A desperate reaching out from the Blue Room

I am told that a media campaign furth of Scotland will commence from today onwards.

The essential message is that Big Mike was a bit misunderstood when his guys were running Sevco.

Expect some Real Rangers Men to be fronting this up.

Essentially it is an olive branch to the Sports Direct billionaire to come back an invest in the Engine Room Subsidiary.

This attempt to tempt Big Mike is merely an indication of how financially desperate things are at Sevco.

This goes against the entire thrust of King’s high-Level media strategy since the Off Licence Putsch in March 2015.

I’m told that this PR campaign has been authorised by the Alistair Johnston faction in the Blue Room.

There is an old joke about a couple who unexpectedly win a huge amount of money on the football pools.

The wife is worried about their new found wealth and the problems that it might bring them.

“What about the begging letters?” she asks her husband.

“Keep sending them!” he says.

Sevco is currently trying to buy players with their cunning “nothing down” payment schedule.

Therefore, I wasn’t surprised to learn that Mr Alistair Johnston has been writing to the brogue wearing brethren.

My sources have stated that the terms of the missive to well-heeled gentleman of a Churchillian persuasion is fairly frank.

The basket of assets is in a terrible financial state and their help is needed.

However, to the outside world, the chaps in the Blue Room are trying to pretend that everything is ok.

It this uncannily like the situation in late 2011 for the original Rangers.

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No amount of PR spin will alter the fact that the basket of assets is currently running on financial fumes.

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