Opening a window on Sevco

At the start of the January window, it was essential that Sevco reduce their wage bill.

Instead, they have increased it.

The fact that Alves and the rest of Pedro’s high earners remain on the Ibrox payroll is akin to financial suicide.

Moreover, the behaviour of the basket of assets in the transfer window should have raised major red flags on the sixth floor at Hampden.

As previously advertised here Mr David Cunningham King gave a grandstanding performance to the marks among Sevco’s emotionally damaged clientele

He assured them that all was well and that they had to ignore stories that the club was in financial difficulties.

He then asked them for money!

Apparently, the promise is for every pound that the supporters organisation puts in the directs will double it.

There was a judicious use of the word “we” in the presentation.

Of course, King won’t put in a penny.

Dave doesn’t do that sort of thing.

In fact, the only thing that he personally pays for is high-Level spin.

Before that he had whispered sweet nothings over the succulent sea bass to young Master Murts.

The Sevco manager was delighted to be told that he would be in the hot seat for the next three years.

This news came as a major surprise to the Serious Professional when Murts started to gush about being able to plan for the future.

Then there was the Morelos “story”.

Good grief.

I’m told that last night young Master Murts had to break the news to the unsettled Colombian striker that there was no bid.

Since the … ahem… scoop by the Daily Radar the player’s agent had been knocking on the Ibrox door asking for an improved deal for his client.



Very awkward…

Of course, such a yarn would only have a limited life cycle.

Not only is the Sevco chairman a convicted criminal, but he is also capricious.

My information is that the Morelos fable was ordered up in a fit of pique as Celtic secured the services of Charly Musonda on an 18-month loan deal.

Then there was the Jamie Murphy saga.

The news that the attempt to sign the player had become a loan deal was broken here by your humble correspondent.

I had several well-placed sources that told me that the folk at Brighton were incredulous that the Ibrox outfit was trying to buy a player by putting no money down.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not aware of any senior football club in Britain that behaves in this way.

The people who govern the game in Scotland should be across this.

Moreover, the local media should be drilling down into the detail.

Instead, The People are regaled with tales of with moonbeams on the back pages.

The rest of us have seen this movie before.

It doesn’t end well for the Ibrox clientele, but it is great entertainment for the rest of Planet Fitba.

More seriously though, the men entrusted to ensure that the national game in Scotland is straight are once more asleep at the wheel about an impending financial implosion at Ibrox.

72 thoughts on “Opening a window on Sevco”

  1. When they go into administration this month due to no forthcoming loans how will they try to spin being able to turn down $20,000,000 for Morelos (see how easy it is make up a BS number!) Perhaps that will be the moment that they realise that they have been lied to.

  2. I for one shall have a tear in my eye when the balloon pops.
    My sides will need a top of the range physiotherapist just to untangle the knots.
    And a throat specialist will be called for to undo the damage of me roaring my disappointment to the heavens.
    Let us pray that it takes another 4/5 years before it actually happens, so the peepul can stand idly by and watch Celtic hoover up ten in a row, while their wretched club stumbles from one calamity to another, providing the rest of Planet Fitba with something Brian Rix could only dream of…..

    1. WhileI know what you mean, I won’t have any tear in my eye. Hell mend their FTPery, WATPery, the overwhelming arrogance, entitlement and self aggrandisement. They can, truly, get themselves and their sectarian shite right tae f**k, and the sooner the better.

  3. Someone has given Stewart Regan a nudge at the wheel as he awoke he decided it was a good idea to get off his mark before he gets blamed by the Sevco fans for their team going into administration.

  4. DCK comes to town. SFA’s Regan resigns. Sevco fail to cut wage bill and instead increase it. Guess what happens next? Wonder what the odds are on an insolvency event this month? Just asking..

    1. No chance, Havn’t you heard, Sevco now have a £10 million player on their books, I’m pretty sure a wonga loan on the strength of it is just around the corner.

    1. It’s pretty obvious that Rangers complained to his bosses and they told him to apologise. His original tweet is still there right below his retraction and explains precisely why there was no bid from Beijing. It just makes the BBC look as bad as Rangers, worse really since the BBC are publicly funded.

  5. So Regan is offski!
    Connected to all of this …and whatever is in the sevco pipeline….me wonders….

    A conspiracy….surely not!?

  6. What’s the odds that the trip to the Americas is quickly binned and with his line manager now gone the Compliance Officer comes up with a damaging critique of the SFA’s handling of the fraudulent UEFA licence granted to Oldco in 2012.
    Time finally for Police Scotland to investigate and charge those who perpetrated the fraud and those involved in the subsequent cover up, no matter who they are.

  7. Rega GONE from the SFA. Wonder why? Is he carrying the can for the collective incompetence of the bowling club blazers at Hampden or did he see what’s going on at Sevco and jumped ship before the merde hits the air conditioning system?

  8. Looks like Mr Regan is ‘doing a runner’.

    Rumour is that he tripped up one too many times on those lumps in the Hampden carpet and this time it’s untreatable…

    Let’s hope he’s not had the cleaners in or ‘shredders r us’ before he left.

    Maybe the truth will out!?!

  9. The wage bill is through the roof and payroll for Feb, March and April has to be met before the ST bonanza, a significant amount of which will be gone on day 1 if the loanees do the business.
    Heard a pundit the other night, can’t remember who, saying that there are whispers of new money on the horizon, not Chinese whispers this time.
    That will be a considerable relief for those who have ponied up what must be heading for £20m in loans which otherwise would have been lost.
    The numbers don’t add up and haven’t for a long time. The auditors £7m forecast cash shortfall as per the accounts was redundant before the ink was dry on their signature.
    When a club is clearly spending more money than they are bringing in it’s imperative that the football authorities are all over the source.
    Given Regan and his cabal’s performance to date with regards to all things Oldco/Newco does anyone trust them to apply basic money laundering enquiries as to the source?
    Of course experience also tells us that when faced with tricky questions from HMRC and the football authorities they just tell porkies.
    Oops just see that Regan has baled!

  10. Yes ya fuckin beauty. REGAN steps down from the SFA.

    Now let’s get a proper investigation into the Rangers shambles from pre 2012

  11. Fantastic Phil,
    Since the window is closed maybe the GASL can put all his efforts into building the bus shelter at not to be called murray park or the museum he said the gullible were getting, but I suppose all his efforts must be directed at bringing old rangers out of liquidation, it’s been over 5 years now surely he must be close to completing his task,

  12. Re-Morelos bid from China, remember just before Fergus came to Celtic the old board put out a story about finance for a new stadium in Cambuslang from a Swiss financial company called Gefinor. The Evening Times phoned Switzerland to confirm, only to be told it was not quite true. The times and all other papers and news outlets ripped Celtic to bits for weeks. I’m sure Chris Jack is on the phone to Beijing as we speak.

    1. Great point and Why are they not? The media previously watched ‘their’ club die erased the lies they swallowed their pride and supported the tribute act through the leagues . So why do we trouble ourselves expecting fairness an obvious intolerant compliant SMSM.These guys are bent as 70’s coppers but these gin-soaked rabid reporters have no reproach. Enmasse they have even dropped the accusation we are paranoid and replaced the mantra Orwellian style that we are ‘obsessed ‘.

  13. One wonders what sort of hold Jabba has over Jackson, Ralston, Jack and the rest of the pusillanimous SMSM in order for them to bend to his will and publish such merde…

    Well it’s obvious mes amis…

    How would you react if you were threatened with eternity encased in a block of stone?


  14. Once more you have hit the nail on the head. Namely, that what is going on should be a red flag to the Administrators of the game. At least it would be, if they weren’t already in bed with the Ibrox outfit.

    Are the SFA as stupid as the gullibles in believing that a sugar daddy is going to ride to the rescue? Or are they hoping for a best case scenario where it is only a pre-pack Admin event that sheds costs but lets them carry on for a while. This is all heading for a cliff and it doesn’t look like the SFA either care, or have a clue about what to do about it.

  15. What amazes me is why any fan would be pleased at interest shown in one of their players at a crucial stage of the season. Surely an ambitious club would wish to hold on to a player for as long as possible. The only other option is to cash in and make a good profit. Why the excitement by Sevco fans ? Suppose they did manage to sell him for 7 million or similar…..ahem….no laughing at the back. Do they really think the profit would be invested in the team ? The pleasure displayed by them gives the game away. It’s an admission of their club being skint and the joy shown an example of how crucial they know the cash would be in propping up their amateurish outfit. Almost an admission of what the rest of us have known for some time. My, how we will laugh when he goes for 2 million at the most come the close season. HH

  16. Why were Celtic making joint presentation to the S F A about the use of Celtic park and Ibrox instead of Hampden, I thought we had left all that old firm nonsense behind when rangers died.we don’t want to be associated with this bunch of con men in any shape or form.

    1. We as fans don’t, but unfortunately PL & DD don’t want to rock the economic gravy-train. They want to maximize every penny they can and if it means suppin’ with the devil, then they will.

    2. Are you sure it was a joint presentation. Couldn’t it have been both clubs happened to be at the same pitch at the same time (together with the SRU)?

  17. Cheers Phil, did you catch ‘Mighty Murtys’ pre-match in the Highlands, Sevco decided not to take advantage of before and after training and hotel in Fraserburgh as he wanted his player’s to sleep back in their own beds, my Rugby team would’ve stayed over FFS, never mind professional athletes!! No press questions.

  18. I hope they plod on with the same set up for many years , we will get no justice from the SFA etc , they will never be punished for their cheating and for the damage this caused to Scottish football for decades, a slow and painful demise for them , full of trebles and campions league for us along the way would go some way , enjoy the trip ………

      1. Watch the draining of the Masonic Swamp in D.C.: it can be done, if the people tear down the walls, re-enforce the borders and insist on an end to lawlessness a level playing field will be acheived.

  19. Phil,

    I get the feeling the GASL wants this to implode so he can be the main man to pick up the pieces and get his own admin people in there.

    Any idea when the final cold shoulder verdict will be?

    Keep up the great work

  20. Unsustainable wage bill pre-window…

    Even more unsustainable wage bill post-window!

    Fictitious transfer rumours to desperately try to lure out ‘sucker’ clubs with more money than sense fails… Anyone with any understanding knows Dave King would have snapped at the hand offering just the money back on Morelos never mind 7 million.

    Looks like Sevco are trying to secure as many points as possible pre-split to cope with a self-dosed admin and the 15 point penalty. Shed the wage burden of the high earners, retain the blue stained numpties ( “am playin’ fur ra jersey ” )and try to make a Europa spot.

    Net football returns would be similar to limping on and risking ‘forced admin’ while ridding themselves of Alves, his wages, signing fees etc.

    Dave King saves the Gers again!

    1. Sevco have the playing staff to take second place, because Aberdeen have been hopeless against them. Add to that the shameful match officials’ decisions week after week and, instead of sitting th or 5th they will have a European place, unless their license is revoked.

  21. Great post as ever Phil. Loving the sound of many nails being hit square on the head!

    I would be very interested in your rugger guy’s take on Mr King’s apparent unilateral decision to decline a reported £7 million pound profit on a saleable asset (Senor Morelos), given the recent statement of accounts of the business.

  22. Hi Phil good piece.
    Imagine the Bigot Corporation breaking ranks and telling it like it is.
    I notice their trying to get club1872 members to pay in more money in the belief they’ll get a seat on the board. The GASL wouldn’t be trying a money grab. NO he wouldn’t be that dishonest would he.

  23. Its all about keeping our honest team from having any sort of headline as the musonda deal should have had the full back page on every paper in scotland but the mob from ibrokes cant handle any player we get as THEY KNOW ITS A PLAYER AND NOT A MUPPET like they’ve been signing but hey ho on we go 10 iar HH

  24. Ah well Phil, when someone is asleep at the wheel it only ever ends up one way, doesn’t it?

    There’s a reason Planet Fitba and an Intergalactic PR Guru are completely disconnected. It’s because the Intergalactic PR Guru, by virtue of his name tag, is on a galaxy far far far away from Planet Fitba…….

    In the meantime, young Master Murts has much to be proud of after lastnight’s excellent performance against the Mighty Fraserburgh. It was full of ‘attitude’ and ‘professionalism’. Bet he’s delighted nobody came in with offer for Josh Wind Ass! What a performance!! He certainly knows his level, does Josh.

    The future is certainly rosy down Ibrox way, loads more playing staff, lots more wages to pay and not a credit line from a bank in sight!

  25. Hypothetically speaking….What happens in an admin event when the chairman has publicly declined a £7M windfall which could have saved the company ?

  26. The argument I made to a credulous stats oriented SMSM member was that Renhe (value 7.8m) signing Morelos for 8 million (plus 100% transfer tax) would be like Manchester United buying a player for 10 BILLION (double their worth). It’s a sad day when even the boffins buy into High Level spin …

  27. We haven’t heard the last of the Morelos fantasy yet. I suspect the reason why Chinese teams were chosen to be associated with the mega-millions feelgood fodder fest was not only the difficulty of verification of Jabba-esque press feeds but mainly the Chinese transfer window is open until 1st March.
    Be prepared for another month of Chinese whispers and Hong Kong Phonies .
    For the Empire t’is finished …

  28. Good stuff Phil.
    It would appear that the only demographic that our media is aiming at is still swallowing another porkie, a rather big one.
    It amazes me that as circulation figures fall through the floor these guys can still get a gig.
    Oh and as for Craig, 6 4 0, Levein’s opinion that all players should be given more protection from Broony, where was he looking as Lafferty and others in Hearts jerseys did their best to maim Keiran Tierney.
    Surely the beaks should be having a word with Levein and Broony should be consulting his solicitor as the comments may be actionable!

  29. Dear Phil, I for one have heard this impending doom for nearly 2 years now, ffp, cold shoulder etc, still they are plodding along, maybe King is right he’s untouchable

    1. I first wrote of the impending financial collapse of RFC (1872) in January 2009.
      My work was well-sourced then as it is now.
      Get the point?

      1. Just enjoy Sevconian misery while it lasts Robert. Eventually, the life support will be turned off because the club is led by a toxic Chairman, supported by a deluded PR team and white-washing media and so no investment will ever find its way up the marble staircase. Who would ever want to be associated with that?! The generous benefactors will eventually stop pouring in good money after bad and when that happens…..Sevco will pass away. Just as RFC 1872 did. In disgrace. 😏

      2. I have compleat trust in you my friend I look forward to the impending implosion of ibrokes 2012. Popcorn at the ready Phil. HH COYBIG

      3. Well said Phil. The PLEDGE is keeping everyone quiet. The alternative is blood on the marble staircase as Mackey teaches. Keep up the good work. Here in the USA the media spin is endless, but we, in the know, are having none of it. The same media, the same brotherhood, the same satanic worship. The same blood oath. So where do they go when the money don’t flow?

    2. I didn’t think they would last much longer after the concert party takeover, I thought they would take one look at the books and resolve to get the heck out of there asap. That they’ve loaned over £15m and done nothing to stem the losses is astounding to me, but it can’t go on forever and the additional funding required to see out the season is now considerably more than the £4m stated in the accounts. Barring a miracle, the end is near.

    3. Robert

      Predicting the exact moment the hull will grind against the iceberg is very difficult.

      Predicting that disaster will come from steaming all engines full ahead through a record ice field at night whilst ignoring warnings from nearby ships is rather more certain.

    4. @Robert.

      I can understand your frustration as I feel the same.

      They can’t go running on empty forever and although the Three Bears are relative wealthy they aren’t billionaires.

      I don’t believe for one moment that Glib and Shameless is spending his own cash. So it must be coming in from elsewhere or they are running on fumes.

      One thing about them is they will lie and cheat as they believe that they are above the law.

      Fortunately as 2012 proved they are not. Phil was ahead of the curve on that.


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