wrong with our game mate, For too many years talent was overlooked at schoolboy level in preference to laddies that where big and athletic but ultimately shit at Football, Then you add in the brotherhood that is the SFA and you have the perfect recipe for what we have seen for the last 2 decades…..Always find it amusing that the new rangers fans have turned on their own in the corridors of power…..They really know S.F.A ( the other acronym) and if it was not for the nuckle crunchers in that organisation we may have had a fair outcome to the industrial scale cheating that went on.

          1. Chris, I understand and agree that the problems are obvious and way beyond the simple absence of KPI etc. But if the SFA had any seriuos ambition for better results rather than self interest, job for brothers and an easy VIP lifestyle then they would be using KPI and lots of other proven business management tools – starting with professional recruitment. You can bet that the teams that qualified for the Euros are using these intelligently to good effect.

  7. If Hibs and Aberdeen continue their current form then there is a possibility that the Ibrox thingy might slip to 4th in the table.
    Given the admitted need for European money it would be ironic, would it not, if Celtic lifting the Scottish Cup and completing back to back trebles opened the door to Europe for the 4th placed team?

    1. Did you mean open the door or enough rope to hang themsleves. A club finishing 4th in the SPFL is unlikely to make dignified progres outside of Lodgeland. Although the situation you describe would cause some very complex thinking for the men sponsored by Specsavers 🙂

  8. Is it just coincidence that the “rejected” bid for Morelos is exactly the same amount as the shortfall in TRFC’s accounts? Because suddenly TRFC have a £7m asset so they are now effectively solvent!

    1. Comfortably Numb. You have it bang on. I think Auldheid had it spot on. This is ALL about the accounts and the UEFA FFP. The big problem is the powers at be will let them away with it again.

      1. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Remember after King unexpectedly met with Regan last season to discuss “general matters”they were given a European license despite FFP noncompliance. King publicly stated that European football was key to their survival; indeed its part of their corporate strategy. Their dire Progrès led directly to their immediate working capital problems, and I can’t see UEFA sitting back again. Indeed Phil actually wrote that only their failure in Europe prevented a formal UEFA investigation.

  9. The RIFC board skilfully focused our minds on the figure of £7m as the shortfall until the end of next season in the last accounts. This was certainly a problem, but a seemingly manageable problem, a gap pluggable by King’s NOAL facade. The human brain likes numbers and jumps on them as solid and comfortable.facts. Our species’ mental weakness is remembering the hinterland that define every important number – a hinterland that can change the number’s meaning dramatically over time and circumstance. The hinterland of the £7m gap was an initial cash injection and profitable domestic cup runs and very profitable transfer business and very,very profitable league performance and very, very, very profitable Champions League performance and a profound optimism towards pending liabilities and tribulations. The hinterland painted in the accounts is in tatters, so we should let go of the certainty of the £7m figure and move on. Or perhaps, re-calibrate the hinterland and reset the gap at an absolute minimum of £14m and more likely £20m. Jabba really missed a trick here – the mystery Chinese gentlemen really needed to snap up More-or-Less-Useless for at least €25m to have the desired effect.

  10. As the media predictably dance on Regan’s grave he will be the fall guy for any and all bad news seeping from the Hampden bunker.
    Where have these so called journos for the 8 years of Regan’s reign.
    What about the cheating years and the trophies transferred from a club being liquidated to a brand new entity.
    Did our media miss that sleight of hand?
    The whole continuation nonsense?
    Bryson’ s ridiculous imperfect but legible take on the missing DOS/EBT payments not lodged with the players contracts.
    The farcical LNS enquiry subverted by the SFA President, himself a recipient of a £96k EBT payment.
    Can’t remember anyone in the media pointing out that he may have been a little conflicted.
    When have you heard any of them questioning Fleming’s role as referee supremo?
    Yep, occasionally individual officials get a doing but no one ever questions the man responsible for their training and performance.
    That’s why we end up with a linesman who flags a player offside from a throw in, yet no one is brought to book.
    Don’t be surprised if he gets a Scottish Cup Final gig.
    Regan should have been canned years ago and the media should have been leading the charge but now they are just being wise after the fact… Hippocrites every one of them.

  11. It all smells like keech to me but what i don’t understand is that supporters of the dead club keep on believing the effluence fed to them. It is a desperate state of affairs when spin is used to mug off not just the gullabillies and smsm but a professional football player(!) who is dependent on this skint mob to make a living. Run Alfie run!

  12. Of course if the idea that Moreles is actually worth £7m is not challenged, it becomes a fact that TRFC hold an asset worth £7m and is valued as such by auditors.

    Helps make the books balance as we run into club licencing cycle….

    1. BUT the good news as the Shadow of Yale Policy Centre reported to me MORELOS KNOWS WHAT HIS WAGES SHOULD BE AND THE STILL CANNAE FUND THE PRE WINDOW WAGES. Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess. I think the Lord that I’ve been blessed with an extra ten grand of Morelos-mess.

    2. My understanding is that the value of a player on a club’s balance sheet is an intangible asset and the current value is calculated as the amount of time left on that player’s contract as a proportion of the total length of the contract, multiplied by the price paid for him. Any gain or loss to the book amount is only realised when the player is actually sold.

      Land and buildings are tangible assets and treated differently in that they are ‘professionally’ valued with the method of valuation that is applied supposedly justified.

  13. Thank you for the clarity Phil. I immediately knew the megabucks bid was BS but I’ve been wracking my brain as to the motive. The theories I came up with did not quite fit the bill but you’ve brought the puzzle pieces together. The picture revealed is that of a toxic narcissist doing what he knows best; lying, manipulating, and generally laying waste to all around him. If the gullibillies weren’t such a deplorable lot, I would pity them. They’re ignorant to the entirely pernicious nature of DCK. He’d sooner take the path to mutually assured destruction (yep, MAD for short), than do right by the club, and walk away. I can see us being fair scunnered of jelly and ice-cream by the time this has fully played out.

  14. King has to convince lenders to part with money because it is safe that they will be handsomely repaid. Why not lend $1,000,000 for three months till ST monies come in if some Chinese club will pay $10,000,000 later this month. King just has to fool one sucker each month. There seems to be no shortage of suckers with money to squander. 3 weeks till Administration.

    1. As long as someone will step forward and cover the immediate operating shortfall then the Sevco show will continue.
      However, it is highly unlikely that Mr King will be the benefactor.

      1. What I don’t understand is….
        “Haw Dave…we need mair money…like now.”
        “Well yase yer ain…ah’m no spendin’ mine.”
        “But if ah keep spendin’ mine…how dae ah get it back?”
        “That’s your problem.”
        Is that really what’s going on Phil ?

      2. Thanks for your amazing pages Phil. One loan at a time, sweet Satan is all I’m asking of you.
        Help me this day, Show me the way, One loan at a time.

  15. As with all ‘sevco self-generated fake news’… The ‘More-loss’ fiction will bite their big blue arse with a vengeance…

    They can play the ‘ we held firm and didn’t grab the cash’ routine – but Mr Alfredo will be looking for some reassurance that he really is valued at IBrokes.

    Only sevco could try to engineer a scam to bring in cash from a player and end up increasing their costs for keeping him.

    Ach well! They’re saying he will be worth 12 million come summer.

  16. I used to work with down and outs in Glasgow back in the mid 80’s for all the problems these guys had you could allways find decency and honour.
    Hard to see a spark of human decency in this whole sorry saga. We are the people…???… really…. seems to me they are regressing to some form of cannibalistic neanderthals where you rob your brother blind…
    But I have a modest suggestion to ease their money troubles….
    “Sir” David Murray invites the whole cast of crooks tax avoiders porn stars and cheap chiselers over to his chateau for a fly on the wall documentary succulent lamb dinner with rare vintages to quaff down… it will make a fortune on you…ya …tube…!!!

  17. Now the Barry Mckay £6m Bid from Red Bull Liepzig makes sense ,
    Whom were the ‘Mark’ on that occasion ?
    Scottish Football is the most corrupt Nation on the Planet Fitba and that’s saying something !!

  18. Wrong again phil.

    Fact: Rangers** knocked back a bid for £7.5m.

    Fact: erm. WATP


    Real scots read the record yeah!!

      1. Bobby Sands.

        Damn right a believe in santa. A billionaire bought my club back in 2011. Its just awesome.
        Its Christmas everyday, all i do is pick up my Daily Record and the glint of moonbeams hits my eyes.


    1. A good summation of the standard response you get from the Gullibles when challenged on this.

      It’s really no skin off my nose what they choose to believe, except when it eventually goes mammaries skywards, they will come wailing to all and sundry looking for sympathy as no-one warned them King (see: Murray/Whyte/Green) was a bad man or that there were any problems. They are just poor wee duped innocent souls who no-one tries to help.

    2. NT’s right – I heard they were lighting monty Christos with 50’s this morning in the blue room. The bad days are behind Rangers and dominance of Europe is back on the agenda. WATP

  19. The consensus amongst the gullibles is that they should take the £10/12 million of Chinese monies and spend it on new players and a top class manager in the summer.
    Boy will they be disappointed when the offer doesn’t materialise before the end of February but no matter the media will still be chirping that the club stayed strong and managed to retain their principle asset.
    With more mouths to feed in the dressing room and at Murray Park who will dig deep to cover February payroll?
    A share of the gate and TV money from next weekend’s Scottish Cup game will hardly put a dent in Bruno’s pay packet, never mind the rest of his team mates.
    King’s position wrt the Court Of Session ruling should be clearer by the end of the month but as long as there is a higher court to appeal to then that’s exactly what he will do with the club picking up the tab.

  20. My understanding is that there is a ceiling of 7 million USD That Chinese clubs can pay for any single foreign inport. This would make the maximum around 5 million . Another small point those “Media bampots” seems to have overlooked in this fantasy Jabba is trying to sell to the chlorophobic neanderthal, unwashed masses

  21. Financially this is NOT a good month for sevco. One home league game and three away. Plus one away Scottish Cup game with a very small gate to split.

  22. Brilliant Phil it’s impossible to believe the nonsense £7million bid , and quite frankly our press are a joke to even print such tripe , honestly unbelievable that they think people swallow this garbage , keep up the good work

  23. A lot of Celtic fan’s are upset about this propaganda but it’s the sevco fan’s who should be really peeved off about this, they are being taken for MUGS , who are they going to blame this time

    1. When Rangers died in 2012 it was the press who were partly responsible, they printed moonbeams instead of facts and the fools lapped it up. Fast forward all these years and apart from the names nothing has changed. Remarkable that the smsm pander to all things Ibrox as a quick glance on Sevco forums tells us that they have no time for the written press. They hate them with a vengeance and encourage each other not to read/buy. True story…..when Hibs defeated Sevco in the cup final Monday’s Daily Record ran with the story that ALL of the Sevco players were attacked by Hibs fans while leaving the field. They weren’t, I was there watching and it quite simply didn’t happen. So why print such fabrication? My friend who works in journalism claims its an open secret that it was the start of a plan to try to get Hibs kicked out of Europe to be replaced by Sevco. As the Monday went on various wives and girlfriends of Sevco players came out on social media denying such nonsense which pretty much derailed the scheme before other media outlets could run with it hoping to cause the pre planned gathering momentum effect. Of course the hand of jabba can be identified as the architect of said plan, why Jackson was so keen to run it is anyone’s guess! That was the last day I bought a Scottish tabloid newspaper as by being a Hibs fan I simply do not fit their demo graphic!

      1. When Primrose and Struth went recruiting in the Masonic and Orange Lodges in 1920, they hired JOURNALISTS early on. They need the court of public attention attended to for the sake of pretense and pretention, invention and convention.

  24. It took of all of five minutes to find that the most valuable player is Beijing Renhe is valued at well below half the number quoted for “The Bufallo” Anyone interested in checking facts on player values can easily do so, http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk (the e is meant to be missing in market in the url)

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