Stewart Regan

In 2012 wrote the following in the postscript section of Downfall :

“The entire Rangers collapse has smashed up everything in its path and that includes reputations. Stewart Regan has been particularly bruised. The buck stopped at his desk and he frequently dropped the ball.”

I stand by that statement.

Only last week I wrote this about Mr Regan and I cannot really add anything to it.

He has resigned from a post that was clearly too much for him.

For the avoidance of doubt, there are others on the 6th floor at Hampden who should also resign.

The failure to adequately deal with the death of Rangers in 2012 remains a dark cloud over the national game in Fair Caledonia.

While the SFA continues to view the Ibrox brand as the central core of Scottish football then they will not be fit for purpose as a governing body.

In that sense, Regan’s resignation changes very little.

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  1. If any one of the Chinese clubs linked by the media with Morelos fails to up their bid to £10m by the end of February how will they cover their backsides?
    The consensus amongst the gullibles is to take the money as Morelos has had his head turned by the possible transfer headlines.
    Will they keep the story going till the end of the month, perhaps another Chinese club in for him or will the story just fade away as if it never happened in the first place?
    No doubt someone, anyone, will have to cough up the monies for February payroll with the wage bill now through the roof.
    With no incoming transfer monies, no European income, and a bloated squad I wonder what the auditors cash flow forecast shortfall would be if they revisited their original £7m figure?

  2. Now that Regans gone the hunt for the new person begins.
    No doubt there will be several candidates for this position,with many attributes, some dubious, and some really dubious.When we look at whats required it does not take a genius to see that it will be same,same.
    Now step forward the only man for the position,DCK as,he has always controlled the SFA since taking over Sevco.

  3. The natural gestation period for justice to be done where Institutions have closed ranks to deny, deny, deny gross incompetence and unspeakable corruption is typically 20-25 years. By that time those responsible are retired or dead. More importantly their cabal no lomger have the power and influence to fend off genuine investigation. Only when these conditions pertain, can those who have dedicated their lives to the cause hope to gain some shred of piric satisfaction.

    Think Hillsborough, tainted blood, birmingham six and many, many more.

    Depending on when you start counting, we are only a few years in to this scandal and there is a lack of dedicated campaigners organising and fund raising to brief QCs year in year out. Without being at all cynical, the EBT tax evasion, Sevco creation, 5WA and SFA corruption collectively have the hallmarks of a cause that will never see justice and an objective settling of facts.

  4. Credit where it’s due, I notice Barry Ferguson has now weighed in with his scepticism on the Morelos thing.

    “I find those numbers incredible. And I find it difficult to understand why Rangers turned them down. In fact I’m simply not having it.”

    What I would like to know is – what was shown or said to Kheredine Idessane to prompt him to a public apology for doubting the story?

    There’s something odd going on there, one way or the other…

    1. Bullets in the post, same as Lenny, or somesuch just as horrid. These KKK skidmarks on the underpants of humanity fae govan have previous. Lots of previous.

  5. With the outcry from the clubs and players likely to be involved about the timing of the Americas trip without any consultation with them, whose going to step up to the plate and cancel the blazers summer jaunt? Whose currently in charge?
    Alledgedly the trip was meant to bring some money into the SFA coffers but the cancellation with contracts already signed will most likely result in a 6 figure sum heading the other way.
    Well done Regan, more than likely the first of your legacy issues to come to the fore.
    Perhaps the blazers will defy the wishes of the clubs and go ahead with their holiday jaunt creating a club/country debate that could have disastrous consequences.
    What if, for instance, Brendan says that none of his players will be available for the trip?
    Will there be repercussions for the club?
    One way or the other this could get very messy.

  6. What a mess Regan has left through corruption and shear incompetence. Rather like the manager’s job, the few people able to turn things around – may I suggest Barry Hearn – have far better opportunities elsewhere. This is the anatomy of an organization far along the spiral of decline towards total collapse. So expect a ‘rigorous’ selection process that appoints a close facsimile to Regan, to fit in with the culture of brotherly, anti- meritocracy, mediocrity. The essential problem is that success in football for all is way down their list of priorities. One useful fool moving on will not change that.

  7. BBC Scotland referred to the problems caused by the demise of the “Rangers holding company in 2012” when reporting on the Regan affair.
    What a spineless bunch.

    1. And it’s not just mealy-mouthed reportage, it really is complete bullshit.

      The holding company for Rangers was MIH – Murray International Holdings (“the clue’s in the name”).

      The club itself was The Rangers Football Club P.L.C. – again, the clue is in the name.

      Only problem is, the holding company was the one that survived at that time – and the club that was held by the holding company was the one that went into liquidation.

      The truth is there in black and white for those who wish to look it full in the face – for those who don’t wish to look, it is wondrously invisible.

      “A man sees what he wants to see, and disregards the rest.” – Paul Simon

  8. At last the odious corrupt weasel… sorry, but it’s true.

    If he hadn’t had such a brass neck he would have had the modicum of dignity to have resigned eons ago. No, he instead brazened it out and became a morph between blood-borne tic and squatter.

  9. Isn’t it wonderful how people have completely different perspectives on Regan.
    I see some of the Newco sites slaughtering him, but for completely different reasons than the fans of other clubs.
    It’s laugh out loud time when you read the SFA is Celtic minded according to these nutters.
    What about the fraudulent UEFA licence awarded in 2012 despite unpaid taxes to name just one SFA favour.
    Bryson and his imperfectly registered but eligible nonsense when every match that an EBT recipient had participated in should have seen the result annulled and awarded as a 3-0 win to the opposition.
    That of course would have a knock on effect on trophies won during the cheating years.
    What about EBT placeman Ogilvie lying through his teeth to the LNS enquiry.
    McCrae stating publically how boring this season would be if Celtic make history with back to back trebles.
    Fleming, Bryson, Broadfoot et al ……. Celtic minded, aye right!
    Lets see what action the SFA take against Levein after his slanderous comments about the Celtic and Scotland captain.
    I’m not holding my breath on that one seeing how the Compliance Officer has taken months to review SFA procedures apropos the fraudulent licence application when it should have taken 10 minutes.
    It’s high time Police Scotland got involved in this and brought the perpetrators of the fraud to justice as well as those involved in the cover up.

  10. His resignation will be part of a restructuring plan. Out with the old in with the new and all that nonsense. I fear this is an opportunity for putting all the issues into a big box and burying it deep in the shit that they themselves are part of. Our whole game was a fix a con a damn disgrace yet continuity let’s move forward…..the newco 2012 will get to continue with their history intact myth..shambles

  11. Another job for McLeish to chase after. Good chance too as a RRM.

    Reagan is getting out of town before the civil unrest that will happen because of the impending death of Sevco.
    Well he did predict it in 2012 but managed to avoid it by collusion and corruption in favour of the new club.
    No more secret 5 way agreements.

    Doncaster GTF too.

  12. To the media and the Going For 55 brigade… the time Newco kick off on Saturday the Champions will be 17 points clear of them.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it Ralston, Waddell, Jackson, Jack and the rest of Level 5’s media lickspittles.
    To quote Craig 6 4 0 Levein what you are looking at is the natural order, you should be used to it by now if not sit back and enjoy it through to 10 IAR and historic back to back trebles.

  13. We are dreaming if we think Regan bailing out is the start of a bright new transparent dawn at Hampden, These shysters will close ranks and appoint another Hun loving criminal who will spout the same shite as the previous incumbent.

    1. I fear you are right. My thinking is the old will go and new arrive. Restructure and let’s all move on. Sevco get to keep their myth alive supported by all the media and anyone says otherwise will be met with threats intimidation and called anti Rangers…..the whole pile of corrupt shit should be bulldozed and head over to One pound ibrox and do the same. Only then will there be peace and tranquillity and God willing a more honest game in this country…

    2. So now is the time for all fans to boycott SFA tournaments. Next Celtic fans to boycott SPFL away games until other club Chairmen/women back Celtic for Judicial Review. Time for the Celtic Board to be more Active in asking questions and if SFA stonewall, take it to UEFA and CAS. CELTIC fans have to make it clear to the Board that the Uefa licensing issue, 5 way agreement and title stripping is not going away and deal with the bent referees. If the game continues to be rigged then we, the fans, do walking away. No more money to the SFA, or to the other clubs that don’t pressure for change. No more following the National team, withdraw Celtic players from squads. Starve them of cash. They’ll soon come round. Too many of the clubs are close to the edge as it is.

    3. Then its time for our Club to ensure this doesn’t happen…ever again.
      All decent fans of Scottish football are on standby….
      Enough is enough.

  14. Regan’s demise is lamentable and leaves our game more in the mire than ever before.
    In came an English Cricketer who stood up to the Masonic Lanarkshire Ref Society and kicked their arse, only to find Dallas promoted too a European job and the cabal placed Dallas jnr on their website as fast tracked ref the next day!
    There was hope still on his”without fear or favour” moment until the threats came, then the SFA ‘got him’, he had no chance, and now sadly neither will the next stooge.
    Rod Petrie (Green Hun) and his crew will make a very staunch choice this time, Rod himself probably.
    Sorry Mr Regan go start your book please.

  15. Why now, one wonders?

    Certainly his stock has fallen further in recent weeks, but he seemed to have ridden the national team stuff out, and in any case it wasn’t nearly as damaging as the knots he tied himself and the Scottish game in – to assist and enable Rangers newclub to drive a cart and horses through the rules of football governance.

    I did notice that John James has mounted a couple of comprehensive takedowns of Regan and the SFA over the last few days, with the promise of more to come. I wonder if something he alluded to has touched a nerve, and the “chiselling weasel” has gone now to avoid having to face down public scrutiny over the coming weeks?…

    1. Perhaps he doesn’t have the stomach to sort out another inevitable Admin event. He’s jumping ship before it all goes pear shaped again.

      1. That’s a definite possibility.

        Perhaps Stewart Robertson has had a word in his shell-like to warn him not to believe what he’s reading in the media, and advise that his Machiavellian services may be called upon again in the near future.

        You can imagine Mr Regan is less than keen to reprise his already embarrassing role as enabler of duplicity.

        As Oscar Wilde once almost remarked, “To lose the plot once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose it both times looks like carelessness.”

  16. Phil; Interesting timing as something you had stated in your Regan piece from last week struck me as really curious and has been gnawing at me for a few days. Not sure how much more you can say about it, but this gem needs opened up a little;

    when the full story of the “onerous contracts” at Sevco is revealed then I believe Mr Regan will have some tough questions to answer

  17. Personally I think big Alex McLeish could walk right into this role. Not sure if he’s currently in employment as he’s kept such a low profile of late.

  18. Spin the coin a bit. The media campaign for a Sevco man in charge starts tomorrow. As much as I would dislike him to leave, surely the excellent track record of fine governance makes Peter Lawell the outstanding candidate to bring any sense of credibility to this Association. I can imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if this is mentioned.

  19. If Regan had been sacked and held to account for the damage he has caused in our game ,then maybe I would be a little happier .
    As it is ,looks very much like he is getting out of dodge before the marshal turns up

  20. There is an inside story to be told about the departure of Gordon Smith on 19 April 2010, the appointment of Regan on 28/7/2010 and the sale to Whyte the following year. It is a very short timescale for a senior appointment. Having had no previous experience of Scottish football, what was Regan told about the circumstances and by whom?

    Scottish Football now has a once in a lifetime opportunity to introduce TRANSPARENCY into it’s workings. Unless there is commercially confidential data there is no excuse for minutes of meetings, correspondence, agreements to be kept secret. Transparent dealings are what well-run organisations aspire to. Transparency could at last help start to build confidence. We have heard SFA talk about transparency; let’s see them act on it.

    1. This wont be taken this opportunity to clean game up.

      The chance was there 20years ago with Jim Farry and the Jorge Cadette scandal.

      McCann done for Farry but he knew which battles he could fight and which ones to avoid.

      He won the battle iver Farrys corruption and won many other battles with the administrators of our game but he never won the war.

      Lie-well will not win the war against a corrupt scottish game not a chance of it.

      Until there is closure over the death of Rangers, a period of reflection over all that happened:
      THE EBT YEARS AND THE TROPHYS WON WHILST IN BREACH OF RULES (dont you fuckwit ibrox zombies get this, or do you want celtic to start signing some big hits from england, germany and spain pay them £300k a week, with a new tax loophole, smash you all into smithereens then go into admin then liquidation, and come back “alive” done 12 in a row and be back soon”


      THE COVER UP POST 2012

      Then the shit will continue. let me tell you, my 3 wishes on that list will never, ever be satisfied.

      This shite stinks. I only go to watch celtic at parkhead with my child.
      Have a friend who gets me to odd hibs game.
      I pay to go and watch a few EPL teams a couple times a year.
      I keep keen interest on football in spain and a little elsewhere

      I suppose i mirror the Rangers Supporters, the very few decent ones who although they cant admit their club died, dont follow the tribute act with much enthusiasm at all. Havent been back to ibrox.

      They follow football elsewhere, primarily england then on mainland europe.

      Its truly sad that barring my love for celtic and going to 10-15 home matches cup and league a season.

      I view Scottish football as just another league, another game not my league, just any other league in europe. Its sad.

      1. Was regular at Celtic Park in the 60s, I only get to the odd game at Celtic Park. When I moved to NE I went to Dons games for a good many seasons when they had a confident team with some good players. But you saw even then the goalie Snelders bought to sit on TRFC bench – played 13 games in 2 years.

        Then I took to watching Brechin, Montrose and Forfar wi my pal on Saturday afternoons. Find a nice tea room for a snack, easy to park, watch the match, no abuse, easy drive back up the road.

  21. Can I be the first to say Leeanne Dempster should not get the job because she is a former Rangers season ticket holder. Even though she would probably be quite good at the job.

  22. The stain on Scottish Football, caused by the Sevco fiasco will remain as long as they are allowed to continue making up rules as they go along. Regan’s pal Doncaster should be the next out the door along with the other corrupt masons. I fear however their replacements would be like for like establishment peepul. What do expect in this wee bigoted Country. I ain’t holding my breath.

  23. BBC Sportsound not addressing the elephant in the room: the outrageous 5 way agreement, transfer of RFC titles and registration to the Sevco basket of assets, the wholly corrupt Nimmo Smith whitewash and subsequent refusal to reopen after the ultimate tax appeal went against the liquidated club. This is why the clown was disliked. That he blew hiring Michael O’Neill, and the national sides failures, is a sideshow. Wake up Tom English. And the characterisation of those who opposed the 2012 manoeuvres as ‘Celtic fans’ is outrageous. Go on the message boards of Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and the rest, or the tartan army itself.

  24. I actually feel cheated that he has been allowed (by the clubs) to slither away at a date of his choosing, rather than being run out of town, along with his co-conspirators, and sine die’d following a public humiliation.

  25. Hi Phil.
    I feel there’s more to this than meets the eye. You told us recently about meetings with the GASL and directors of sevco.
    Was there something said at these meetings that if sevco couldn’t reduce the wage bill and get finance in from offloading players that there’ll be administration possibly liquidation. Or possibly something coming out from the compliance officer and he’s jumped before another calamitous event.

    1. Reagan maybe did not want to be the man at the top of the SFA that might soon have to call Sevco to account and cause their death.
      Best to jump ship now and crawl out of town to keep himself safe.

      Another theory could be that the instructions being dictated to him by senior lodge members concerning preserving Sevco did nor rest easy with even his conscience and he has baled.

  26. Lets remember that the CEO of the SFA lied through his teeth when he insisted that the Wee Tax Bill had not crystallized at the appropriate UEFA cut off date.
    He should have been sacked on the spot for gross misconduct.
    Where is the Compliance Officer’s report on his review of the SFA procedures apropos the fraudulent licence application?

  27. It’s not the end but it’s the beginning of the end.

    The SFA investigation, free from implicating the SFA CEO, can now proceed to look at the major failing in the club licencing system, that is it depends on applicants telling the truth, and put checks in place to make sure they do by making sanctions so punitive even Dave King, Alisdair Johnson and Andrew Dickson would dare not breach – AGAIN

    1. Auldheid, only locking up those involved in the 2012 fraudulent licence application will act as deterrent for others who think they are untouchable and can do as they wish for the benefit of one team.
      EBT Ogilvie knew more than anyone about the DOS/EBT schemes, the hidden side letters,that these payments were not included in the contracts lodged with Bryson along the corridor.
      £96k gets you a lot of influence behind the scenes at Hampden.
      Bryson, who can spot a missing signature at a mile away, brought new terminology to the scene with his imperfect but eligible nonsense wrt to DOS/EBT recipients.
      You are either eligible or not, imperfect is the shield designed to protect the trophies won during the cheating years.
      Bryson should have been sacked along with Farry as he was providing the latter with advice on the Cadete scandal.
      He also stuck his nose into the Legia Warsaw and Swiss team registration affaits and called both of them wrong.
      As for John Fleming, don”t start me. After years in the job he has failed to produce one, just one, referee who we could look at and say hey, he’s pretty good.
      Instead week after week we are treated to mistake after mistake and only recently watched a linesman flag a Celtic player offside direct from a throw in!
      That’s inexcusable, a Grade 1 official who doesn’t know the basic rules of the game.
      Will he be retrained, sacked or what?
      Has Fleming commented on this or is he huddled in the Hampden bunker with his mates, hoping no one noticed.
      The SFA, an organisation that cannot run a Scottish Cup draw without mixing up 6’s with 9’s!
      The current President is not allowed to leave the building without a minder in case he opens his mouth and gives the game away by belittling Celtic’s achievements over the last 18 months.
      Meanwhile the previous incumbent is jetting around Europe at UEFA’s expense, presumably for services to the game in Scotland. What servicrs would that be? Keeping a lid on the information provided to the LNS enquiry, deciding the scope of the enquiry?
      Remember this is an individual whi had to be told that during his tenure as SFA President there may be some confliction issues because of his shareholdings in both Hearts and Oldco.
      Of course as a man of the greatest integrity Ogilvie signed the shares over to his wife……hip, hip hoorah, that’s the confliction issues put to bed.

    2. Future sanctions are all very well Auldheid…and indeed welcomed.
      But what about previous transgressions?
      Have you any info. on the Compliance Officer’s findings ?
      Does it have any bearing on the Reptile’s decision..?

  28. This is actually a fall-out from the Rangers shenanigans of 2012. As much as we are encouraged to ‘move on for the sake of Scottish Football’, whatever that means, the demand for fair play and sporting integrity will not go away. Doncaster will have to go too but these people should not be standing down, they should be sacked and prosecuted while titles are stripped and a certain top-flight club is universally acknowledged as having been formed in 2012. It’s not difficult and the new Chief Executive at the SFA will need to know this.

  29. Spot on…this changes nothing!
    Anyone who considers this as an outcome has not been following the work of paul larkin, james forrest or your hard work over the years. There are many others, although the daily record blogger is not one of them…..why write for this rag? It is beyond me and then criticise the work of our club…unbelievable!!
    In simple terms only a united group of various clubs supporters will bring about change so badly needed to challenge the corruption at the heart of our game.
    How do we achieve that… the 1 million dollar question

    1. You’ve got it in one.

      There’s a good reason for his resignation and it’s not the failed appointment of O’Neill; there’s something else on the way and he’s getting out before the brown stuff hits the whirly thing.

  30. No doubt the person who replaces the joke that was Regan will have triggers broom FC close to their heart.

    I would be astonished if it was anything else

  31. His resignation will change nothing Phil. Another suit whos perceives Sevco as Rangers will be given the job. Until the whole cabal is removed the SFA will remain as corrupt as it is just now.

    1. His resignation will free the SFA from having to protect their serving CEO.

      That should at least mean their fit-and-proper-person procedures can now be subjected – in light of past failings – to the withering scrutiny they deserve.

  32. good riddance to him. showed no backbone or forward thinking. hope the next chief exc is made of better stuff and can help drive the country forward.

    1. I wonder if Fergus would fancy a wee tilt at this.
      He would clear the cozy blazers out and give us back our game and our self respect and credibility.

      1. Nah, he is too intelligent,honest,forward thinking,business savvy and untouchable.
        Oh and he is maybe just a wee bit too Catholic!!!!!!

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